Drug Addiction

Nowadays, drug addiction among adolescents covered by wildfire. That is why the parents is helpful to know how to determine whether the child was taking drugs. Changes in it can already be seen in the first week of the new hobbies. Here are some signs that the child began to use drugs:-Aggressive, inflated mood or a dramatic change in behavior. He avoids the parents on the phone said quietly, stealthily and in monosyllables. Old friends of his not interesting, the old classes, including high school – also, Clothing teenager can be careless, among the things out of bottles of medicines, syringes, and may be tablets, possibly more attention to your home medicine cabinet;-may appear cuts on his arms and tattoos, he may begin to quietly steal out of the house money and valuables;-on underwear found tiny blood stains on the hands and feet along the vein – the traces of injections, multiple cuts, skin-In the lexicon of teen there are new words – 'parish', 'wheel', 'white', 'shirk', 'business',' black ',' screw ',' ',' Screw ',' Kumari ',' accordion ',' cart ',' machine ';-Excessive merriment, red eyes, an unusual appetite – likely symptoms use anasha or hashish in a room where smoking 'grass', is a characteristic sweetish odor-narrow eyes, lethargy, lack of appetite, itching – the child is constantly scratching – the signs of drug use of opium; -Dilated pupils can be caused by cocaine or methamphetamine ('screw') – worsens sleep and memory, a teenager with difficulty concentrating. It should be borne in mind that many symptoms can be seen only at first. And if you suspect something at once refer to a specialist. This is the best way out. Dr. Mark Hyman is the source for more interesting facts. Useless to try to persuade the addict – it should be treated.

Thrush According

Pain in the symphysis pubis (pubic area) and sacroiliac joint (felt in the hip and front of the thigh) is due to a slight softening of the ligaments caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy and hormone relaxin. Solution. Patience when the process becomes more palpable, especially at the 28-29 week. To help prepare for the birth of the joints can continue to eat seafood that are rich in essential fatty acids, they contribute to the development of relaxin. Edema may appear suddenly or gradually, by themselves or accompanied by "other evidence of late gestosis (protein in urine, high blood pressure). For more information see Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Identify them is quite simple – every morning and evening check, how easy is removed from the finger ring. Most often swelling in healthy pregnant women with no cardiovascular or renal disease, appear in the second half of pregnancy.

Usually first swollen feet, edema can then add arms, abdomen, face. The latter is particularly upsetting moms. Because on the face of the hardest swollen eyelids. This is due to the anatomical features of this area. There is a loose tissue, which is like a sponge, ready to hold liquid.

Solution. Cope with minor swelling helps to "cat pose" (Bozeman). Food should be insufficient salting, as the salt retains fluid in the body. During the day, allowed the use of salt to 8 g instead of the usual 12-15, the Exclude from the menu, spicy, spicy dishes, smoked. To cook better for a couple, you can also boil or simmer, but do not fry! Number of fluid intake during the second half of pregnancy should be no more than 1000-1200 ml per day. Important to strengthen the vascular wall and improve the flow of blood through the vessels. To do this, doctors prescribe vitamin and tools that strengthen blood vessels. By agreement with the attending doctor can drink herbal teas with diuretic properties. Diuretic drugs are prescribed only when edema, and then only briefly. Independently take this means you can not! Thrush According to statistics, 75-80 percent of future mothers are faced with this problem, even if before about candidiasis knew only by hearsay. Why this attack? With pregnancy the immune system, including local, reduced, and fungal microflora activated. Solution. Together with her husband after the course treatment (appoint a gynecologist). In the period of acute wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics, temporarily abstain from sex and eat a little sweet. Here are some of the most common problems in pregnancy women. Of course, this list could go on and on, because every woman, like every pregnancy – is unique.

Gymnastics For Children Under One Year

In babies, the first year of life using the following motion: reflex, passive and active. Reflectors movement – that it would be impossible to call a method, a reflex. Passive movement – those who are also committed child with the help of others, and under the influence of efforts from outside. Up to 3 months of passive movement is not allowed, allowed only a reflex movement. Everyone knows that the active movements, those movements are performed without grudnichok help of others. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that, with the age of four can spend crossing arms baby on the breast and their abduction, flexion and extension of arms and legs.

In the 2 nd half of the child finally turns to tummy to his back, trying to crawl, sit down, gets on her knees and feet. I'd like to emphasize that neither vkoem but if you can not force the plant and put on a baby's legs while he does not do it without the help of others. Extremely useful for the correct formation of posture is also a crawl. I must say that crawling is predhodboy, preparing to move into the upright position. This is why crawling on all fours until the second year kid's life, actually, it is considered good, training and preventive measure, to prevent him, bending configuration. With 8 12 months of use exercises that prepare the child for walking and standing: kid takes a mouse and put it on its feet for a few seconds, then returned to the supine position or sitting.

