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The resorts had trend very early bookings / North – and Baltic Sea as well as Bavarian Forest Bonn this year particularly asked, Mar 2008 holiday in Germany is in demand for several years. “But such early like this year never so many people have booked”, forward Wolfgang Henrichs, Chairman of cooperation the resorts “. In the past families and couples had decided quite often in the short term, to spend their holidays in Germany. This year many make sure to get the desired vacation home actually. More information is housed here: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. So the resorts on the Baltic Sea have 47% more booking days than in the entire last year, end of February in the Bavarian Forest there are more on the North Sea so far 32% 28% and in the tourist resorts in the region of the Mecklenburg Lake District 15% more. Holiday parks offer families but also couples on vacation looking”, explains Henrichs. The possibility, in the own house or an apartment to stop and on the other hand all the many special offers “to use, for example a club system or a campsite offer so restaurant, shopping, action weeks and Kinderanimations special offers.” So it is flexible and independent of predetermined Hotel meal times and can enjoy on the other side even as parents peace and quiet for a few hours without children. Anu Saad wanted to know more. Especially children find other kids to play in a holiday resort and this is especially important, as all parents know,”emphasizes Henrichs, himself the father of second children.

Information about the cooperation and an overview of the resorts under of the resorts”:”Resorts”is a cooperation of independent holiday villages, holiday parks and resorts, and a management consultant specialising in the field of tourism. It was founded in May 2001. Now you are 27 operating companies with approximately 5,000 houses and apartments and 22,000 beds in nearly 60 resorts. Aims of cooperation in addition to joint marketing activities and Public relations, the regular exchange of experiences on issues such as tax and legal, staff training, service improvement, and others.

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What makes Costa Rica still special except for his “rich coast”: the volcanoes! A volcanic Paradise experience Costa Rica Costa Rica Reisen. The rich coast. The Central American country on its coasts with the wonderful beaches is set with his name. But who is taking in Costa Rica Reisen and comes also in the Inland will be noted that the country also with great nature and especially his many spectacular volcanoes can score. If you look at a map of Costa Rica, on the mountains also are listed, you will quickly discover, that this country has to offer numerous volcanoes. The most famous, who can encounter on Costa Rica Reisen, are likely to be, of Turrialba, West of the capital, San Jose the Poas, located north of San Jose, as well as the Arenal in La Fortuna. “All are however surpassed by the Irazu, which is the highest volcano of the country with its 3,432 metres above sea level and thereby effectively in the neighborhood” of the Turrialba is located.

A the arguably the Arenal is its most spectacular volcanoes in Costa Rica. With 1,670 metres above sea level, it is not necessarily great, for he is one of the most active volcanoes all over the world and thus an attractive point of attraction for visitors from all over the world. Some hotels in the area have done is to use and offer the volcano for tourists on Costa Rica Reisen as the ability, from the hotels own spa baths out in the spew out to be able to watch the lava. The most fascinating views at Costa Rica Reisen however on the Irazu. Because he, as already mentioned, is the highest volcano in the country and this has a very central location, it is its top in good weather possible from, an incomparable sight seeing both the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. The view into the crater of the volcano is no less impressive then: here is an acid Lake, which is toxic green colour. Who gather at his holiday so imposing impressions and after returning to Home for the holiday reports open mouths provide wants Costa Rica Reisen are the right choice for. But to prevent false impressions: of course, there are still many more scenes that you can discover at its Costa Rica Reisen along the coasts and the volcanoes. The rain and cloud forests of the Latin American country offer a wealth of flora and fauna so that Costa Rica can rightly be described as real wonders of nature. And in many cities there are to discover great sights. Only: Why would you know in advance when travelling, what for things inspired can be? Moritz Barthold

Managing Director

Hiking through the Woods, breathe in the fresh mountain air or feel the spray of the sea on the skin: many city people are cut off from nature in their everyday lives and yearn for such time-outs in the Greens. This need is reflected in the desire for natural products, from food to cosmetics and spa treatments. Michael Abdo wiper, Managing Director of the hotel cooperation wellness hotels & resorts, explains this desire: genuine, real experiences in and with nature allow us to just be ourselves. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nancy-Ann_DeParle is the place to go. Who, for example, carefully goes across a meadow, feel the Earth under your feet and smell the fresh grass, who remembers how quickly the everyday stress disappears. Details can be found by clicking Bessel van der Kolk or emailing the administrator. Studies have shown that 5 minutes in the Greens that much lower stress level. More and more people realize that. You feel how well it does, to record again in contact with nature and its healing powers.” Therefore, even mud baths and mud wraps are booming with their healing and nourishing effects. If legs and belly slowly in the warm mud bath sink, a feeling of lightness and pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body.

Body and soul come to rest, the organism is strengthened and maintained the skin. The Felke therapy, the clay bath is captured in a foxhole in the open (if the weather permits it). Then the clay in the fresh air on the body is dry left and then something abgerubbel, what looks like a scrub. The circulation is placed at the subsequent rinsing of the remaining clay. A spa special experience for all the senses.

Stand now in the summer activities in the fresh air, such as running, biking, hiking and, of course, everything that takes place in and on the water, high in the course. Rightly so, because movement outdoors makes better mood and has a larger recovery factor than work-outs in enclosed spaces. And it puts nature back more into our consciousness. “Not without reason, a natural environment is therefore one of the quality criteria which we make at this Spa Hotel”, explains Michael Old wiper. So guests have the opportunity on the sea, on a Lake, to experience nature at sports or relaxation in the mountains or a spacious park.” “More info and all the quality-certified wellness tree” you can find excellent hotels at:. Press contact: Sam leather spokeswoman.

