Greek Philosopher

Anaximenes Greek Philosopher (610 547 AC) I complete exponent of the Ionian philosophy (group of thinkers who opposes his philosophical theses to the itlica series of the Pythagoreans. Disciple of anaximandro, son of Euristrato. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The element chosen by Anaximenes is the air, which difference in the particular substances by rarefaction and condensation. When subtle becoming but one becomes fire, when being condensed in wind, soon in cloud, but even condensed in water, earth and stone, the other things take place from these. Ntese that this thinker proposes how the matter can be transformed into its diverse movable spheres. Which to a certain extent, establishes the small theoretical bases that many centuries later serian a reflection principle that would take to a few alchemists towards " love cientfico" or towards a conception of " wisdom cientfica". Clearly, we do not forget that the alchemy was born in old Egypt.

Soon it began to bloom in Alexandria and with the days in Chinese, this art owned mystical and experimental ideal, to find the relation of which I speak to them must take into account in which class of cultures I am adopted. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. insists that this is the case. It demonstrates us to history that when speaking of the alchemists we must locate them in a social context, that is to say that its experimental activity belongs to its time. And that in those centuries the society was only susceptible and act to make the construction of such events. As also it demonstrates to us, that the philosophy was the influence more positive than they could have. For Anaximenes it was important to establish his philosophical system on the foundations of a materialistic conception. In his explanations of inconciente way one approaches the ideas that conceive the nature like something mechanical. It writes down the following thing: the air, which difference in the particular substances by rarefaction and condensation.

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Scientific Psychology

We can affirm that scientific psychology was product of the philosophical interaction and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular of the sensorial one, being considered Germany as his cradles to later break through by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhem (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology The goal of psychology is the study of ” processes conscientes” or what Wundt considers part of ” experience inmediata”. For Wundt, the psychologists do not study outer world Rep, study the psychological processes by which we experienced and we observed the outer world. In addition they are not possible to be separated to themselves of his objects of study since they study his own conscious processes. The tool of the psychologists is autoobservacion experimental or introspection, being this one a rigidly controlled process, that is not limited autorreportes, but includes objective measures as well as reaction times and association of words. Wundt locates psychology between physical sciences and natural sciences; Similar the experimental methods and of investigation to those of physical sciences to document are used for psychological questions like an inductive, experimental science.

The approach of Wundt is the one of a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt thought that the language, the myths, the aesthetic one, the social religion and customs are reflections of our mental processes more stops; For him these processes cannot be manipulated or be controlled, reason why it is not possible to study them of experimental form, but by means of the historical registries and Literature and naturalistic observations. It conceives in addition one third branch to the psychology that Integra the empirical findings of this one, with other sciences, the Metaphysical scientists. The objective of Wundt (expressed in the text) is the establishment of psychology like an original science, that it integrates to social sciences and the physical ones.