Economic Achievements

You’ll know the way to live and we’ll help you. Without money, not live, we will help you on your need. Much money you will not, but from hunger and you will not die ‘.-‘ What is your third wish? ” – Asked zhenschina.Malchik replied: – “I would like to drink delicious water, which I saw when my mother took me to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, with thick glasses.” aliens were again taken aback, they did not know what is a faceted glass. The woman began to explain to the Captain that this capacity for drinking, only glass, kristalloobraznoy formy.I, referring to the roller, and said: – “We will change your genetic code and show you your future” – hastened to explain: – ‘The genetic code must change to ensure that you purchased, the appropriate skills and able to live a new life. “She took a vial of clear blue material with rounded edges, and raised the boy until filled half as transparent as crystal viscous liquid .- ‘It is necessary to drink.

Pinch your nose with your left hand, try not to breathe. We need to do three sips. If you take three sips, nothing to talk about birds and animals will be fully understood. Only three sips. “The boy raised his glass to his mouth with the thought that such a trifle as three sips worth nothing, and made the first, holding his nose with his fingers.


Suffering can not be called Aryans, "the mythical ancient tribe," as they existed in reality. In addition, the arias in any case did not intend to to rise above other peoples, and especially to pass this message to future generations. Thus, the accusations of Mr. Gordon is not only unjust, but also give outright falsification. Appeal to the same fascist ideology, built on false reasoning, in the context of the topic entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.

And so have enlightened viewer involuntarily the question arises: what, is, in essence, a claim Mr. Gordon – a manifestation of ignorance or deliberate, rather crude provocation? However, looking ahead, we can note that the final transfer of Gordon lover of truth, "see clearly" and rejects from all its claims. But because becomes even more acute painful sense of injustice. What comes through more clearly false in a colorful stream flowing from the "blue screens", the more unpleasant and bitter awareness of the role of spectator in contact with the television media. Scientific scaling. The main opponent, Gennady Zdanovich – Corresponding Member of RAS Eugene Black was in his arguments so original, perhaps, would have caused excessive envy of the ancient Greek sophists, if they happened to hear it. The eloquence of Mr. Black, supported by slide show, apparently, and was supposed to serve as chief revealing factor in the already mentioned "speculation on Arkaima." Eugene Black. When I was in Arkaim (it was 19 years ago), I said Gennady Borisovich: this is not a settlement …