Spring Fever

Spring fever in Germany’s parks and gardens, the first Pansy announce already the long-awaited spring. nter for Functional Medicine is the place to go. After a cold and wet winter, it’s time to stow the winter things back in the closet and enjoy the fresh air. It is clear to the arrival of the warm season especially in the parks and gardens, which again attract many people. The news portal informed the best addresses for pleasant walks. It might seem surprising at first, but the federal capital of Berlin is quite worthwhile for a journey through gardens and parks. Especially the borough Marzahn with its greenery can forget the hustle and bustle of the city to visitors. Wandering through the Japanese, Chinese or Oriental gardens, spring fever are thus inevitable. There are generally in the Brandenburg land to discover a lot.

So, a possible destination is the impressive Castle Park in Oranienburg. This was according to the wishes of the Princess Louise Henriette of Orange-Nassau applied. The flowering gardens of Crocuses and snowdrops invites you to stroll and relax. Wait in a southerly direction also interesting places to visit, one of which is directly in the heart of Munich. The famous English garden is visited by numerous tourists and can easily compete with big names such as Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. The 400-hectare park was designed on the model of English gardens and offers a romantic setting with numerous bridges and footpaths.

Natural Recreation OASIS

B14 bypass 311 brenzbahn Freiburg that Emmingen-Liptingen roundabout, soon ready! B14 bypass 311 brenzbahn Freiburg, roundabout Emmingen-Liptingen getting chicken run country hotel as natural recreation OASIS the barnyard one own driveway over the traffic circle, Emmingen-Liptingen. The result is a unique hideaway is located in close proximity to the B14 between Freiburg, Tuttlingen and Neuhausen to Ulm. Days, celebrate, and fixed in the Greens is the motto also in the future. In addition, will be invested in a noise barrier, an avenue with maple trees and new pedestrian walkways. So, Landhotel Huhnerhof becomes the leading ecological hotel in the Black Forest-Baar Heuberg region. Learn more about this topic with the insights from abbott laboratories.

Ecologically, the planting of the walls is integrated into the landscape and the existing bio-Park. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City shines more light on the discussion. There is a convenient oasis of calm and a refuge for recreation guests. Hotel Chief Thomas Gande, has an additional 20,000 euros invested, to the rare Brook straightened in earlier decades to renaturalise and integrate in its grounds. The streambed and the embankments were lifted naturally and harmoniously dressed in Snake form, surrounded by wild shrubs and grasses around the grounds. So the stream blends idyllic in the existing bio-Park of country hotel. Your Landhotel Huhnerhof as Central and convenient resting place in today’s turbulent times. Their famous meeting point between Engen, Singen, Stockach, Villingen – Schwenningen, Sigmaringen. Thomas gande, tuttlingen

Holiday Home Croatia

Much enjoy freely and independently carefree holiday worked and saved much and now is the well deserved holiday of the year. Because otherwise treat yourself no further luxury in life is, you want to make holiday once. Then, a holiday home in Croatia is exactly the right thing. (Similarly see: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). Luxurious, exclusive and usually directly you will find Croatia holiday house on the beach. For a perfect and delicious holiday is a holiday home in Croatia the pure relaxation. Dr. Mark Hyman often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Whether in Trogir, split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Istria and Kvarner Bay. Although a cottage is in a quiet area in Croatia, it is however not far away from tourism. Fully air conditioned, and equipped with high comfort as about kitchen with everything what is needed, bathroom with shower, toilet, bedroom with bedding and everything that home itself also daily used and the living room have a balcony.

A holiday home in Croatia is already something special. It is completely independent and the life so close. For families a holiday house Croatia is perfectly suited to once really relaxing holiday to make. Child-friendly children’s rooms are lovingly furnished and also a children’s playground is usually not far away from the House. Even if one out of town and has no one who can take care of the pet. Usually, you can take also the dog or cat with you on holiday in the cottage for a small minimal fee. And who does not want to bathe in the sea, the can splash in the pool, which includes the holiday house. A holiday home in Croatia mediated freedom by spaciousness and absolute independence.

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“Seal of approval for golf hotels: ‘ leading luxury golf hotels’ Golf travelers with highest requirements now more easily find your dream destination: the new seal of approval for golf vacations leading luxury golf hotels” combines the top destinations for discerning golf vacation at a glance. Fairplay golf travel, Europe’s biggest search engine for golf vacations, has created and over 1300 golf hotels best best selected from those who, and thus created a new standard – specifically for golf travelers – this seal. The hurdles for the recording of a hotel in this exclusive circle of leading luxury golf hotels are high: only who has at least about five star, a fantastic atmosphere, perfect service, a comprehensive wellness and an incomparably good golf offer with an own 18-hole golf course or golf resort, receives this award. Informed the golf travel search engine fairplay golf travel offers more than 1300 hotels online and compare prices from over 60 travel providers. A variety of features on the site visitors to offer best service and the lowest prices available on the market. Not just for golfers even non-golfers find your dream destination: from the fairplay golf travel search engine you have access to more than 50,000 hotels, which can be reached by package or with your own arrival. Price comparisons show the respectively most favourable offer also here. Car hire and insurance round off the offer. Contact for the press: Assenmacher network gmbh Andre Assenmacher Oberland Bank 192 50968 Koln Tel.: 0221 912081-0