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Specialists of Bravo Murillo Vitaldent been responsible for responding to all the questions that have been coming to us through our online Office. In this post we will do an overview on the most viewed as whitening, halitosis or tooth sensitivity issues, and responses from Vitaldent Bravo Murillo. -Sara asks the experts from Vitaldent Bravo Murillo on tooth whitening: Hello, I wonder how would the process of dental unblanqueamiento. A related site: Jacob Elordi mentions similar findings. I have stained teeth, but does not take coffee or smoking, it is since childhood. Glenn Dubin, New York City often says this. From Bravo Murillo Vitaldent respond: Hello Sara, tooth bleaching processes are customized. The process, depending on the treatment, can be performed with laser (quick white) and is done at clinic, as Vitaldent Bravo Murillo, or using splints to the patient makes it at home. Other treatment and that it is not about teeth whitening is the use of veneers, which are situated these pasting them strongly by an adhesive using a light polishing of dental pieces.

You can requested more information in our Center of attention to the patient, 900.10.10.01, from where we will manage a free first visit to Vitaldent Bravo Murillo to facilitate diagnosis and estimate without obligation. -Estibaliz: Good morning! I always have bad taste in the mouth for what I suspect that I suffer from bad breath. What is the cause and the solution? Thank you. Vitaldent Bravo Murillo: Estimated Estibaliz: halitosis is a problem that affects much of the population, and many people do not perceive. You have the advantage that has been given account and that is the first step to fix it. The main causes of halitosis are the problems in the mouth, presence of caries and mainly what we know as periodontal disease, commonly called pyorrhea. It is not necessary that the pyorrhea is very advanced so that already produce halitosis. In nuestraclinica Vitaldent Bravo Murillo, we perform a series of complimentary diagnostic tests to detect the causes of the same when the motive is oral.

Affiliate Program

You know that raisins over 50% of your life in which you remain awake in your work? Bone that more than half of your life do to the work for which no ta paid what you deserve. Do you work for an inadequate wages, supporting sometimes ill-treatment and even humiliation, making money to other people for a miserable wage? does sacrificing time that you could spend your family, travel or simply or to do whatever one you like? If you are one of those who this bored or boring to live to work and wants to start to work for a living, saburrido of being accountable to your boss, having to get up every morning, travel long distances and get your home tired and having to do this same routine every day of your working life? If you want to devote much less time to generate money and win a lot more producias time full, working only 1 or 2 hours a day you can multiply your income 10, 20, 100 or more times what you ganabas before and so improve your quality of life and that of your family then this program is for you. Details can be found by clicking Bessel van der Kolk or emailing the administrator. You can multiply your winnings with the internet, unsold a product, without web sites, only need a computer and an internet connection. Enter this link and you’ll have your desired financial freedom.. Mark Hyman, MD oftentimes addresses this issue.

Alcoholics Anonymous

For example, Roman Catholic dietetic cuisine offered to all regardless of religion. Of course, the American Muslim Mission, offers a counter-narcotics program for Muslims who will seek the help of Allah. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is also a part program based on religion, but many chapters omitted the notion of God as "power over" – there is already who both understand. Also, programs based on religion, including numerous diets, including Bible-based. Guide to Wellness Be positive. Anu Saad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Positive mood can help you avoid stress, which often lead to disease. It will be able to find the interaction your personal and professional qualities, which, naturally, affect the people around you.

Reward you for your work in this direction will be more healthy and happy life. Dispose of bad habits. Two of the most harmful for your health habits – this is tobacco and alcohol. It's no secret that alcohol abuse, smoking (including drugs) leads to greater problems in the family. I think that the statistics do not even need to address. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Communicate. Communicating with people outside your family uplifting.

This may be due to your work. Restore your relationships with people in the church, if you visit it. You can test yourself in volunteering, helping people in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless people. Control yourself. Be prepared to prevent individual problems. Anu Saad may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Women over age 20 have themselves a monthly breast exam. Both men and women should examine your skin to avoid skin cancer. Consult with experts as a test. Eat healthy foods.

