The different aspects of the development if they interlace, being difficult to distinguish them, but all are of basic importance for the human development. The perspectives of study on the human development and its differences have as it has detached the Ambientalistas that believe that the children are born as a flat board, that learns by means of imitation or effort. For the Inatistas the children already are born with everything nothing are learned in the environment and yes only gone off by this. The development is constructed from an interaction of the child with the way is what they believe the Construcionistas theoreticians who have as Piaget icon. The Sociointeracionistas that has as Vygotsky reference says that the human development if of the one in relation in the exchanges between social partners through interaction and mediation.

These perspectives look for to understand the human development breaking of conscientious and unconscious motivations of the child, emphasizing its conflicts during the infancy and for the remaining portion of the life. Having in consideration all the theoreticians, such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Freud, Skinner, among others, all they bring in its theories something of supreme importance for one better human development, making with that in elapsing of the time the people, in special the educators they perceive the possible difficulties of the children and can help with the aid of specialists to detect certain riots that later appear. Therefore the human development means to know the characteristics common of a etria band, allowing to recognize the individualities. All these mentioned aspects previously have basic importance for the education. To plan what and as to teach implies in knowing the pupils and as these learn, of form that the action to teach has resonance in the act to learn. In case that this complicity of the actions does not happen to teach and to learn the educative process will be compromised.


Small sampling carried out for this job, and probably for some reasons that have been exposed, and by others that eventually will have failed to detect in the framework of this study, it could be concluded that performance evaluation system serves some of the issues that chases but fails to to good account for part of the expectations of the various stakeholders of the organizations that are, ultimately, who with their individual work should achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. Some authors on the subject, such as Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins, go further and ensure that 80% of the companies make assessments of performance and, however, 90% of those that do it, and a similar percentage of those who evaluated and are evaluated are dissatisfied with this procedure regardless of the exact percentage – which could be far away from the risky by these studies – it would be naive to assume that existing systems are the panacea or close to it. There are numerous problems that undermine their primary objectives but that can certainly be minimized or mitigated. First, recognizing them and then with work. This analysis concludes that positively current performance evaluation techniques help truly valuing human capital, to diagnose its performance, build a learning that can lead to the improvement and finally to achieve the objectives pursued by the Organization but that, however, must also recognize is their unfavorable edges; motivated by some of the features mentioned in this work, that lead to convert to the system of performance evaluation in a non-functional practice that contrasts with the primary objective of optimizing the overall work of the organisations, and ends up materializing in one of the first devices with which officials adjusted their timely game variables, or sometimes in the best of casesin a mandate more to meet with superiors, transforming into a bureaucratic formality devoid of sense. More information is housed here: josh harris devils. Minimize some of the issues of possible contradictory impact mentioned in this work It could, perhaps, help to decrease the negative connotations of the evaluation of performance and contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Scientific Psychology

We can affirm that scientific psychology was product of the philosophical interaction and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular of the sensorial one, being considered Germany as his cradles to later break through by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhem (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology The goal of psychology is the study of ” processes conscientes” or what Wundt considers part of ” experience inmediata”. For Wundt, the psychologists do not study outer world Rep, study the psychological processes by which we experienced and we observed the outer world. In addition they are not possible to be separated to themselves of his objects of study since they study his own conscious processes. The tool of the psychologists is autoobservacion experimental or introspection, being this one a rigidly controlled process, that is not limited autorreportes, but includes objective measures as well as reaction times and association of words. Wundt locates psychology between physical sciences and natural sciences; Similar the experimental methods and of investigation to those of physical sciences to document are used for psychological questions like an inductive, experimental science.

The approach of Wundt is the one of a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt thought that the language, the myths, the aesthetic one, the social religion and customs are reflections of our mental processes more stops; For him these processes cannot be manipulated or be controlled, reason why it is not possible to study them of experimental form, but by means of the historical registries and Literature and naturalistic observations. It conceives in addition one third branch to the psychology that Integra the empirical findings of this one, with other sciences, the Metaphysical scientists. The objective of Wundt (expressed in the text) is the establishment of psychology like an original science, that it integrates to social sciences and the physical ones.

Physiology Force

Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), Nobel Prize in medicine and Physiology (1912) and famous man, this unknown author wrote with respect to the matter that it encourages souls: prayer is () the shape of most powerful energy that man is capable of generating. It’s as real as the Earth’s gravity force. As a doctor I have seen patients that after having tried other therapeutic means, without result, they managed to free themselves of melancholy and disease, through the serene effort of prayer. It is this, in the world, the only force that seems able to overcome the so-called laws of nature. There are many people who are limited to see in prayer () a haven for the shy, or just a requested child motivated by the desire for material things. Conceived in these terms is belittling it wrongly.

() Said Emerson (1803-1882) nobody ever prayed without that you have learned something. () The deepest wellspring of power and perfection that is within our reach has been miserably abandoned. () If the force of prayer was put into action in the lives of men and women; If the spirit to proclaim their intentions clearly, invictamente, there would be confidence then that are not in vain our desires for a better world. Watch that no cite opinion no zany Mystic, but a respected man of science. Anyone who suffers, since the Hut to the Palace, with security already had the opportunity to check that reality.

