Another one of the recomiendaciones that become the parents is that when feeding itself, the baby also swallows air and sometimes is incapable to eruptar reason why this one must be placed leaning upon against the chest and give light taps him in the back. This position and the light tap will bring about a pressure in the baby who him aid to eruptar (can leave milk; vomit is not considered). As far as the medical report, if that will be necessary to realise a series of tests that will describe in our Web more ahead. We mention here the tests of the neonatlogo: Nothing else to be born, verifies the general state of the baby: size is observed, color of the skin, movement and reactions. One explores the heart and the lungs: Auscultation of the heart to analyze the cardiac frequency, and exploration of the pulmonary field.

The skull of the baby is moderate. A standard of 33 is considered and 36 cm. are due to look for possible hematoma or bulks, as well as fontanelas that are the union of the different bones from the skull. The eyes are watched, the nose and the ears and are moderate the distances. Light occurs to observe if the pupil is contracted with this one.

Buccal examination, lips and palate. Neck and collarbone: the gestacional state will be valued in which it is. Skin, breasts, navel and belly? Sexual organ: it must be analyzed that the exit is correct and exists, and if the testicles are in stock-market escrotal. In children, lips are examined and size of cltoris. Also the anus is analyzed in case there was to take part surgically. Tests of Reflections (they are a methodical series of tests to evaluate capacities, possible limitations and mental state of the baby).

Bariatric Surgery

Did you know that obesity is not only bad for your health and a loss on your finances that leaves a great impact on the country’s economy? The war with the costs of fat only in the economy of the United States is billions of dollars annually, but one time weight loss surgery can put an end to the war forever. What is obesity? It is 20% of normal body weight for your height, which is probably less weight than you think. If your normal weight should be 150 pounds, 180 pounds is obese. Why obesity cost so much? The lack of productivity, lost wages, absenteeism, heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, a life of auto-odio and depression are only a partial list. An obese person can lose 13 years of life and also trimmed its economic production. Fuel costs of aviation to fly to obese people cost $742 billion dollars in the United States.UU., in 2010. However, blaming obese people It is also unfair.

The latest science tells us that while diet and exercise will definitely help, alone not can work for everyone. Some people are genetically predisposed to gain and maintain weight. However, weight loss surgery, or Bariatric Surgery, as it is called in the medical industry, can work on the willpower that genes do not. How works the surgery to lose weight the fastest, simplest method and non invasive weight loss surgery is the adjustable gastric band. Staples made the surgery on the stomach into two parts and slides a sleeve where it will no longer be necessary. The food passes and smaller gastric pouch feels full faster and cravings are considerably weaker. Generally, the surgery takes about an hour and the patient begins to walk that same night.

The stomach gets accustomed to the food little by little. The patient must carefully follow a diet moderate and other instructions provided by a physician, or weight can return. The patient usually do medical follow-up for one year. Additional cost in Mexico in the United States the cost of Bariatric Surgery can be as high as $20,000. For those who do not have insurance or are underinsured, Mexico, offers low cost of Bariatric Surgery at a cost of approximately 70% less than in the United States.UU. And with the same level of knowledge that Americans expect. The majority of hospitals are also near tourist areas. A good medical tourism agency can arrange an excellent quality of surgery, at low cost. Not all qualify for weight loss surgery. Please, consult your doctor to see if you’re a good candidate. Much depends on pre-existing conditions and other medical factors. But if you qualify, weight loss surgery may finally achieve a healthy body, and productive. Surgery for weight loss is not healthy choice for many people, besides being expensive for almost all people, our best recommendation is to follow a diet based on a healthy diet plan and exercise routine, is is the way to safely lose weight fast and healthy.