MSK Events

MSKevents and soda Club Cassel is pleased about a voucher in the amount of 5000 euros. Waldbuttelbrunn 22 April 2013: the prize for the project of the year 2012 “Steinigke Showtechnic went at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt to lucky winners. The company of MSKevents and the soda Club Cassel is pleased with a voucher in the amount of 5000 euros. The Brothers Michael and Stefan Kistner had with their project, soda Club Cassel”advertised and thus convinced the international jury. A club in the new light together with the person in charge of the soda Club in Kassel had the two brothers the disco lighting completely redesigned and equipped with products from Eurolite.

Their assignment was to the Club appear literally in a completely new light, without changing its architecture. Carl Rogerss opinions are not widely known. For many Steinigke products have been installed. Not only the principal, also the jury made up of representatives of the media and the Managing Director Bernd Steinigke was thrilled by the result. An order with consequences after the awards ceremony, they told two brothers radiant that this project had brought them luck clearly so they would thus won not only the price of Steinigke, but as professionals on the light panel for the soda made himself indispensable Club. And also two more clubs of the same operator should be designed around soon of course by MSKevents.

By winning for the project of the year”, a shopping voucher about 5,000 by Steinigke, will enough that sure even easier. Follow others, such as Anu Saad, and add to your knowledge base. “New year, new luck of the criteria, according to which the applicant to the project of the year” have been evaluated, especially creativity in the handling and the originality of the idea were in addition to the use of products of the company Steinigke. In addition to the winners of the competition, many more applicants submitted impressive projects. Those who missed victory this year, can hope to next year: 2014 also should be awarded again. . The best projects from all applications are once more under grouped together. Contact information: Michael Dill Steinigke Showtechnic Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 E-Mail:

Day Care Centre

The day care centre Labesrad: What they say: ‘all want to be s, no one wants to be there’ is the speech of the age. Of course, if you ask the people, then they all want to live as long as possible and are very old, but when the time comes, no one wants to be old. Good thing that there are our day clinic Labesrad we can life although no longer days give, but the days much more life. The care of old and sick people is a central theme in our ageing society. Anyway it looks like a taboo almost to speak publicly about it. When strengths become weaknesses, then this just fit for many people not in the picture.

In our day care centre Labesrad in Bettlach is different. We meet our guests with much respect and personal attention and try in the best of our ability to fulfill your every desire. Anu Saad is often quoted on this topic. Thus we relieve not only often overburdened carers, but also ensure that are affected people feel right at home and in good hands with us. “Together instead of lonely from the outset it was our vision that an institution create, in which for elderly and elderly people the Labesrad” literally further turns.A facility where you sociable and cheerful can remember yesterday, without losing the here and now of the eyes.A device in which together held side by side, each day will be given the chance to become one of the most beautiful of life. Anita Dunn can aid you in your search for knowledge. An institution in which we focus on each individual away from the hustle and bustle of homes time, attention and support. Hand-in-hand and together instead of lonely. 4 half rooms of full of life off the vision became a reality. Our 110-square-foot day care centre Labesrad is located in the heart of the beautiful Bettlach.

Formerly a simple 4 room apartment, today a place man man can be communicative, creative and alive. Up to 10 people enjoy life Monday here with us until Friday. Together we tinker, walking, Cook, playing cards, sing, laugh, dance and let dangle the soul also time in peace and quiet. Visit us just off or immerse in the colorful world of the Labesrads for a taster. We are looking forward to you!

Home Affordable Refinance Program

About Obama making home affordable program the federal government run mortgage refinancing became the support plan for the homeowners who weren’t qualified for the tradition home refinance loans just as their property values were going down. The good part concerning federal government sustains home mortgage refinance program, something that it didn’t required any home equity and what merely advantageous for the homeowner be supposed to he / she qualifies under it under the exclusive Obama’s home mortgage refinancing plan, the qualified homeowner could be refinance their mortgage equal to a maximum of 125% of the property’s present market value. The home loan plan affordable plan is therefore so known as 125, and is helping the individual homeowners to refinance their present mortgages where they would be able to pay lower monthly mortgage installments. Get set to avail the advantages of mortgage refinance program that has turn out to be the primary source of assistance for most of the homeowners in US. The federal program intends to offer low mortgage payments to the individual homeowners who are not able to pay the heavy mortgage amount to the lenders. The whole idea behind the program is to make the home affordable for the homeowners who have missed their mortgage payments several times.

