The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informs the sensory integration is the processing of sensory stimuli in the central nervous system. This is of great importance for the people, because it allows a reasonable discussion with the environment. Various sensory stimuli must be processed by the nervous system constantly. These include the movement, balance, and posture in addition to the feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. The interplay of all sensory stimuli must work so that he can body according to act and react.

For many children, this interaction is disturbed. That affect adversely the overall development. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne informs about the disorder and how she can be stimulated. Check out Dr. Hyun Kim for additional information. Base sense attract lower of sensory integration refers to the interaction of sensory impressions on the eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, skin, balance organ and their perception and interpretation in the central nervous system. To do this is also one of the ability to interpret body language or the actions of others, to be able to understand it and to respond to this situation reasonably. Does not always work this interpretation. Read more from cardiologist to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

A sensory integration disorder incorrectly processes the impressions in the brain. Often, children are affected by this disorder. Learning disabilities and unbearable fall then extremely difficult. Symptoms that may indicate a malfunction, are among other things a delayed speech, delayed motor development, and clumsiness. The applied sensory integration therapy provides the targeted use of movement and action offers. Use of equipment and materials specifically addressed the basic senses. Goal is to improve the processing of perception and a situation estrangements action.

Institute Health

Alternative to the unit award despite all resistance no longer so unrealistic is the introduction of the health premium. Health Minister Rosler impose the new model ahead of the next elections in 2013. So far the politicians are still divided about the calculation of the allowance should actually look like. Proposes instead of the single variant of 130 euros per head Gunter Neubauer, Director of the Institute for health economics in Munich, a three stage model. The private insurance Portal reported about its benefits.

The proposal of the expert provides a socially fairer structure of the statutory health insurance package. The insured in three groups are classified as opposed to the unit award. Pensioners and low-income will be charged with a fee of 80 euros, middle income earners pay an amount of 140 euro and advisable make a solidarity contribution of 200 euro. In comparison (comparison /) to the previous system proves to be the three stage model view the experts as solidarity, because it is based on the income sections and in the social responsibility takes earners. So far a higher income or additional income from rent or lease does not decide on the health insurance contribution.

With the premium and tax equalization earners would, however, automatically be prosecuted to a greater extent than low-wage earners. The introduction of the uniform for all health insurance contribution rate at the beginning of the year 2009 has not led to the desired results. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Glenn Dubin by clicking through. Skeptics see the unit award therefore critical, doubt the hoped-for positive impacts on the future financing of the German health system. Christian Bredl, head of the Bavarian TK country welcomed Neubauer’s proposal to the three-step approach and expressed interest of conversation.

RKI Fabric

Antimicrobial-coated shower curtains offer security for Pantienten in his demands on hygiene in the medical care of immuno-compromised patients”by August 2010, the Robert-Koch Institute recommends various preventive measures to avoid infection. So advises the RKI, inter alia, to avoid the use of shower curtains, because this could be a reservoir for mildew and bio-film-forming bacteria and had only very laboriously disinfectant to clean. In addition, sink with a Splash Guard should be shielded so that it could come to a contamination of the environment with water spray. Also pillows and duvets and mattresses or seat covers with each change of patient can be disinfected. Depending on the clinic facilities, these recommendations clearly have their permission. Read more here: Joey King. Given the availability of virus-proof and equipped anti-microbial fabric, but also alternatives to the RKI recommendation opens. Due to the ease of use, they are not only in regard to Patient well-being but also extremely interesting (labour) economic point of view.

A novel textile microfibre allows the long-lasting antimicrobial equipment of shower curtains of manufacturer GEFA hygiene systems. Mildew, black staining and mold a thing of the past. In addition, not diffusing the material, is anti-microbial and dermatologically tested and arsenic, heavy metals and phenol-free. The waterproof according to DIN, light – and friction real fabric can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer guarantees the anti-microbial effect for 58 washes a resistance that corresponds to a monthly wash of a shelf-life of almost five years. The material is suitable also for the production of splash. After all, what good is a splash when he in turn becomes the Lair for agents? Bedding and mattresses can be efficiently protected against the entry of pathogens with hygiene protective covers from GEFATEX. Although the high-tech fabric is impermeable to even against norovirus and MRSA, but not at the expense of comfort.

