What is gel The gel is a plant-based gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to “float.”At float, the nutrients stay dissolved and “suspended” and therefore are smaller and easier to ingest, more accurate dosage and the body absorbs more easily agel CAL Calcium Aspartate Calcium The lime content with the characteristic of gel suspension in 98 increases absorption of calcium in the body. EXO Antioxidant agel Agel EXO is a powerful blend of 14 different fruit purees and plant extracts from around the world. Weight Loss Agel FIT Agel FIT Gel is a key component in your goal to lose and control weight. Cinergy Health Almost all want to lose weight, reduce body fat and contour arms, abdomen, chest, and legs. Healthy Joints Agel FLX Agel FLX was formulated to take advantage of four fantastic ingredients that have been discovered to be very beneficial in maintaining healthy joints and maximum flexibility. Health agel HRT for heart This gel scientifically formulated and technologically advanced is specifically designed to help protect your heart, fuel your myocardial system, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Multi-Vitamins Agel MIN Agel MIN vitamins and minerals that provides 100 of essential vitamins as well as 50 of most essential minerals. Bioavailability of vitamins and minerals due to outstanding revolutionary technology. agel OHM Mental Focus and Energy Natural Agel OHM, is a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that complements a proper diet and regular exercise to support the body by providing the “extra energy” required to meet daily demand. Protein Agel PRO PRO is a balanced protein gel that provides a wide variety of nutritional needs for a large number of people. Agel UMI Fucoidan Immune System fucoidan (Fucoidan) extracted from brown seaweeds, apple flavor, 100 natural.