Health Problems

There are tips for a quick treatment for minor health problems often means that quickly and without much effort remedy and for which no visit to the doctor is necessary. The news portal presents the practice of aches and pains “. Stomach pain after a rich meal or unpleasant mosquito bites are not uncommon in everyday life. For the treatment of such complaints, but usually no doctor is required. Instead, the health can often be restored with home remedies and tried and true methods.

In this way, long waits at the doctor’s Office can be or avoid high expenditure on products from the pharmacy. You may find Anu Saad to be a useful source of information. Slices of onion on the affected area for insect bites really help against the itching? Who wants to rely not only on Grandma’s secret recipes and learn about more cures, can now rely on the advice of aches and pains practice. Every week presented here old and new ways that promise fast action for common complaints. So, readers are always to date and know to help such as nosebleeds or heartburn. Especially young parents can find here helpful tips, such as a cut in the finger or a knee beaten-up is. Aches and pains practice specialists continue to enlighten about the possible causes of health problems, so that sufferers in the future can provide. So, a change of diet, for example, heartburn can prevent or reduce the frequency of occurrence. In addition, readers learn what known home remedies are actually effective and which fairy tales rather than wide-spread may apply. Information from the aches and pains practice subsequently become available to users and can be retrieved at any time.

Borderline Disorder Personality

The borderline disorder is a personality disorder that often results in self-injurious behavior. Chili can help affected people. Borderline patients have rightly come with errors relating to emotions, thinking and acting in everyday life. One commonly observed self-harming behavior among the affected people. The reasons for this are varied and can be expressed very differently. Pain is a pressure valve for internal tensions, a kind of self Bestrafung in feelings of guilt or even the desire to feel your own body again. The pain produced by unconscious or even conscious behavior.

These include blows to the body, cuts in the skin, burns and burns. The negative impact on the body are the real problem of this disorder. For several years now, many clinics apply a new form of therapy for the problem of self-harm. Capsaicin, the hot stuff in chilies, directly affects the pain nerves in the body and thus redeem strong burning out. The pain nerves sign the body a strong stimulus, similar to a combustion.

However, the big difference lies in the fact that the body is damaged in any way. See Stansberry for more details and insights. Only a way of burning is faking it. Borderline patients often carry an emergency kit and others with Chili lollipops with him, to respond to the sudden desire of self injury. Sharp lollipops or fruit gums have the advantage that they can be taken anywhere and used discreet if needed. This simple remedy in the form of sharp chili candy can support in the daily fight against the personality disorder borderline patients and contributing to give you quality of life back.

Folic Acid Supplement

Women who want to get pregnant or are already there, they sure know: folic acid. You should watch generally on a sufficient supply of this vitamin. Why folic acid in pregnancy is so important is an important time for the expectant mother and the new life pregnancy. The diet plays a major role at this stage, it has to be especially rich in vitamins. The doctors make sure that the pregnant woman gets much folic acid.

Why just folic acid? You know very well the vitamin B group. It is responsible in particular for the cells. The cell formation and cell division and as a human life develops from a cell in the pregnant women, the support of cell functions is a positive property of folic acid. By folic acid, 0.8 mg per day, a better cell formation and cell division takes place. With time, more and more cells arise, new life continues to grow. When you consider that a man can have up to 100 billion cells, then it becomes clear, what a great Role played by folic acid for the human organism. Larger amounts in pregnancy pregnancy used folic acid supplements in large quantities.