GEFATEX is breathable, so the patient must not sweat, it is PVC free, not rustling and it doesn’t smell. The highly robust material should be cleaned by means of simple disinfection and is washable and suitable for the VDV Chamber (up to 105 C) and dryer (up to 120 C) to 95 C. Thanks to our own in Germany-based production, the Grafschafter manufacturer GEFA hygiene systems can all sizes and cuts in consistently high quality supply.

Additional Benefits Of Calcium Plus Vitamin D

Reduce risk of breast and colon cancer and medicines, dietary supplements increase the long-term application of preparations, equal to what nature, taking motivation or supplementary balanced diet, it is important to weigh risks and getting benefits. The higher the benefit, the better the benefit risk ratio and also taking motivation. Taking motivation, the doctor speaks of compliance or adherence, especially with long-term use of tablets is often a problem. You will get tired of taking or forgets the tablets. That is not conducive to the success of a therapy is obvious. For tablets with calcium and vitamin D, which can be taken for the prevention of osteoporosis, there is an additional benefit, which could increase the revenue motivation now.

Research good news for all those have become known, which would operate a health care with micro-nutrients, founded on a scientific basis. It is especially good news for all those, the now perform an active osteoporosis prophylaxis with vitamin D and calcium. In the summer of this year research results are known, indicating that tablets with vitamin D plus calcium can protect people not only osteoporosis. You can read more. For long-time application, the risk of breast cancer and in men and women decreases in women the risk for colorectal cancer.

These results should motivate all active and potential users of calcium plus vitamin D to take her pills in the consciousness of the high health benefits regularly. What is the basis of this assessment? There the results of two studies published this summer with nearly 20,000 participants, indicating that calcium plus vitamin D positive can affect the risk of cancer. The first large study shows that women who for seven years consumed a supplement with vitamin D and calcium, after completion of the study had a risk reduced to 14-20%, to breast cancer or invasive breast cancer. The interesting thing about the study is that vitamin D and calcium in medium-sized doses were administered, can be achieved for example with 2 tablets OsteoVitum per day.

Burn Fat, Fast? Fat Burning With Instant Results

"How do you burn fat quickly?" This is the question most people ask too much fat. It is common that what works for some does not work for others, and you have to find the correct techniques or methods to lose excess fat. While some prefer to have faith in the latest diets sold in stores, others are afraid and prefer to try natural methods and wholesome. If you need to burn fat quickly, look at the key points below. Change the calorie intake If you find it difficult to maintain a diet with constant cravings and appetite to eat the foods you like, it may be useful to change the input of calories (mix) eating more meals of different caloric content.

This way you can eat your favorite food and calorie counter its by eating other foods for your next meal of the day to lower the calorie count and thus maintain the body busy adjusting to the new routine by increasing the rate metabolism. This works! Short but intense exercise your body is accustomed to short but intense exercise that causes the acceleration of your metabolic rate. Abraham Maslow follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With this type of exercise do not stop burning calories. Keep this scheme and still requires higher limits your body while you get used more and more to this type of exercise. Try to use an effective supplement to a supplement like virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. These are supplements that cause a good metabolic rate and your body burns fat fast. S Believe It reduces parts of yourself you do not need extra spoonfuls. Sometimes we are so used to the portions which we use in the foods we do not realize that our bodies do not require much.

Reduce food portions and stop eating those cravings for potato chips or other fast food while watching television. This really will help you burn fat! The real secret – Can you imagine dropping 20 pounds of pure fat in just two weeks? Yes, you read correctly "20 pounds in two weeks." This is the most effective way to burn fat. It revolutionized the industry of weight loss and diets. If you're reading this now is because you have not heard so far kept the secret that many doctors and merchants. Are you ready to discover how you too can burn fat from today and in two weeks be looking at 20 pounds less than unwanted fat in your body?

