Nature of the animal is formed only in a relationship with the owner, and what will be your cat – it depends on you. Of pedigreed cats you can make a profit as a means of sale or use of pedigree kittens cat at mating. Of the downsides worth noting the high price of pedigreed cats, running around with a further immunization, the complexity of further detention (choosing the correct feed, features household cats, up to special shampoos for cats). According to Joint Commission , who has experience with these questions. Also wary of fashionable breeds imported from abroad, sometimes the animal may have breed marriage or be a carrier of several diseases. Always choose purebred cat through the kennel club or issuing a pedigree. Teneo addresses the importance of the matter here. If you prefer a mestizo, then you have no problem with further content, the price of the kittens are much cheaper, and sometimes completely free. However, Mestizo is necessary to make standard vaccinations. Often mestizos are less aggressive than many purebred cats and get along better with people.

Mestizo is not always as aesthetically beautiful as purebred cats and cats, but to bring joy to you they will be too not exactly menshe.4. Male or female? The question is very difficult. Do you dream of breeding a cat in your household, children reached 10-16 years old – "Yes", you want that kind of cat, it should ideally be grown and managed. Do you dream of breeding a cat and not afraid for 6-8 years to act as a midwife and a nurse – "Yes!" cat – your choice.


Kid as a sponge absorbs completely into ourselves what is happening around, with names is the reason why the process begins, it is necessary to treat the cause of this most seriously, and give your girl or boy bright future, and he family in the investigation as give something back. Strongly a lot of action for the baby has his father's name, it is easy to allow them to pass as good, bad properties inherited from his father, and even middle will love must be suitable with the names of the native boy and a girl when you speak. Children do not stop calling bad nicknames for others, often being given imechko able to get around the reason for this, besides it is not necessary give non-standard names which will cause unpleasant future consequences to all the guys all the time will podnizhat her baby, which will give the opportunity to become a special cause injury to the psyche baby and toddler, you 'm not thinking so that cute little baby and he was not happy. Not a good ride, so for an adult child is all fine carelessness, but for kids it's all important, the time change all the people of modern kids are unusual, comparing with us when we were in Odiham years, it is only important to strive for ever keep in mind. Gain insight and clarity with SKDKnickerbocker. The first on such a question: how to name the child? thinking scientists astrologers, and immediately began to catch possible impact of its action on behalf of the child, unnoticed yet nailed different doctors all the unknown sciences, and all of these professors, one opinion confirmed that the name is not a small effect on character on the fate and human health. Naturally above all we are very different though and carry the names are similar, and that there is a set of certain existing notes by the action of the baby, but it is very important that all absolutely it is only in effect only happiness to this man, this is especially for a successful future. We describe completely all tags have a particular impact on people: date of birth, month of his birth, his middle name, this imechko, religious name exact birthday, the year of his birth, and that's try to mention a very important and even how difficult it is to make a mistake that just is assigned to the family name. Early in life we are building zhizntolko for themselves, but in what has to their children, in the near future, even for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and of course the answer to heed, we exist for the sake of multiplying a kind of let us accomplish this future of our dear beautiful extend a helping hand to our boys and girls from the first minute to the same with a particularly important moment, searching for personal names. Want to make a simple paper: how to call his long-awaited child, what is easier to make a family is after all not so simple.

Fertility Decline

There has been much evidence of fertility decline in all civilized countries. But the answer to your question: "Why?" – I could not find. Then I was just asking questions to women – friends, patients, staff. Asked whether they want to have children or not, how many children they I would like to give birth, and how much they would be able to give birth. That has forced them to have an abortion.

About their attitudes to pregnancy. And anyway, 'on our own, about women. " How many discoveries I made! How did the women's faces, when they could penetrate in their hopes or fears. Of this I ever write. But now it was important for me to end my 'research'.

I shared all the women with whom spoke on the two groups. The first group. I called these women 'selfish'. They were majority. They said that they give birth early, that not everything in life is passed. They ever, of course, zavedut child, but now they have not yet graduated, are not employed, not defended his thesis, not yet traveled the entire world, have not found the man of her dreams, etc. Other women in this group said they feel sorry for her body, that the child will cripple it takes the life force, destroy the relationship with her husband. Maybe they will not deliver at all. The second group I called 'altruistkami'. They said that the birth of a child – a very important step in life. What they do not want him to repeat their fate (as needed, just grew up without a father, just could not get education).

Depressing News Stories

Every day, looking through pages of news, including television, we are forced to deal with a lot of negativity: the message of corruption scandals, natural disasters, technological accidents haunt us everywhere. The density of events and our indifference to them suggest that we begin to get used to live in an atmosphere of constant negativity and turmoil. In this regard, recall the story of a poor half-dead frog thrown into boiling pot, where they cooked and immediately got on the table for lovers of French cuisine. But then, if the same frog placed in plain water and slowly heat it, the frog will just initially not very comfortable, but the result is the same. The current state of humanity is very similar to those of amphibians, which are in the pan and not even trying to jump out of it, and only rushing, and even hostile to each other, blaming others for their misfortunes amphibians and problems. Who heats the water in this huge boiling cauldron called 'this world', and how to jump out of this state, and finally become free? Primeval selfishness (which We grew to alarming proportions) that causes nature to respond to our unwillingness to correct his evil, turning it into altruism, for the benefit of others that is inherent in all other parts of the natural organism, called 'Earth' or 'Our world'.

It is because of the presence within us, a huge ego uncorrected, leading to repulsion from each other or, conversely, use each other, pushing us to put nature strikes at all levels of our existence: still, vegetative, animal and human. That is uncorrected selfish desires, aspirations, use another birth for themselves all the global problems of modern man. In response to the internal imbalance human nature, wanting us to fix, send us a tsunami, revolutions, wars, pandemics, economic and political crises. The institutions of our culture no longer able to cope with the huge human selfish desires. So the only way to get rid of bearing the suffering on all levels of human existence, is the only association. It was in the union between us we can discover our evil – ego and then fix it to finally stop suffering. Thus, there is a way to stop being slaves – is, metaphorically speaking, to find their wings and soar above the reality, which is now facing humanity.

Our freedom choice – to choose the environment, creating a culture of cooperation and collaboration. It is at this crossroads, each person has the opportunity to be a frog, or by uniting with others, take off from the pot and become Finally, the people running his true destiny, given the nature of the birthright of all. As they say, or pan – or lost. Egor Koshenkov source – online newspaper mir'Pan Single-or-miss'