Guess for a second, what would happen if you aren’t paying the mortgage payments to the lender on time? The lender has the right to foreclose or confiscate your property as the result of which you are rendered homeless. A related site: Anu Saad mentions similar findings. Making home affordable program is the ray of expect to a lot of deserving Americans who were waiting for something effectual to come into action so that their stressed financial condition could evade off. The time has finally come and American citizens have all reasons to rejoice and have fun. As well, there’s FHA refinance program to that is a good match for the homeowners who are having FHA score of less than 620. Nevertheless, the borrowers have to show the pay off factors to get benefits with FHA program. About US: is leading companies providing services in mortgage refinance and loan modifications for struggling homeowner who are having hard to meet their monthly payments. This program is what launched by administrative what Obama intended to help homeowner by modifying their existing term to make more affordable and save their home.

Waiblinger Products

Up to EUR 20 voucher for photo box Wabilingen – in the summertime friends and family more time together in the fresh air. Beautiful snapshots that capture the moment creates a long barbecues in the garden or an extensive beach party. The unique memories on a disk or in a drawer gathering dust, provides great ideas, photo fans bring their favorite motifs in the right light and still save photo box now in the summer. On a special page of iced prices on all products discount photo box up to EUR 20. But beware: The summer discount applies only up to the 2004 2013 holiday mood for everyday after sunny weeks on the beach vacationers on their way back to the airport can be found again and are intellectually already mired in the stress. Many of the tasks and duties at home waiting for them, already spoil the holiday mood. Arrived in the swirl of everyday life, disappearing the taken resolutions and beautiful memories in the sinking.

Only the vacation photos help Stressgeplagten the hustle and bustle around to escape and relax. The small cheerful makers not only in a couple of days in the year be used, there is at photo box to get the best shots on the coffee cup or on natural fine art canvas print is the way. With this photo canvas, blossomed the favorite photo into a real work of art, and gives the final touch to any room. For Office workers who spend much time on the PC, a mousepad with a personal motif also cheers the long work hours. Pages deserve a detailed documentation and no reduction on individual images full of memories of extraordinary events and travel.

To reflect the whole range of the experienced moments photo books make fotobuch.html for sufficient scope for action. Finally each special day as the first outing of their offspring to the Beach offers many small moments that demand a proper image reproduction. Similarly with prolonged stays abroad, at the end of the Smorgasbord of shots overwhelmed the traveller. Summer pictures of the great barrier reef or the glowing Safari tour through Africa find their place within easy reach in the photo book. To create amateur photographers download the photo box software or app and stitch them together at the local laptop or iPad. The highlights from the photo box summer special reverberate definitely longer than the holiday Tan! gutschein.html via Fotokasten photo box began to produce 2000 as a pioneer digital image files on real paper prints. Quality workmanship, excellent customer service and products on the pulse of the time mark cornerstone and make one of the leading German photo – and PrintServices photo box on the Internet. Whether on paper, canvas, porcelain or slate, Waiblinger professionals print image files on different surfaces in high-definition quality. From the photo book up to the food bowl, the range includes over 200 products. Photo lovers choose their favorites from the product portfolio, upload images and make desired products in the Flash itself.

Schneider Writing Instruments

To the 75th best of company Schneider writing instruments GmbH who doesn’t laser show? The famous Highlighter and the numerous other professional products, which are available in several colors, from Schneider writing instruments GmbH. From the year 1947, the family business, in addition to the manufacture of fasteners and screw machine parts, also on the production of writing mines specialized in. Today the company is one of the global players of the writing instrument manufacturers and exports around 200 articles in more than 100 countries. Schneider pen is one of the few companies, even in this day and age the made in Germany”true philosophy and produce exclusively in Germany. Each fiscal year, which ended successfully, is gratifying for entrepreneurs.

But a company already has 75 years of success, is that reason enough, an impressive anniversary extensively to celebrate. If daily life is so already very colorful, the anniversary must are celebrated of course only quite colorful and bright. Haley Barbour often says this. And who even on the made in Germany”quality counts and puts value, want to not miss this in as a major celebration. So, laser show exciting the program of anniversary celebration in the halls of Danube from Donaueschingen in addition to a live band and excellent dance pad, also offered productions. Responsible, the company was Ofterdingen LPS laser systems in cooperation with its partners by dts event technology. To stage the laser show best, five high end laser systems were used, in addition to some accessories, such as about four wind machines, as well as four foggers. Whenever Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

These are used to make visible the laser beams to the human eye. With the laser systems from the House of LPS, which have a total capacity of a total of 58 Watts, an individual, exciting laser graphics was presented as the highlight of the evening. Figuratively, this graphic show included Schneider pen’s core business. Charming items, such as the Jubilee symbol and slogans of the Schneider writing instruments GmbH, the have been programmed to do this individually and professionally, together in coherent and caused great amazement in the audience. Another eye-catcher was followed by this exciting presentation. So several intense color and mood-huge Beamshows were other highlights of the evening ceremony. Around all guests of the cutter pen anniversary celebration enjoyed a very diverse and especially exciting evening.