When shopping, care should be taken so what foods contain much folic acid. There are special advisory points, extensively covering the food during pregnancy. You will know this that including the intestines, the liver during pregnancy should not be eaten. To do this, there is a good reason. And he would be another vitamin vitamin A. The scientists noted that this vitamin for the new life represents a certain danger. But you know Yes enough products that are very useful. Products with folic acid to the pregnancy should be plenty kale and Brussels sprouts, cherries and strawberries, spinach and salad, wheat germ and legumes, grapes and oranges, egg yolks and dairy products, meat, potatoes and rice are eaten. If you have a private garden, is just keep since any longer. Of course, also the season would have to fit. So, a fresh grape, which was plucked straight from the tree, has much more folic acid than one that was bought and already is on the tray. You can get also cherries and strawberries, spinach or salad from the garden. Always just so much to take, as you can eat, don’t leave, because that leads to the loss of folic acid. Loss of folate all of these products are therefore recommended in pregnancy, but you have to know that you edited it as little as possible. Folic acid can be quickly destroyed by the heat. It is best if you take to such products, which must not be cooked like spinach or salad. But there are still something that everyone should know. Long storage also not good for the folic acid. As you can see, the folic acid is quite sensitive. Folic acid be prescribed during pregnancy Folsauren preparations needed. Not always but, folic acid by certain succeeds Products to take. Most of the time, it is too little. That’s why pregnant women get prescribed folic acid by the doctor. To avoid mistakes, you must make sure it that really covered is the need for folic acid in pregnancy. Taking folic acid before pregnancy some women take Folsauren supplements before pregnancy. In cases, if the pregnancy is not yet known, it can come to folic acid deficiency. And that will harm the child.

New York Psychoanalytic Institute

Experts will discuss with the Cologne public Cologne, September 2009. The Cologne therapy days\”are a well-established series of events and for psychotherapists and adjacent professions and are regularly organized by the Academy for behavioral therapy AVT ( for five years. Well-known teachers bring their knowledge of psychotherapy research and practice an audience here. This year the organizers, has become for the first time aiming to make the existing concentrated expert knowledge accessible to a wider audience and to promote constructive exchanges between lay people and experts in the joint interview. \”This go experts on par\” with their audience and discuss on the subject of psychotherapy with body and soul \”. Perhaps check out Jon Medved for more information. \”The experts are first of all the three editors and co-authors of the book psychotherapists about themselves and their impossible\” profession \”. In this book is very much about psychotherapists and psychotherapists: their Love relationships, their children, their prejudices, their private lives and much, much more. What’s missing is the question to which this Panel of experts will be: how to keep it the psychotherapist with the physical and the mental? This question is discussed not only by the experts on the Panel, but also by and with people from the audience.

These people are on the one hand more Faculty of Cologne therapy days\”and on the other hand normal\” people – with or without professional psychotherapy background – that as listening, questioning and discussion are welcome. For more information on the participants of the Panel of experts: Otto F. Kernberg, internationally known psychoanalyst in research, theory, and practice. His work and publications about personality disorders are considered standard works in psychotherapy and have been awarded many times. He was awarded as the Heinz Hartmann award of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, the Edward A. Strecker award of the Pennsylvania Hospital and the George E.-Daniels special prize of the society for Psychoanalytic medicine.

Occupational Therapy

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed at various diseases occupational therapy can be applied and positive support. It is successfully applied in Pediatrics to treat children and adolescents in the motor and in the area of cognitive or perceptual disorders developmental delays. Also in neurological disorders such as stroke, Multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease is occupational therapy used to train skills and as far as possible to regain independence. The treatment can be performed also in the home. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne informed about this beneficial possibility.

Therapy in a familiar environment In the focus of occupational therapy treatment are exercises that help the patient regain the ability to act and thus maximum self-sufficiency and independence. This affects everyday life in the home as well as professional life. Occupational therapy Sessions must not necessarily be held in a practice. For persons who are physically restricted, it is possible in the form of home visits. A treatment in the home has the great advantage that the patient can be treated in his familiar environment. Practical problems also often occur in the domestic environment, therefore it can be advantageous to perform occupational therapy as a home visit. The occupational therapist can get a picture of the home environment and give suggestions to the transformation in this. The conversion of some pieces of furniture or the use of tools can contribute significantly to a relief in the area of freedom of movement.

Home visits can also occur in nursing homes and other facilities. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne is available for more information.