Being in an upright position a child must rely perfect legs. To strengthen the back muscles and abdominal newspapers carried the slopes of the body: Put your baby on a table with his back to him. While holding his left hand to his knees, and right at the bottom of tummy. Encourage your child to bend over and get a toy. When tilted reflexively tense back muscles and abdominal presses. There are many different exercises for the physical development of the kid, but very principle that exercise should be pleasant to the child, taking the form of the game and under no circumstances done through force.

The First Month Of Life Of A Newborn

Immediately after being discharged from the hospital a young mother with a newborn baby visit the pediatrician and health visitor. They told how to behave in a particular situation, give a lot of practical advice, how to feed and bathe newborn child, to perform other necessary procedures. Take the opportunity and do not hesitate to ask them more troubling issues for the child. I must admit that well-established life has changed radically with the the birth of a baby, and now the entire family must adapt to change. A newborn child gradually gets used to life outside the mother's body, and parents – to a constant concern.

The first month after birth filled not only the physical burden of care for a newborn baby, new responsibilities and worries, but also extremely intense emotionally experiences. But, of course, the most difficulty in newborn baby. Indeed, until the baby comfortably exist inside the mother, her body gave him everything – food, breathing, protection of the environment and removes unwanted substances. Now, as an "independent" man, a newborn baby to take care of itself. It must suck and swallow write to digest it and excrete unwanted substances to breathe to get oxygen, scream, to spread light and draw attention to the his person, and many, many different concerns of the little newborn baby. He now he copes with the attack of various stimuli, which brings down on him around the world.

He distinguishes between light and objects that are the focus of his vision, sounds, smells, feels hunger and taste. And this is the greatest set of all new born child excites and confuses him. He has senses, reflexes, instincts, but there is neither knowledge nor experience. If the field of view of a newborn baby gets its own handle, it still does not understand that this part of himself. He does not know that the people who surround him – mom and dad. But he draws attention to them, looking at them and listens to the voices. A newborn baby is not as helpless as it seems at first glance. His assistant, – nature itself. It all organized the best way to survive and live. It is only necessary to assist him in this. Professionals and skilled people are not advised to rush to show a newborn baby to numerous relatives, friends and girlfriends. It is proper to shield it from prying eyes, not only the first few days after discharge from the hospital, but within the first month of life. Adults usually come in affection and admiration, even in the form of a baby and definitely want to touch and kiss the baby. And this is desirable. Because even healthy people are supports a variety of microorganisms (including viruses, fungi, etc.). And they like it or not, but his appearance was added into the medium surrounding the baby. And he is still quite small, and to resist the invasion of microbes him difficult.

The Baby

This is – all they can to make my father and mother, and the rest – in the hands of a child, and he made his work in due course. Parents tend to respond to the errors of the child of boundless love and patience until then, until he learns to communicate. After that, parents come to a false conclusion, if the child understands support of their requests. In some cases, before a child learns a particular course of conduct, he should be reminded of it two hundred times. A runner can learn after one request, but the jumper may need two hundred reminders, before he suddenly starts to behave as it should. Walker will be little progress after each request, but it must be repeated many times. To give the love and support that are needed for your child for self-correction, it is necessary to understand and accept its unique features of learning. One of the biggest mistakes that parents – the assumption, though children under the age of nine are deliberately learn from their mistakes.

Parents try to teach a child to learn from mistakes, and need to focus on to encourage the baby to cooperate and push it to the desired behavior. When child again and again sent to the appropriate behavior, he gradually begins to understand what is good and bad. If a child constantly gives you worry your mistakes, most often it is because he does not lacks the necessary structure, rhythm or oversight. From this point of view for the mistakes of the child's parents are always responsible.

June International Childrens Day

Unfortunately, adults tend to forget that on 1 June. International Children's Day. In our country there is no right Baby Just some of the articles can withstand "threat to life or health of a child, a violation of his rights and legitimate interests "(Article 56 of the Family Code). It is very difficult sometimes to determine the boundary between the Child and malnourished. Among spoiled child and subjected to violence.

But with those who "rides in oil and those who live in difficult material conditions, often treated as being, not having the right to choose. Have probably all know that from birth, every single child – personality. But society at all refuses to accept. No one ever thinks if a child suffers when some aunts, neighbors are interested in that for swearing at your home., violence and carries a responsibility of teachers, idly, for harassment child's classmates? Unfortunately, we have no specific legislation addresses these issues. And if your child got into some "situation", then the parents will be quite difficult to defend the rights of its Child. Domestic policies of all States to take into account the interests of children.

Proponents of democracy at all times multiplier laws to protect children from violence and tyranny. VIv.-Roman church for the first time in history overturned the right of the father at the moment birth to dispose of his life and death. 1833 .- International law prohibits the use of child labor in the shops until until he was 8 years old. 1874 .- banned from working in the manufacturing industry to children under 12 years of age. 1881 .- issued international law on compulsory primary education in childhood. Russia has opened more than 13,000 parochial schools. 1906 .- age of majority shifted from 16 to 18 years. 1959 .- adoption of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Child. At this List of international instruments to protect children, is over.