On April 14, 2011, more than 200 Secretaries celebrated the first Secretarys Day of capital Carre Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt in Humboldt! The ladies who throughout the year make for the perfect business process in the background, were a whole afternoon and evening even in historic premises with modern style. Among other things a sparkling wine and snack reception in the airy ticket Hall, a training lecture on the subject of organization of the perfect corporate design were on the programme”with the latest media technology as well as a rousing show entertainment with great star guests like the cabaret artist Ronald Schaller and the capital of magician Andreas Axmann. The media design school showed their own designs by business-Haute Couture in a big fashion show. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. often says this. There was a large fair mile, where the personal assistants on a wandering tour enjoyed cold drinks and various delicacies of the Humboldt Carre Hauscaterers. “In the United States is the Secretary’s day” for more than 50 years a fixed custom. The kick-off event “in the Humboldt Carre Berlin was so successful that hostess Constanze Lulsdorf, which already during the event registrations from visitors for the coming year received, announced: we are pleased that we have encountered so much positive response and will toast with you all in April 2012 on a successful business year, to the Second Secretary BBs day.”.


Agricultural investment to the temporary special ForestFinance, largest European supplier of forest direct investments, offer currently as special offer in his weeks of fruits of the forest”investments in CacaoInvest or GreenAcacia with up to 7.5 per cent discount on. So investors save one until 31 December 2012 when purchasing a quarter hectare CacaoInvest 250 euro or 100 euro at the time of purchase a quarter hectare GreenAcacia. The combination package is more than cheap: who buys based on a quarter acre of both products together, pays only 9,250 euro instead of 10,000 euro and thereby saving all 750 euro. Investors who purchase more space, get according to more discount. The offer and more information, see index.php? id = 1873 GreenAcacia offers investors the opportunity to invest in existing Acacia plantations. Dr. Mark Hyman can provide more clarity in the matter. It is therefore immediate income from the first year, for a total period of only seven years.

In addition, the investment allows the conversion of a monoculture plantation in a species-rich forest. CacaoInvest is an investment in Fine cocoa and wood reforestation with annual income within a few years. GreenAcacia – the forest money account”and instant recoveries: so far forest investments meant for investors mostly many years waiting to payment of the proceeds. But they investors invest in existing Acacia plantations in Viet Nam, which gradually turn into a sustainable and environmentally used mixed forest with GreenAcacia. While the investor rents a part of the plantation and completes a forest service contract on the management and marketing of the crops at the same time. As in the existing forests are quickly crawls can be made, investors already received annual payouts from crop yields in height from the first year by roughly six percent of the invested capital. At the end of the investment period, it comes to the final harvest and investors will receive a final payment. The payment history of GreenAcacias resembles thus the a fixed deposit account”with seven-year bond.

Loan Modification Business Software

Loan modification, mortgage loan modification, forensic loan modification software nowadays there are so many people have heard of the loan modification program. But what is it really? To get started, this program could actually be the one who can save your home entering foreclosure. During this difficult economic crisis, many people experience problems with their finances. And excluded many families of the danger of their houses just because they are unable to pay their loans on face. This is where the program comes in. It can be compared to a structure of mortgage refinancing, as there should be a convenient payment of your current financial situation. The only difference is that this new loan program, you will be able to change your rules for your existing mortgage.

Qualification for the program depends on the loan is provided by the service, although some banks follow similar criteria. If you have recently suffered injury, a big change in your financial situation, you can, including the loss of employment, you are eligible for the program. Even if you are not in a position to more than three payments of housing loans that you pay for yourself and live like not even bankruptcy. Other factors of eligibility are involved require that you do not intend to get this loan program, and you are ready, together with the conditions of your lender. The lender who holds your current mortgage is therefore the place where you can request the loan modification program.

