Fertility Decline

There has been much evidence of fertility decline in all civilized countries. But the answer to your question: "Why?" – I could not find. Then I was just asking questions to women – friends, patients, staff. Asked whether they want to have children or not, how many children they I would like to give birth, and how much they would be able to give birth. That has forced them to have an abortion.

About their attitudes to pregnancy. And anyway, 'on our own, about women. " How many discoveries I made! How did the women's faces, when they could penetrate in their hopes or fears. Of this I ever write. But now it was important for me to end my 'research'.

I shared all the women with whom spoke on the two groups. The first group. I called these women 'selfish'. They were majority. They said that they give birth early, that not everything in life is passed. They ever, of course, zavedut child, but now they have not yet graduated, are not employed, not defended his thesis, not yet traveled the entire world, have not found the man of her dreams, etc. Other women in this group said they feel sorry for her body, that the child will cripple it takes the life force, destroy the relationship with her husband. Maybe they will not deliver at all. The second group I called 'altruistkami'. They said that the birth of a child – a very important step in life. What they do not want him to repeat their fate (as needed, just grew up without a father, just could not get education).

Adventures Underground

These are the Liddell sisters. Elsie is LC (Lorina Charlotte), Tillie is Edith (its surname is Matilda), and Lacie is an anagram of Alice; the Queen of pantries is perhaps the caricature of the mother of the Liddell sisters, therefore at the time the author would not say that she was the proper Queen of England, Victory; the King of Pantries, father of the sisters; the Grifo is the blazon of weapons of the Trinity College, in Oxford; the Pretending Turtle, reference to the art critic John Ruskin who went a time per week the house of Liddell to teach drawing painting the oil to the sisters; we still have the White Rabbit, the Lizard, the Duchess and the Valete of Pantries. Alice liked the history in such a way that asked for the Carroll wrote that it. In this same night Lewis wrote all history as had counted to the Alice and its sisters. Initially, this manuscript took the name of Alice? s Adventures Underground? The adventures of Alice in the subsoil. Later, two years later, the 1864, when rereading manuscript and adding some personages, is that Alice in the country of the wonders originated, that had its first edition published in 1865. Alice and the Victorian period This chapter was developed from a reading of the Article ' ' Alice in the Country of the Wonders: A critical one to England Vitoriana' ' , of Bruna Perrella Brito. What it becomes the history of complicated Alice is that if it deals with a surrealista dream writing for English readers of century XIX, full of trocadilhos, satires, charadas, that to be understood or interpreted, if it makes necessary a return to the time. The Victorian Period, in which is inserted the author, was a period of great advances and, with this, some problems had appeared. New science reached the religion with the theory of the evolution of Darwin, according to which the man evolves from inferior forms of life.

The Baby

This is – all they can to make my father and mother, and the rest – in the hands of a child, and he made his work in due course. Parents tend to respond to the errors of the child of boundless love and patience until then, until he learns to communicate. After that, parents come to a false conclusion, if the child understands support of their requests. In some cases, before a child learns a particular course of conduct, he should be reminded of it two hundred times. A runner can learn after one request, but the jumper may need two hundred reminders, before he suddenly starts to behave as it should. Walker will be little progress after each request, but it must be repeated many times. To give the love and support that are needed for your child for self-correction, it is necessary to understand and accept its unique features of learning. One of the biggest mistakes that parents – the assumption, though children under the age of nine are deliberately learn from their mistakes.

Parents try to teach a child to learn from mistakes, and need to focus on to encourage the baby to cooperate and push it to the desired behavior. When child again and again sent to the appropriate behavior, he gradually begins to understand what is good and bad. If a child constantly gives you worry your mistakes, most often it is because he does not lacks the necessary structure, rhythm or oversight. From this point of view for the mistakes of the child's parents are always responsible.