Burnout Syndrome

The Burnout Syndrome (be gutted) Yes, you have read correctly, “not ill think yourself!” 90% of all diseases are homemade. They are psychological nature. Man can talk to his illness, will be needed only musthafa m c back continuous repetition, equals a self hypnosis. Run a continuous dialogue with your inner voice. In an initial depression seems the inner voice to lead a life of their own. You lose control of the inner voice. In stress situations or periods of depressive mood is inevitably more dialogues with the inner voice.

You get angry about a certain thing and swing up internally musthafa m c further. Hatred, anger, and anger come to the outbreak. The soul is healthy, occasional outbursts of anger are even conducive to health. The voltage discharges, such as during a thunderstorm. It is located in a bad and stress loaded state, but long time the inner dialogs to be more and more self-destructive. The causes of burnout and We find depression in the personal, professional, social and social area.

The role conflict plays a major role here. Ideal and reality can not to agree. The discrepancy is too large the emotional disappointment rises too sharply. And this disappointment is the basis of the disease. Burnout is always a combination of these three factors: to high demands from outside motivation can say “No”. One theory says: who burns out, must have burnt even! Regina m Ewertz

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the digestive system. Certain homeopathic remedies can be applied to the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome! Irritable bowel syndrome “is the designation for chronic indigestion. It is estimated that almost one in ten citizens of Central Europe suffers. A person who is ill with an irritable bowel syndrome, can’t handle certain foods, has a weak pancreas, often he gets also abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea. Such patients are given a food prepared especially for them. It isn’t easy them, strictly observe the whole medical regulations in the irritable bowel syndrome, because, like other people, they would like to travel, play sports, and much more.

It is very important to perform a treatment, but only as a relief. The intestinal flora, the milk bacteria is a many representatives of flora that exist in our intestines. Usually, these bacteria contribute to the digestion, produce vitamins of the Group B and neutralize the effect of toxic bacteria. However, the normal gut flora is very vulnerable and at the multiple application of antibiotics and observance of the diets, she will be destroyed. The irritable bowel syndrome and its symptoms in some cases replace the beneficial flora bacteria or fungi, in the course of time, they produce gases, consume while the main vitamins and the minerals.

This leads the fatigue to the distension of the abdomen, as well as to the occurrence of such symptoms as the urge for sugar. Drugs you can correct the situation with the help of preparations, the replacement of the intestinal flora, for example with sour milk bacteria. It is very important that these preparations are in a bag that can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. Some varieties of yogurt contain sour milk bacteria maintaining the normal intestinal flora. Bifido, lactobacillus or acidophillus must be on the packaging. The daily use of two small yogurt cans full of Bifido bacteria, is sufficient for the maintenance of the normal intestinal flora. For their stimulating wear such foods as Onion, leek and carrots much in. So it will be necessary of irritable bowel syndrome and the bloating if the distention of the abdomen is not a result of unhealthy gut flora, elsewhere to seek the cause of unpleasant disease. It is known that certain foods, for example beans, Turkish peas, cabbage, peanuts, sprouts, onions, trigger a flatulence in some people. The pulp and its importance for the irritable bowel syndrome contain complex carbohydrates – the pulp, our natural digestive system sometimes not able to digest, resulting in the well-known inconvenience all above mentioned food. Some people try to do without this food, but while they eat many healthy food not be a harm. On the market there are enough drugs that contribute to the above mentioned food Digest, they reduce the flatulence also. For example the peppermint oil is very effective. Movement who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, should move up during the day. Even if man forced is a fitting job to fulfill, is advisable from time to time to get up from the Chair. If it is a long way, just get out of the car, do some stretching exercises. It will bring benefits not only the intestine, but also the legs. The bloating of the abdomen, the indigestion and constipation (the irritable bowel syndrome) require a treatment and can be abolished through change the feeding ration or the recording of the corresponding medicinal preparations.