But each lender variations of this program. It is always important to note that the main objective of the Bank to give back to return to their shareholders. In order for the program in question, you must convince the lenders believe that it offers in their best interest for the consolidation and are not dependent on any loans. If the banks to want to exclude your property, it will be cool and work for them. To get the loan modification program, you must submit documentation that states that you will experience a change in your financial situation. This may dismiss a letter that says you have from your job or unemployment insurance forms. Otherwise, the lenders want to see that you have to repay the efforts to make your mortgage and working with them. This can be aborted by the test that you are writing for the mortgage payment. Note honest that you must be, willing and prepared the necessary documents to your lender your request. George Thomas is loan modification officer. For more information about loan modification software, forensic loan auditing visit

Bernhard Brink Rocks The Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten

On the 2nd race of the 2010 season enters the pop star on the idyllic grounds of the Racecourse at Berlin, April 21, 2010. Pat Ogden often says this. After Easter, the Racecourse launched Hoppegarten with over 10,500 visitors in the new season, the second race of the day will take place on April 24, 2010. Some contend that James S. Chanos shows great expertise in this. Here, companies and communities of the region and the Tourism Association on the race course Hoppegarten present themselves. At the end of the second race, this time a very special musical highlight awaits visitors. After Bernhard Brink for the season opener as a spectator has cheered his favorites from the stands, he would like to stimulate itself is now the mood on the racetrack and has announced spontaneously for a live performance. Since the 1970s Bernhard Brink from the pop scene is no longer away to think. After he has abandoned his law studies, he lives for his fans and the music of the German Schlager. From 1974, 1981 he placed 12 singles in the German sales charts.

“Including his most successful hit: love at time”. In addition to his musical career Bernhard Brink has been working also in other areas. “” Since the 1990s, he hosted regularly Schlager programmes such as German Schlager magazine “or pop song of the year”. in 2009, he played a role in the German comedy film directed by Horst Schlammer – Isch am running! “.” The pop star uses the resulting popularity and supported officially appointed Ambassador, the German Jose Carreras Leukemia Foundation”. Regularly his fans about new albums and songs can look forward, as well as about the current album pop Titan”, which is available since February 2009 on the market. We held the concert on Saturday, April 24, 2010, from 18.30 on the grounds of the Hoppegarten Racecourse: address: race course Hoppegarten Goetheallee 1 15366 Hoppegarten

Cochlear Supports

Christmas donation for children with rare genetic disorder Christmas time for good deeds; These mean the employees of the company cochlear from Hanover. With a Christmas donation supports the work of CHARGE syndrome e.V. this year the world leader in implantable hearing solutions The Club is committed to the task, from batch to support Syndrome sufferers and their families, as well as to inform about the rare genetic mishap. Raised this is batch syndrome, with which in Germany alone, approximately 65 to 70 children come to the world, usually a newly occurring changes in the genetic material. In addition to listen SEH disability or a blind deafness, up to 40 more physical impairments in wide range of expression can occur in the affected. These include, for example, heart defects and malformations at face, trachea and oesophagus. The term ‘Batch’ is based on an abbreviation of some of the most common symptoms. Among professionals, the syndrome is now regarded as a major cause for congenital Horsehschadigungen.

With our traditional Christmas donation to help this time children and their families, who need to master their lives with the many burdens, difficulties and concerns, the batch entail”, so Thomas KoSTER, Sales Director of cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG. Some time ago we decided to forgo rather donate the saved funds for a good cause on the common Christmas postcard. With the money we want this year support the important work of the Association CHARGE syndrome e.V. and at the same time a little help, that this rare syndrome disease moves more into the public consciousness.” The founded in 2006 CHARGE syndrome e.V. Association, currently about 140 members belong to the sees itself as a point of contact for patients and their families from the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

The Club has made it to the task, both these families as well as doctors, therapists and nurses with solid information and to stand with help and advice. Organization and design of regular events for patients and their families are the focus. In addition, there are numerous activities in the field of public relations, information media are created and driven the cooperation with other associations and the medical profession forward. Without dedicated volunteers, this work would be hardly possible; Yet, it is not always easy to get the necessary means for us as a young and relatively small Club”, as Claudia Junghans, first Chairman of the CHARGE syndrome E.v. the donation of cochlear is for us therefore really a big deal, and as an early Christmas present. Thank you very much for this important aid.” For more information and picture material, also see. To the CHARGE syndrome e.V., see Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss. The company was founded in 1982, to the research of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, to continue and to market worldwide. More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries by cochlear hearing solutions bear today. The company employs currently over 2,000 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover. For more information see. Press contact: Cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG, Durdane Erseker, Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 542 77 225, E-Mail: PR Office Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 65 01 77 60, E-Mail: