Mario Bros

Mario Bros. is an arcade game developed by Nintendo in 1983 for the arcade, and then taken to several platforms, such as the NES or Atari 2500. It was the second appearance of Mario, the first time that appears with its definitive name, since it appeared under the pseudonym of Jumpman in Donkey Kong. Also noteworthy is the first appearance of his brother Luigi. In this game, Mario must clean the pipes of different pests that are hitting the ground beneath them. How many more levels crossing Mario, greater will be the difficulty, and appear one greater number of enemies, increasingly stronger. Two years later a video game based on the same character: Super Mario Bros., became one of the best-selling history. Other games of the Mario character are:-Super Mario Land for the Game Boy – Super Mario World (first game of Mario for the SNES) Super Mario 64 (first Mario game in 3D for the Nintendo64 console) – Super Mario Sunshine: for Nintendo Gamecube; Mario is equipped with a water gun with which runs different actions in the game – Super Mario Galaxy: for Nintendo Wii; a game where Mario travels all galaxies defeating enemies.

This game integrates the controls of the Wii, making that Mario may have new skills and gives you a fun and active game way. -Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: developed for Nintendo Wii; where, for the first time, the Sonic character of the Sega company competes against Mario in an Olympiad. In addition to that the user of the video game can participate as a guest. Today there are pages with games of mario bros free that allow us to play these games of Mario bros original author and source of the article.

Game Dress

A balanced diet and doing exercise every day is the recommendation of all the medical nutritionists and cardiologists. We know that these good habits lead us to have a full and healthy life. It is for this reason that gyms increasingly are more crowded by people of all ages. Free games Dressup aerobics trainer, it is a much appreciated by the girls dynamic game and who like Dressup fashion even to attend the gym. The game dress girls in which the coach of aerobics is the model, is a free and very fun game in which we have several people doing exercises. When you start this game you can hear a very lively music that makes you want to jump and exercise, placed to who plays in gym dynamism. The top of the model can be changed in design and color, choosing one becomes a color and returning to select the same changes color, until the girl who plays it can choose the color that you like most. The same can be done with pants, the costumes complete exercise, and footwear.

Giving a wide range of variety and combinations who designed fashion. This game dress girls, is already very dynamic that characters gym have movement and are exercising, and comes to be a little funny, because a weight falls into one of these while exercising, and a Wizard comes and is made a gesture by saying that you must not do that leave does not, fall weights. The girls of all ages love this game dress girls since they can be placed on your model in a dynamic environment with other characters at the same time and you can change her look everytime you want to already be seven colors offered by each model, as well as model, since you can choose between different long pants, as tops of different designs and if desired can be one piece that they are very comfortable and practical, clear colors are the most important because we can place the top one and the pants of another and combine with footwear or simply put another tone, so our instructor It may go very combined or not, as desired. This game dress girls is one of the games most sought after among the free games on the internet, by girls of all ages who love to exercise and look fashionable. Organize your own fashion show playing dress up games.