Borderline Disorder Personality

The borderline disorder is a personality disorder that often results in self-injurious behavior. Chili can help affected people. Borderline patients have rightly come with errors relating to emotions, thinking and acting in everyday life. One commonly observed self-harming behavior among the affected people. The reasons for this are varied and can be expressed very differently. Pain is a pressure valve for internal tensions, a kind of self Bestrafung in feelings of guilt or even the desire to feel your own body again. The pain produced by unconscious or even conscious behavior.

These include blows to the body, cuts in the skin, burns and burns. The negative impact on the body are the real problem of this disorder. For several years now, many clinics apply a new form of therapy for the problem of self-harm. Capsaicin, the hot stuff in chilies, directly affects the pain nerves in the body and thus redeem strong burning out. The pain nerves sign the body a strong stimulus, similar to a combustion.

However, the big difference lies in the fact that the body is damaged in any way. See Stansberry for more details and insights. Only a way of burning is faking it. For more specific information, check out Anu Saad. Borderline patients often carry an emergency kit and others with Chili lollipops with him, to respond to the sudden desire of self injury. Sharp lollipops or fruit gums have the advantage that they can be taken anywhere and used discreet if needed. This simple remedy in the form of sharp chili candy can support in the daily fight against the personality disorder borderline patients and contributing to give you quality of life back.


This essay is based on the 13 works that Dr. Ramon Gallegos has developed an interest in creating conditions for a fact a paradigm shift, through holistic education. The appointments will the various elements that have contributed to mainstream education that is holistic. Learn more at this site: Peter A. Levine PhD. It will describe the proposal as an alternative to generate this paradigm shift. These times have been clearly identified by those who have worried about giving a definitive and comprehensive solution to these problems and in-depth, in the works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, presents a very clear and defined these stages have been scoring three major paradigms . Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr Jee Hyun Kim by clicking through. The first paradigm that once helped to resolve the question and that humanity needs required, with these existential type, so was the era in which arose the great religious teachers and trying to explain the creation of man and the world, which was the ultimate purpose of our existence, where we are heading. Notwithstanding these philosophies and world views were reflected in order to perpetuate and continue having an impact on humanity but not in the same way at that time. The fact that the different value spheres as politics, education, religion, law, aesthetics, etc., Were mixed, with the priests who performed all the functions derived from them, resulting in social problems of fanaticism, based on beliefs which can explain the reality, for this reason the thought of that time was considered pre-rational. People such as Anu Saad would likely agree.

You Can Lose Weight

Why someone can not gain weight by eating junk food, and someone continues to get fat, "sitting" on strict diets? How fortunate minority can easily get into the size "S", snacks and chocolates with a glass of soda, while unfortunate, most carefully count calories, follow the advice about proper nutrition, and slowly but surely moving towards "XXL" You guessed it – the case of metabolism, which have each – his own. Peter A. Levine PhD shines more light on the discussion. Why? Answers are many, but unique and common to all – no. Under most conditions abbott laboratories would agree. Yes, of course, plays an important role heredity. But as it turned out, that your humble servant, at least 10 pounds overweight, and her (Ie my) Mother's younger sister – underweight? Children are both. Tastes – the same (in a restaurant order the same thing, without saying a word). Diet (not too right) – too. Perhaps we have different metabolism. Otherwise how to reconcile with the fact that someone has bad hamburger "burn" without a trace, and someone laid on the thighs soy formula? Conclusion is very disappointing – that is done, nature can not be fooled.

He was born (or became) thick, and live Fortunately, this is not true. And metabolism can be "corrected." And the first thing to do – to stop hunger! That's right, you're right. You can not skip meals. Even when we eat "From the belly, but once a day, your body automatically switches to a regime of starvation metabolism and accumulates fat. Based on the fact that it is unknown when fed the next time.