Independence from the pain with a strong heart is only achieved. It is not so, Dona Rosalina? * Caritas Psicografiada prayer on Christmas night, December 25, 1873, by Madame w. Krell, in Bordeaux (France), dictated by the spirit called Caritas, and published in Rayonnements de la Vie Spirituelle.


Changes of schedules, are per work shift, and this change of routine sleep causes insomnia. Climate, very cold or very hot avoids the night’s rest. Depression, or psychological disorders such as anxiety and anxiety, panic. Vices, alcohol or drugs, these babies alter the nervous system newborn infants, when they are a few months infants are aroused followed throughout the day and night, and parents lose the ease of sleep during the night, taking care of your baby. Nightmares, these are also frequent causes of insomnia, which by anguish and fear of nightmares, can not get a good night’s sleep in the night.

Medicines, medicines have side effect, and the advisable to consult a doctor, to avoid this, is for health or aesthetic treatment. Treatment of insomnia is should analyse with extreme caution and patience each case of insomnia, since not all cases are the same, and the causes can be recognized by avoiding certain medications, home remedies, foods, vices, taken several hours before bedtime, identifying with the variation at bedtime, if you could sleep better than ever before. In the case of being able to recognize the causes of this lack of sleep, first thing you should do is avoid it altogether to regulate la dormida. It is advisable also exercise hours before sleep for 30 minutes, this tired body and prompted to rest. Also eat healthy, light, satisfying and nutritious food in small portions, where best to go to bed with stomach medium, or non-empty but not full, so your sleep is deeper, and your stomach will not prevent sleep. If ingested fat, sweet foods, heavy sauces, flours, your liver would work in forced way would not have improvement on lack of sleep, and could even cause the fearful nightmares, so it is best to avoid it in the evening. If ingested abundant food I recommend walking for an hour before going to sleep, but first you have to do respiratory exercises outdoors, can be in the Park, the garden, or in front of the window, breathing gently in the following manner: inhaling deeply through your nose and the closed mouth, filling the lungs keep them a few seconds and then gently exhaling through your mouth, as if the air is bounced through the hole of a needle, do this routine for at least 5 minutes before walking. And for dark circles, the most ideal are slices of fresh cucumber or the funditas of something icy infusions of Chamomile tea, Chamomile is soothing, placed for about 15 or 20 minutes in the day. But for an effective treatment, what should be done is to have medical checks and identify certain way the cause of insomnia and can be psychological or organic, and in turn relieve the agencies affected by the same, is the liver, kidney, also nervous problems, anxiety, the anguish that would be ailments that only tests and moredoctors can diagnose with certainty.

The Body

How to gain weight to gain muscle and toning you gain weight is exactly the opposite to lose it. To gain weight you need to eat more than you burn so that your body can use that excess energy to develop muscle. There is no way to gain weight if not these creating an excess of calories. The same science used to lose weight can apply to win it. To gain 1 pound per week, you need to create an excess of 500 calories per day. Duplicate it to 1000 calories per day to gain 2 pounds per week. If you are trying to increase muscle, you have to focus on muscle training. If you don’t exercise you regularly, your body will begin to store those extra calories as fat rather than increasing muscle. Frequently josh harris devils has said that publicly.

Gaining weight is easy, gaining muscle is a little more difficult. A healthy weight gain would be 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you try to gain weight faster than that wouldn’t be increasing more fat than muscle. You should eat healthy calories though to the final weight is controlled by the amount of calories you eat, not all calories are healthy. If you are trying to lose weight not you can simply remove the healthy food from your diet only to decrease your caloric intake.

You have to get rid of the bad food so that your health is not affected negatively. The same applies to weight gain, not you can simply eat everything you see because it is not healthy. If you want to learn more techniques to get the body you want and a toned flat stomach and firm, I recommend that you visit flat stomach and firm where you can also find more secrets to succeed permanently. Forget about using these expensive machines or pills or magic supplements that don’t work. Get the body you want in a natural and proven by thousands of women and men, please CLICK here to learn as!

Mirena Doctor

Long wait did not, went back to District consultation. The doctor looked at me and says: "I would like to advise you to put" mirena, it will dry your hyperplasia, and all sorts of problems with fibroids and cysts will not be! "I say, what about my cyst in left ovary? So do the surgery, and then put a spiral. I came home, looked in the internet comments about this "miracle" of gynecology, they did not like me, honestly, and the price (10.000 USD). Frankly "delighted". The main thing is that the Mirena can approach to your body, but can not, and what do you do? Get back? In general, treatment has not appointed any gynecologist, I go on, month after surgery there again, week two, I'm in counseling, the doctor said must be drink hormones to cause .

5-7 days shew on ultrasound. Beginning to drink these pills, abdominal pain – untold! Then come monthly, so different! I will not talk long as the blood poured out of me for three days! Up to 5-7 days, I did not wait, find another doctor, very expensive, the highest category, the candidate honey. Sciences, went to her appointment, made by U.S., was a 4 day period. RESULT: the trouble with the endometrium, again terrible hyperplasia, cysts in both ovaries, where the left has become much more than it was! The doctor says we have two ways, either in the hospital for cleaning, or we will try to be treated conservatively, which means to prick pricks, uterus-contracting and hemostatic. To read more click here: josh harris 76ers.