Design Of Ventilation Systems

Ventilation – a set of measures for a given state of ambient air in residential or industrial premises. Activities to help ensure that the ventilation air with all the necessary sanitary standards. Ventilation is particularly important in the production – because the people working in the area, is influenced by many dangerous and harmful factors. One of these factors that disrupt the normal condition of air pollution is allocation of materials that are applied in production and construction of hazardous substances. Another factor is the man himself, who uses oxygen for breathing, giving off the carbon dioxide. In the manufacturing process, using combustion, ventilation is very important – both to reduce the concentration of contaminants produced by combustion, and removing the heat created by the working surfaces (also spelled out in the SNP). At Dr. Mark J Berger you will find additional information. The design of ventilation systems is usually responsible for the engineering, construction company, which has a tolerance to, and possessing all the necessary qualified personnel for this task. Official site: Michio Kaku. Engineers are required project and installers vopoloschayut it to life – so are all developers a full cycle.

It is important to understand that the best way to design ventilation 'with reserve' at the beginning of construction, and clearly understood to which will target this object. Otherwise moozhno encounter difficulties in redevelopment of the mass, and sometimes inability to commit such an operation. Ventilation affects many areas of knowledge – including electrical installation as well as the use of powerful fans must be careful design of wiring. The company engineers usually estimate the ability to create natural ventilation, which requires little or no cost to its content. According to sanitary regulations and standards, safety rules should ensure the absence of ventilation MPC excess of various hazardous substances in the manufacturing room. In this direction, and engineering work conducted in the drafting of the building.


The roots of most cacti are weakly developed. Therefore, they do not need a big dish. If the bowl is large, the roots do not master the whole earth, and there is a risk of excess zakisaniya land that may be detrimental to the cactus. And delicate roots, which are formed mainly in the walls of the pot, "freeze." Plastic pots are easy by the fact that they make a square: they can be put close to one another and save a lot of places (not least circumstance for every collector.) The earth in pots, placed close to each other, retains moisture longer. New clay pots before use soak for a few hours old – carefully wash and brush warm water. 3-5 days before transplanting cacti stop water to earth and the earth dried up com easily separated from the roots.

Bottom hole pot shard close to the bottom lay drainage – pieces of charcoal fragments. Land sprinkled hill, laid out on it, smoothing the roots of a cactus. With one hand hold the plant and the other to pour the ground, knead the ground in any case can not be tapped in a pot on the table is compacted soil and cactus sits down. Poured from the top layer of sand (at 1 to 1.5 cm), and right up to the root collar plant – a bit of crushed charcoal. This prevents the stem from rotting cactus. After the transplant, cactus put in the shade and watered for three days, because at the time of transplant could be hurt the roots.

Division Of Labor

Originally part of our country in the world razlyubeznoe division of labor. Year after year we are giving the segments of the internal market of goods in industrial production of second and third level, that is, high consumer alert. Imports reached 50 percent. And on this 73% of our products are made from the same Ukrainian raw materials! And most surprisingly, the transformation of Ukraine into a such a European Honduras, we must not the machinations of the sharks of the world of business, and their own mentality. May 17, 2001 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law 2410-III "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on questions of taxation." The idea is that this legislative act aims to support local publishers. And then say, printed overseas manufacturing – mostly Russian and Belarusian – Ukrainian captivated book and magazine market, according to some estimates, 95-96 percent.

Facilitated a new life of domestic law publisher – great question! In any case, analysts say that with a certain interpretation of the innovations scrupulous STA inspectors declared in the Act benefits can easily be turned to publishers increase tax deductions. First of all, for newspapers and magazines, whose minimum profitability provides advertising. For the cost of its publication publisher no longer has the right refer to gross costs. However, the relations of our government and publishers, particularly print media – a topic worthy of separate study. I also in the Law 2410-III was intrigued by that part which relates to time, up to 1 January 2003, exemption from customs duties and VAT on import operations in the customs territory of Ukraine goods intended for the production of printed products. It is this privilege is so refined Law "On the Common Customs Tariff," which is now our market is free to open not only for printing (printing), but for all the coatings at all! Including enamels and lacquers! I confess, to chance this formulation is not immediately believe it.