Temporary Employment Law

Not always must be a reason for a limit. It is possible that the period, a contract can not provide an objective reason, if passed in the past between the employer and the employee at no time an employment relationship, neither independent nor a time limit. This amounts to saying that a concluding fixed-term is only possible with new hires. If the conditions are readjusted, the conclusion of a fixed-term contract authorized up to a maximum of two years. Within these two years, the calendar-term employment contract extended up to three times for a year. This law also lists a number of substantial reasons to allow a limit. It can also be used other than those specified in the law for reasons, restrictions, provided they are capable of justifying a limit. Objective grounds under the provisions of Part-Time Act, in particular, if * the operational manpower requirements are only temporary, * The limit following a training or study is done to facilitate the transition of the employee in subsequent employment, the employee * employed to represent another employee is, * the nature of the work justifies the fixed term, the limit * is to test , * justify the reasons for the employee personally, the time limit, * the employee is paid from the budget intended for budgetary terms of limited duration, and he is employed or * according to the time limitation on a court settlement is based. A fixed-term employment contract is effective only if it has been concluded in writing. The reason for the restriction in the employment contract must not mentioned explicitly.