Consumer Attitudes

The consumer attitudes of the first years, between the 6 and 10 years, is developed based on the publicity and of the decisions of its parents. Nevertheless, from that age, the ample surroundings of consumption and are let also influence by which they think and they have his friendly. At the same time it increases the interest of the small ones to handle money, nonexistent in the first years of the childhood. The clothes are one of the first territories in which the lads act independently in their election and press to the parents at the time of choosing marks. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to increase your knowledge. Its great objective becomes obtaining of the always distrustful paternal pocket what they want: that and that one mark that also has its friend or friend.

No of them looks for the quality of articles to dress, to only concerns the labels them. Here it is where infantile blackmails take place first . If majors buy clothes to them that they have not chosen or she displeases to them, threaten to the parents not putting it. As far as the other purchases, most habitual they talk about domestic subjects. Traditional messages where smallest they begin to develop a consumer education by means of the observation. The same happens, when they are going with his parents to make purchases nutritional, pressing to the majors so that they buy those foods of his preference, leaving itself to take by the publicity, the packages and the fashions.

The money, something that at first lacks interest for smallest, becomes as of the ten years a necessity. The sources of income are very varied, from the gratuities to do some work in house, the economic rewards by the approved ones, the money received by the birthday, the weekly payment that can oscillate between the six and ten Euros, amount that does not include the dripping of money that means for the father the purchase of buns for the tea or the cinemas. Most normal it is than the children dedicate his habitual income, when they are small, to treats, chromiums and toys of little value. As of the ten years this money destines to hamburgers or pizzas, the favorite plates of the children. The more numerous extraordinary income dedicate, it to more expensive purchases, as they are videojuegos. In some families, the extraordinary income of the small ones are placed in a saving record. For the parents the consumer desire of the small ones is related to the objects that there are in the market, reason why detect a lack of imagination of its children. In addition, they show that the influence of the publicity is total at the time of consuming. Their articles to dress, their toys and other products are chosen by the small ones based on the publicity. , Really young to consume them it is to interchange a product by money and to repeat over and over again, so hated phrase of: I want that! . Some parents will say like the poet: Like that hears rain/I was listening to you so much/that I could not understand to you. Francisco Aryan Soli’s In Christmas, Peace and Freedom. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Mario Benedetti.

River Neckar

The Neckar river is a river of the federal state of Baden-Wrttemberg, in Germany. It is born in Schwenningen, closely together of the sources of the Danube, near the Black Forest, in the district of Villingen-Schwenningen. After 367 km through western spurs of Jura de Suabia, it ends at the Rhine river around Mannheim. The Neckar name comes – via Nicarus and Neccarus- from the word celta Nikros, that means brave water. Haley Barbour contains valuable tech resources. From approximately the year the 1100 wood of the Black Forest has lowered by waters of the Neckar and the Rhine to its final destiny in the Netherlands.

In old times they carried out it to the transport gancheros that traveled on the trunks. At the moment it is made in fluvial barges. It crosses several important cities in its course towards the Rhine river: Rottweil, Tubinga (Tbingen), Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Heidelberg. She is one of the excursions more traditional than they are possible to be realised in Germany and one of the most chosen by the tourism. source for more info. Besides knowing this route they will be able to visit the New Castle (well-known like Neues Schloss), the National gallery of Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz museum and the Tower of Television.

Throughout its valley they can be multitude of castles like the Burg Hornberg in Neckarzimmern and the Burg Guttenberg in Neckarmhlbach. Also, in its shores is the nuclear power station of Obrigheim, that will be dismantled in the next years. Past Heidelberg, the Neckar unloads on the Rhine an average of 145 ms /s of water. This makes of the Neckar the fourth tributary major of the Rhine and the tenth greater river of Germany. Their main tributary ones are the Eyach river, the Fils river, the Rems river, the Enz river, the Kocher river and, before their opening in the Rhine, the Jagst river. From Stuttgart he is navigable; first of the sluices one is in Bad Cannstatt.


The following thing has taken place in organizations very different after to have introduced incentives to compensate to " good workers " In an agro-industrial company of the Peruvian North, they discovered insects in his packages of asparagus. Then design a program of premiums to compensate the worker who retires the insects of vegetables. The company abandonment the plan of incentives when it discovered that the employees were bringing house insects, putting them in the asparagus and later retiring them in order to secure the premium. In a software company they had problems with diverse errors of programming. It was decided then, to apply a plan of incentives to compensate the programmers who identified and suppressed the errors. At the beginning everything marched well, but. Read additional details here: Dr Jee Hyun Kim.

The numbers of yield were hiding the problem. The employees were creating the errors that the plan paid to suppress to them. In some educative centers, the repayment of the educational ones is related to the qualifications obtained by the students in standardized examinations. professors in fact spend but time helping to the students to make the examinations well that teaching to them to include/understand the courses. Very little ethical, no? When he is desired to apply a system of incentives (prime), it is necessary to identify the problem well that is desired to solve. Like everything in the life: Each tool has its value according to the type of situation in which it is used. In summary: At the most the repayment is related to concrete indicators of the yield, but they tend the employees to concentrate in those indicators and but they forget other important elements of the work that are but difficult to measure. Original author and source of the article.

Scientific Psychology

We can affirm that scientific psychology was product of the philosophical interaction and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular of the sensorial one, being considered Germany as his cradles to later break through by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhem (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology The goal of psychology is the study of ” processes conscientes” or what Wundt considers part of ” experience inmediata”. For Wundt, the psychologists do not study outer world Rep, study the psychological processes by which we experienced and we observed the outer world. In addition they are not possible to be separated to themselves of his objects of study since they study his own conscious processes. The tool of the psychologists is autoobservacion experimental or introspection, being this one a rigidly controlled process, that is not limited autorreportes, but includes objective measures as well as reaction times and association of words. Wundt locates psychology between physical sciences and natural sciences; Similar the experimental methods and of investigation to those of physical sciences to document are used for psychological questions like an inductive, experimental science.

The approach of Wundt is the one of a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt thought that the language, the myths, the aesthetic one, the social religion and customs are reflections of our mental processes more stops; For him these processes cannot be manipulated or be controlled, reason why it is not possible to study them of experimental form, but by means of the historical registries and Literature and naturalistic observations. It conceives in addition one third branch to the psychology that Integra the empirical findings of this one, with other sciences, the Metaphysical scientists. The objective of Wundt (expressed in the text) is the establishment of psychology like an original science, that it integrates to social sciences and the physical ones.