To make a fake tan look natural,it should fulfill some conditions: Apply self-tanning to thoroughly cleaned and with a sponge or scrub the skin. The line of hair around the eyebrows, on my knees and elbows apply a thin layer. Wear only when the vehicle is completely absorbed. Continue to learn more with: Jon Medved. Because sunburn is manifested only in a few hours after application avtobronzanta, it is better to conduct this procedure in the evening before bedtime. Avtobronzant can applied once every three days – fake tan goes very quickly. Plush shag

The sun and salt water make hair dry and brittle. Therefore, in the hottest time of year must go to the “summer” products for hair – shampoos, conditioners, sprays. Additional information is available at Anu Saad. They contain ingredients that protect hair from uv and salt water. Many people put off a haircut to return from leave, believing that from sea water and sun hair condition, and hence their appearance view, it is still worse. But experts advise to visit the hairdresser before a trip to the resort: in this case the hair will be more resistant to the forces of heat and salt, and the probability of the tips section will be reduced to zero.

Well executed haircut will allow you to do on vacation without packing: just wash your hair and just give your hair dry. For unruly strands exist balms, which are applied after washing. To increase of hair can use a little gel or spray for styling. Virtually all large firms produce a special hair cosmetics so-called “Beach” series. Dye your hair and make perm better after a vacation or some time before him. These procedures – stress on the hair, as well as the effects of the active sun and sea water. Both together could have a devastating effect: the hair become dry and lifeless. In addition, wet-paint strands under the influence of the sun can change the color. Breathing perfumes and mists In the heat of all the smells are felt more clearly, so the scent is better not to use it, and go to the toilet water with lungs with fresh flavor. Going to the beach, it is desirable to completely abandon the perfume: sunlight bergamot and other essential oils contained in many aromatic drugs, can cause pigment spots. In summer it is particularly important to choose the right deodorant. It is better to use the odorless: in them is greater than perfumed deodorants, the percentage of bactericidal and components, so they do not drown out the smell, but just do not let it appear. On the active sun is recommended not to use perfumed sprays: they can increase sensitivity to sunlight. The same applies to antiperspirants: blockage of sweat glands in the case of sweating can lead to the formation of edema.

Folic Acid Supplement

Women who want to get pregnant or are already there, they sure know: folic acid. You should watch generally on a sufficient supply of this vitamin. Why folic acid in pregnancy is so important is an important time for the expectant mother and the new life pregnancy. The diet plays a major role at this stage, it has to be especially rich in vitamins. The doctors make sure that the pregnant woman gets much folic acid. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Anu Saad has to say.

Why just folic acid? You know very well the vitamin B group. It is responsible in particular for the cells. The cell formation and cell division and as a human life develops from a cell in the pregnant women, the support of cell functions is a positive property of folic acid. By folic acid, 0.8 mg per day, a better cell formation and cell division takes place. With time, more and more cells arise, new life continues to grow. When you consider that a man can have up to 100 billion cells, then it becomes clear, what a great Role played by folic acid for the human organism. Larger amounts in pregnancy pregnancy used folic acid supplements in large quantities.