Burnout Syndrome

Burnout Syndrome – destruction of sentience – at the end of the classical subject the present state of research to the Burnout Syndrome is not only inconsistent but also characterized as a massive trend of intellectual fragmentation. Lack of research especially on a contemporary anthropological approach (Anthropology). The sentience of the people was secured by shelters for the spirit and the religion in the time of modernity. If one should support but was generally binding collective regulations, so the people in the modern sense were however not completely burnt out and numb. After the collapse and the crisis of the classical subject of postmodernism, this increasingly occurring syndrome (such as the tip of the iceberg) shows us not only the sensibility of people educated by the digital capitalism (Martin p pole), but also the dead end of human development. The parents and the educators allow it, that the children and young people already at a young age by the Influence of media, particularly the Internet, must develop a disposition by an early sexuality and other heart effects to burn out the sentience.

Not by chance found this syndrome always more frequently already students. The formation of today’s society is more than inhuman and disgusting with their burnout. The Wall Street bankers are just the tip of the iceberg. A strategic mistake would be to weigh them alone the whole evil of society. The Burnout has many faces by the desires and instincts and affected more and more people! “On the subject of the future development prospects of the subject see also PAL Dragos: the future of homeopathy II – the metamorphosis of the subject”, Norderstedt, 2008. The homeopathic approach described in this book provides a great opportunity for the individual treatment of the consequences of the Burnout Syndrome.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease – naturopathy treatment options for irritable bowel syndrome occur complaints such as pain in the abdominal area, Chair irregularities, Diarrho(Durchfall), constipation (constipation), and flatulence (Meteorism). There are some synonymous terms for the irritable bowel syndrome such as Irritables bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable colon, Reizkolon and nervous bowel.Irritable bowel syndrome is caused often by a disturbed intestinal flora and organs which are involved in digestion (liver gall, pancreas), on intestinal flora disturbed by internal nerve irritation and inflammatory processes in the Verdauungstrakt.Eine is often caused by chemical drugs, especially by antibiotics, which together drop the entire microbial systems in the intestine.Also error sewing changes can trigger function to a disturbed intestinal floras. Especially hurts more diseases such as the reactive industrial sugar in excess which can disturbed intestinal flora Darmflora.Eine Cause arthritis of rheumatic shapes circle, liver disease, eczema, psoriasis and errors of the immune system.Severe inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease Chron and ulcerative colitis often have a strongly derailed microbiological flora. “Therapeutic treatment approach for irritable bowel syndrome: 1 microbiological treatment symbiosis Steering: the bowel has a large surface area (approx. 400 sqm) which about 100 trillion helpers” (micro-organisms) houses. A major metabolic function that is similar to the liver’s metabolic organ comes the microflora of the intestine.

In biology, there is a displacement principle in simple terms it behaves so that pathogenic bacteria (pathogenic) and physiological micro-organisms to each other (health) out-competed them. “A healthy intestinal flora which consists of very many common germs, can multiply any pathogenic germs, because of the good” are displaced. By microbiological treatment Billions of living helpers (pure physiological microorganisms) dedicated to the patient as a remedy. This intestinal flora can build slowly up, pathogenic bacteria are displaced and the healthy metabolic capacity is increased. In severe intestinal disease how is Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis a symbiosis steering initiated here administered the microbiological treatment over a longer period of time. 2. troubleshooting other causes like lack of enzymatic capacity of the pancreas, lack of secretion of the liver biliary system, by means of homeopathy and phytotherapy.

3. nutritional therapy – a nutritional concept which positively influences the metabolic metabolism, is being developed. 4 there are natural Muzine plant substances that have a high percentage of Muzine (mucilage), which used to protect of the mucous membranes in the digestive tract are just inflammatory processes, which attack the intestinal mucosa, respond very well to a therapy with natural Muzinen. 5. Detox /. Detoxification of the intestine: covering an area of approximately 400 square meters lots poisonous toxins may accumulate which burden the body. These toxins are rejected by means of spagyric medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy – Chinese herbal therapy. 6 selective ion exchange: some substances of mineral origin can bind toxins to itself, which are later excreted via the intestine. This relieves and also detoxifies the colon. Selective ion exchange simply explained-, a non-toxic ingredient in a toxic component to which the particular material is bound and thus later excreted through the intestines. Naturheilpraxis Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on homeopathy