Bonanza Cadiz

The Costa de la Luz is the Spanish coast of the Gulf of Cadiz and comprises the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. It has a tourist offer quite relevant hotel rooms and leisure both Sun and beach, as catering, culinary and cultural, golf courses, water parks and marinas. In Cadiz part, it goes from Sanlucar de Barrameda to San Roque. They are 260 kilometers of Atlantic coast, long sandy beaches, many of them undeveloped and not too exploited tourist destinations. At the beach of Bologna force of Atlantic Beach, gentle wind in its 4 kilometers, feels up to a 30 meter high dune. On the same side of the beach are the ruins of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, a major city at certain times of the Roman Hispania.

In San Fernando is the beach El Castillo. 2,200 meters in length by 40 of average width of a Virgin Beach, low occupancy, golden sand and moderate waves. Ideal for long walks. There are 6 beaches (La Caleta, Santa Maria del Mar, La Victoria in the city of Cadiz regarded as the best urban beach in Europe, cut, props and Torregorda), all urban except a portion of the beach of the cut, and with abundant restaurants and bars in the vicinity. Going up the coast, in Rota, the most famous beach is La Costilla, the busiest area, golden sand and with many services. Following the line of beaches without solution of continuity, which simply changes the name, according to change of characteristics or municipal area, we arrived to the Chipiona, that maintains the open beaches and great length (shrimp, Playa de Regla, Montijo).

We finish the tour with the closest to Huelva, those of Barbate, with the beach of la Jara, of almost 1,600 metres long, protected by Rocky massifs that make it very quiet; Calzada/Piletas, of 60 meters wide and 2,300 in length, called the racetrack because in her famous horse races are organized during the summer; and Bonanza, of 1,200 meters long, located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. Conclusion Cadiz accommodation is well equipped and is varied, the more reason to enjoy in any of its beaches. Many kilometres of coastline with the Sun as a common factor and all kinds of beaches, urban and isolated. BlogRoll La Playa del Castillo’s cool summer to hundreds of children survey district mayor of Santa Maria Mar 2010 elections Surveys Miramar, Asian cuisine with touches of Cadiz Chipiona Beach Things to eat Tulum is Still Tulum on the Riviera Maya: Boomer Living sand USA Elite Team Members To Swim At Nationals The Swimmers Circle

Occupational Therapy

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed at various diseases occupational therapy can be applied and positive support. It is successfully applied in Pediatrics to treat children and adolescents in the motor and in the area of cognitive or perceptual disorders developmental delays. Also in neurological disorders such as stroke, Multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease is occupational therapy used to train skills and as far as possible to regain independence. The treatment can be performed also in the home. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne informed about this beneficial possibility.

Therapy in a familiar environment In the focus of occupational therapy treatment are exercises that help the patient regain the ability to act and thus maximum self-sufficiency and independence. This affects everyday life in the home as well as professional life. Occupational therapy Sessions must not necessarily be held in a practice. For persons who are physically restricted, it is possible in the form of home visits. A treatment in the home has the great advantage that the patient can be treated in his familiar environment. Practical problems also often occur in the domestic environment, therefore it can be advantageous to perform occupational therapy as a home visit. The occupational therapist can get a picture of the home environment and give suggestions to the transformation in this. The conversion of some pieces of furniture or the use of tools can contribute significantly to a relief in the area of freedom of movement.

Home visits can also occur in nursing homes and other facilities. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne is available for more information.

Eliminating Damage

There are “maintenance crews, who are constantly eliminate damage, but they are working with overexertion, and are themselves” under fire “, so the quality of genetic information mx gradually deteriorating. This leads reduce the effectiveness of their work. Organism, are increasingly suffering from a lack of energy, which leads to a weakening of the functions and, consequently, a decrease in reserves of adaptation. Thus, inevitably increasing energy deficiency is the cause of the aging process.

Recent experimental data confirm that the various irregularities in the mx accelerate the aging process. Scientists were able to bring mice in which the dna mx poorly protected. These mice grew older is 10 times faster than in the control group. Japanese biochemist T. Ozawa studied the dna of heart mx 97-year long-liver. About 90% of them were hopelessly flawed. So, what do you do? Various methods of recovery trained reserves of energy metabolism, maintain health and allow you to extend life. But, ” what a man does not do, he insists on crawling to the cemetery, we have noticed . What would a healthy lifestyle, we did not conduct – Fundamentally it does not solve the problem. atp – a tiny battery power. mx – “factories” for production and ‘recharging’ of these batteries. With age, they begin to work less efficiently, but to change the aggressive conditions, which are the mx, until we can. Therefore, we live as much as allow us to state our mitochondria. But everything is so hopeless? After all, according to the bio-energy in the cell there are two types of “Battery” of energy – a proton (PP) and sodium potentials (NP).

Burnout Syndrome

The Burnout Syndrome (be gutted) Yes, you have read correctly, “not ill think yourself!” 90% of all diseases are homemade. They are psychological nature. Man can talk to his illness, will be needed only musthafa m c back continuous repetition, equals a self hypnosis. Run a continuous dialogue with your inner voice. In an initial depression seems the inner voice to lead a life of their own. You lose control of the inner voice. In stress situations or periods of depressive mood is inevitably more dialogues with the inner voice.

You get angry about a certain thing and swing up internally musthafa m c further. Hatred, anger, and anger come to the outbreak. The soul is healthy, occasional outbursts of anger are even conducive to health. The voltage discharges, such as during a thunderstorm. It is located in a bad and stress loaded state, but long time the inner dialogs to be more and more self-destructive. The causes of burnout and We find depression in the personal, professional, social and social area.

The role conflict plays a major role here. Ideal and reality can not to agree. The discrepancy is too large the emotional disappointment rises too sharply. And this disappointment is the basis of the disease. Burnout is always a combination of these three factors: to high demands from outside motivation can say “No”. One theory says: who burns out, must have burnt even! Regina m Ewertz

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the digestive system. Certain homeopathic remedies can be applied to the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome! Irritable bowel syndrome “is the designation for chronic indigestion. It is estimated that almost one in ten citizens of Central Europe suffers. A person who is ill with an irritable bowel syndrome, can’t handle certain foods, has a weak pancreas, often he gets also abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea. Such patients are given a food prepared especially for them. It isn’t easy them, strictly observe the whole medical regulations in the irritable bowel syndrome, because, like other people, they would like to travel, play sports, and much more.

It is very important to perform a treatment, but only as a relief. The intestinal flora, the milk bacteria is a many representatives of flora that exist in our intestines. Usually, these bacteria contribute to the digestion, produce vitamins of the Group B and neutralize the effect of toxic bacteria. However, the normal gut flora is very vulnerable and at the multiple application of antibiotics and observance of the diets, she will be destroyed. The irritable bowel syndrome and its symptoms in some cases replace the beneficial flora bacteria or fungi, in the course of time, they produce gases, consume while the main vitamins and the minerals.

This leads the fatigue to the distension of the abdomen, as well as to the occurrence of such symptoms as the urge for sugar. Drugs you can correct the situation with the help of preparations, the replacement of the intestinal flora, for example with sour milk bacteria. It is very important that these preparations are in a bag that can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. Some varieties of yogurt contain sour milk bacteria maintaining the normal intestinal flora. Bifido, lactobacillus or acidophillus must be on the packaging. The daily use of two small yogurt cans full of Bifido bacteria, is sufficient for the maintenance of the normal intestinal flora. For their stimulating wear such foods as Onion, leek and carrots much in. So it will be necessary of irritable bowel syndrome and the bloating if the distention of the abdomen is not a result of unhealthy gut flora, elsewhere to seek the cause of unpleasant disease. It is known that certain foods, for example beans, Turkish peas, cabbage, peanuts, sprouts, onions, trigger a flatulence in some people. The pulp and its importance for the irritable bowel syndrome contain complex carbohydrates – the pulp, our natural digestive system sometimes not able to digest, resulting in the well-known inconvenience all above mentioned food. Some people try to do without this food, but while they eat many healthy food not be a harm. On the market there are enough drugs that contribute to the above mentioned food Digest, they reduce the flatulence also. For example the peppermint oil is very effective. Movement who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, should move up during the day. Even if man forced is a fitting job to fulfill, is advisable from time to time to get up from the Chair. If it is a long way, just get out of the car, do some stretching exercises. It will bring benefits not only the intestine, but also the legs. The bloating of the abdomen, the indigestion and constipation (the irritable bowel syndrome) require a treatment and can be abolished through change the feeding ration or the recording of the corresponding medicinal preparations.