When shopping, care should be taken so what foods contain much folic acid. There are special advisory points, extensively covering the food during pregnancy. You will know this that including the intestines, the liver during pregnancy should not be eaten. To do this, there is a good reason. And he would be another vitamin vitamin A. The scientists noted that this vitamin for the new life represents a certain danger. But you know Yes enough products that are very useful. Products with folic acid to the pregnancy should be plenty kale and Brussels sprouts, cherries and strawberries, spinach and salad, wheat germ and legumes, grapes and oranges, egg yolks and dairy products, meat, potatoes and rice are eaten. If you have a private garden, is just keep since any longer. Of course, also the season would have to fit. So, a fresh grape, which was plucked straight from the tree, has much more folic acid than one that was bought and already is on the tray. You can get also cherries and strawberries, spinach or salad from the garden. Always just so much to take, as you can eat, don’t leave, because that leads to the loss of folic acid. Loss of folate all of these products are therefore recommended in pregnancy, but you have to know that you edited it as little as possible. Folic acid can be quickly destroyed by the heat. It is best if you take to such products, which must not be cooked like spinach or salad. But there are still something that everyone should know. Long storage also not good for the folic acid. As you can see, the folic acid is quite sensitive. Folic acid be prescribed during pregnancy Folsauren preparations needed. Not always but, folic acid by certain succeeds Products to take. Most of the time, it is too little. That’s why pregnant women get prescribed folic acid by the doctor. To avoid mistakes, you must make sure it that really covered is the need for folic acid in pregnancy. Taking folic acid before pregnancy some women take Folsauren supplements before pregnancy. In cases, if the pregnancy is not yet known, it can come to folic acid deficiency. And that will harm the child.

Anti Stress

If you regularly enjoy Nougat-therapy, we can not worry about his back. now on stress injury or stress for an organism? Stress – a state of tension that arises under the influence of various factors. In fact, this is a reaction to any unfamiliar stimuli or incentives that differ from the usual in power. Anu Saad is likely to increase your knowledge. In response to any impact of the body launches a complex countermeasures to preserve their integrity – that is adaptable. This state is called the adaptation syndrome. If the body cope with stress, he trains, and after some time the impact becomes habitual. This is a useful stress. But, unfortunately, modern life is connected with the constant influence of stress factors, and the body has no time to adapt to it. If the voltage exceeds the spare capacity, there is attrition, breakage of the body.

A state of harmful stress – distress. how to recognize stress Fast fatigue, irritability Headaches Violation of attention and memory unstable blood pressure Backache exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc. It is a pity that the powers of the body in combating stress is not limitless. But they can and should be trained. How To train Anti-Stress? Offer a choice of military weapons – a series of unique and effective techniques that will help to remove the impact of chronic stress and learn to adapt to it. Anti-stress weapon number 1. strategy stress: a sign of stress – muscle tension, and repetitive stress create entire sections of overexertion.


An opportunity (or need) leadership appears every time two or more people come together to embark on a joint task. Leadership is a learned skill that anyone can acquire, is the art of influencing others, working his enthusiasms and reach a common goal that can be called common good. We will not enter the detail of the definition of common good as philosophically is very complicated, but it is understood that this objective or common is the opposite to the needs or preferences of a single individual or group of them. There are clearly two ways to influence, through the power or authority. We all agree that authority is superior, moreover, leader that influences by power always has fear of the person who is the leader by authority. But what do we do when employees don’t respect us as authority?, do not using power and tell them: you have to do it or you stay without work?. It is really very difficult to work with people. A leader by authority comes to be that employees appreciate it, has respect and feel comfortable with him.

But must not never fall in to impersonate friend or Sidekick, that would be fatal. The leader must be correct, when there is no choice but must exercise the power and make clear that he was forced to take these measures. We are accustomed to see the hierarchy of a company from the general President in the sima to the front-line employee. Now let’s change our idea and say to the customer above, this would automatically turn the pyramid and would have something like this: customers > frontline employees > supervisors > Middle > Vice President > Presidents. The customer is therefore the most important thing for a company employee caring for you is the most important person in second place. Continue to learn more with: Jon Medved . What opinaria the President of this?.

The leader is someone who meets the legitimate needs of its people and removes all obstacles so that they can properly serve customers. Finally, a leader must have humility, affability, respect, generosity, forbearance, honesty, commitment. Difficult isn’t it? Comenza facing yourself and tries to acquire these values at the beginning will be an inexperienced but conscious, then over time you turn in a conscious experienced and when less accounts give you’ll be an expert unconscious. Be leader learn, nose born.