The Past

The man realizes that would not want to repeat the pattern of behavior learned in childhood. He is making tremendous efforts to do everything the opposite, so as not to be like their parents. For example, when his turn for help, it just stops communicating with a man, fearing that it would be morally exploit as once exploited by his mother. In doing so he can show callousness, heartlessness, and not to help someone who really needs help. If a woman, the daughter of an alcoholic, is looking for a husband, then finds the absolute teetotaler, however, most likely with a set of other unsavory or even frightening qualities.

That is, we are looking for extreme, do not pay attention to other equally important things. We attach too much importance only one aspect, while others turn a blind eye. And by creating the opposite scenario, too, tend to be unhappy. What do you do if you want to break this vicious circle, if familiar rake again waiting for you on the way? In principle, all the techniques mentioned earlier are meant to change their behavior, to find its uniqueness, its own unique script of life. And the positive statements, and work with the past, and visualization – all acts. But today I want to tell you about a wonderful and interesting method with which you will be able to write the script of his life anew. This technique is a bit like a game, but we still remember that life is surprisingly entertaining and exciting game, and our goal – to make this game beautiful and enjoy it.

Adolescent Family

These continue having a notable influence, even though decisive in the options and values adopted for the children. Generally, in regards to values and primordial purposes of the life, both the influences tend if to fortify and to complement reciprocal, at least when the friends they proceed from same classroom social group of the proper family. The contradictions between the values of the group and of the family costumam to affect superficial aspects of the form to dress, preferences and gostos, the general style of life, but not in such a way the decisive options and values. Generally, the adolescent observes more the criterion of the parents of what of the friends, in substances that if relate its future, but follows more of the friends in options on the gift, in the accomplishment of its desires and current necessities. Everything what was said previously contributes to reduce very in the spread out topic of that the conflict between the adolescent and its parents is little less of what it seems to be inevitable e, therefore, very frequent. truth that seems to be inevitable and obeys the necessity, over all of the adolescent, to inside redefine its position of the family. But, certainly, the gravity and the frequency of this conflict had been exaggerated. In all in case that, a parental behavior of igualitria, democratic and/or liberal orientation contributes to prevent the conflicts more serious and to calm and to become cmodas the relations with the children of this age. The adolescence also is the moment where the individual consolidates its specific abilities in such a way, how much its ability or general capacity ahead of the world, the reality, entorno social, establishing its adaptation and adjustments, that not yet are definitive, but they are the ones that more last, during its life. In this age, the process of internalization of the cultural guidelines and value is consummated, perfecting itself it acquisition of abilities techniques, communicative e, in general, social.

Aspergers Syndrome

The syndrome of Asperger is recognized before the doisprimeiros years of life of the child, presents greater specific and bizarros occurrence in the sexomasculino, is characterized by intelligence above of normality, deficit nasociabilidade, interests for calculation, astrology, physics, chemistry etc. the syndrome of Rett occurs preferential in the sexofeminino, being recognized between 5 and 30 months and presenting marked dficitno development, with deceleration of the craniano growth, intelectualmarcado retardation and strong association with convulsive pictures. The autsticos symptoms can are on to an emotional reply atrauma, that is, ahead of a traumatic situation, as accident, sexual violence, death, illness, amputation etc., the child or even though oadulto, can develop symptoms autstico as a reaction to this trauma, mascom treatment these symptoms is cured. Mello (2001) describes that it is to comumobservar through the story of the parents who after a familiar event, illness, atmesmo the birth of another son, the child to start to present regressions noseu behavior. The treatment of the syndrome of the autismo is complex, centering emuma medicamentosa boarding destined the symptom-target reduction, representadosprincipalmente for agitation, aggressiveness and irritability, that hinder oencaminhamento patient them the programs of stimulation and educational therapeutical eintervenes.

Therefore, the more precocious the diagnosis best. Method TEACCH, the system of communication through trocasde figures analyze and it applied of the behavior are the most usual forms deinterveno Treatment and education for autistas children and with riots correlatos dacomunicao had been developed to organize the physical environment through darotina and to facilitate to the understanding and the adaptation of the child, promoting a maiorindependncia. The applied analysis of the behavior aims at to teach to the crianahabilidades that it does not possess through stimulatons and reinforcings, that tambmpermitiram its bigger learning and independence. The system of comunicaoatravs of exchanges of figures to aim at to help the child if to communicate through decartes with figures and to organize its verbal language. The autistas family of the individual if sees front to the necessity eao challenge to adjust its plans, its expectations and its daily one, naadaptao of the member that possesss limitations and necessities you specify, comoacredita. The characteristics of the syndrome affect the physical conditions and mentaisdo subject, what it increases its> demand for cares and, thus its level dedependncia donates parents and/or of the cuidadores.

This situation can constitute umestressor in potential for familiar, therefore oacompanhamento of this family is importantssimo also. The infantile autismo is a picture of extreme complexity queexige that boardings to multidiscipline, as psycotherapy, fonoaudiologia, equoterapia, musicoterapia and others that aim at to the educational question and dasocializao, the medical question and the attempt to establish well definite, passveis clinical etiologies equadros of necessary prognostics, but, mainly, in the therapeutical question of the syndrome. The bases of it tratamentoenvolvem educational techniques of behavior change, programs and aanalise functional of the behavior, that comes presenting good results nareabilitao of autistas children.


The sphere of the public life limited it behaviors civilized rationals and, already the private one, guarantee the free individual freedom of other people’s interferences, being one of the responsible factors for the formation of the individualizada subjectivity. Of this form Lover it detaches: … the individual is only one in the possible ways of subjetivao and that each time, each society puts in functioning some in these ways, being the category ' ' indivduo' ' , the hegemonic way of organization of the subjectivity of modernity (LOVER, 2002, P. 02). This individuality finishes for contributing of significant form for one another landmark of modernity, the sprouting of a new feeling, the resentment. In the measure where the man starts if to worry each time more I obtain (with the individual one) it starts to attribute to he himself the responsibility of its considered action ' ' erradas' ' for the fact to go in opposition to the moral of the time, that would be the values established for the Church and the moral call of the good customs. Thus, the conscience starts to be the allied greater of this Christian moral, or either, from the moment that the individual does not act in agreement as the majority of the society is felt guilty, resented (ELSIRIK & TREVISAN, 2008). Being thus, Psychology is born as a possibility of interference in the individual one inside of the social one, of which it has as objective to mold the citizen of form with that this if rabbet in the society in the best possible way, preventing and at the same time preventing internal conflicts that can come to occur with passing of the time, as resulted of this mutual linking between the individual and the social environment. Visit James S. Chanos for more clarity on the issue. According to Figueiredo (2002), this new Science inside of a social context, these closely on three important movements: liberalism, the romantismo and the regimen to discipline.


Why the money has assumed so immense importance in our life? Perhaps we depend exclusively on him for our own psychological happiness? All the human beings we needed, bread, shelter and refuge; this is known. But, why it is that this so natural and simple for the birds of the sky, has assumed importance and so tremendous and frightful meaning? The money has assumed such exaggerated and out of proportion value because psychologically we depend on him for our well-being. The money feeds our personal vanity, gives social prestige us, offers means us to obtain the power. The money has been used by the mind with aims and intentions totally different from which it has in itself, between which this to cover our immediate physical needs. The money this being used with psychological intentions; that is the cause by which the money has assumed an exaggerated and out of proportion importance. We need money to have bread, shelter and refuge; that is obvious.

But when the money becomes a psychological necessity. We used when it with diverse intentions of which it has in itself, when we depend on him to secure fame, prestige, social position etc., then the money assumes before the mind an exaggerated and out of proportion importance; one originates the fight and the conflict here to own it. It is logical that we have necessity to secure money to satisfy our physical needs. (To have bread, shelter and refuge). But we exclusively depend on the money for our own happiness and personal satisfaction, then we are the displeased Earth beings more. When we include/understand deeply that the money only intends to provide bread, shelter and refuge to us, then we put an intelligent limitation spontaneously to him; the result of this is that the money no longer assumes before us that so exaggerated importance that has when becomes a psychological necessity.

Physiological Alterations

It is clearly that we must exclude from our analysis the psico-physiological alterations, produced for disequilibrium in the production of enzymes and hormones or for chemical substance ingestion (alcohol, cocaine, remedies etc.) that such produce in the organism psychic alterations as depression, phobias, hallucinations etc. The psychic riots presented here characterize only one of the symptoms of a organic illness not of a psychic illness. The more early it will have treatment, more quickly the symptoms will disappear. Let us continue: The person possesss the power to train the proper mind, using the imagination to become any thing, therefore, in the world of the imagination, she does not have limit, barrier, ethics, moral, religiosidade and, for not existing guilt, she will not exist judgment, then, everything is possible, everything is allowed. Before if becoming a sofredora, one rejected or any another thing, the person trains to become the object of its desire. Nothing it is unconscious, the person, in elapsing of the time, goes constructing and giving life to the personage whom it desires to be. When supporting its existential logic on what it desires to be, the person will live in function of what it was stored in its mind and memory. From this moment she will be ready to be sabatinada by the life, therefore it will have answers and justifications for everything what if it relates to its creation, in the tip of the language.

It gives attention, never a recorded archive of memory (memorized) it unchained a different behavior to the trained one. The use of this archive potencializa and fortifies the behavior. The physical act is mere consequence of the existential logic that is developed in the interior of each person. The great challenge of the man is in perceiving the moment where it is if deviating from the real world for the world of the fancy.

Forecasts Oncologists

No exception, and men. All the repressed, unexamined aggression will not disappear. It builds up and passes into the flesh of human existence. The body begins to ache, to collapse. There is another branch of the causes of cancer – it's radiation, however, this type occurs much less frequently. There are also important, psychocorrectional work, as in the first case. Forecasts Oncologists: if detected early – what doctors call I-II stage – treatment is very high: 90-97%. At later stages, too, is not so bad, most importantly believe in and fight.

Oncological process – it is a very individual process, it's good – is that hope can and should live at any stage of the disease. The occurrence of cancer is usually accompanied by feelings such as:-fear -Helplessness-hopelessness, abandonment of the struggle. And help a person become healthier, more effective treatment of such sentiments as:-hope for recovery, "the desire to live," positive thinking and happiness. There are many when people learn about the disease, he suddenly changed his life – came away with the hated work, began to do the things like, realize their dreams, anxious to do everything for the rest of his life time. And having come to the hospital via some time for the next survey is completely healthy. How do you explain this? Most importantly, changed his state of mind, he began to get positive emotions from life, to rejoice, became more active and energetic, boost immunity, which coped with the disease. Self-destruct program has disappeared, as the life which he lived, no longer existed.


It must be thought, therefore, in aging with quality and preventing, thus, the continuous deaths of rights and duties of the daily one. It is, mainly, the look of the other that points our aging. is common to recognize the aging, therefore, it is announced in terms of aesthetic. The main characteristic of the oldness is the decline, generally physicist, who takes the social and psychological alterations. Click Somatic Experiencing for additional related pages. The theoreticians classify such decline in two ways: the senescncia and senility. The senescncia is a physiological phenomenon and universal, arbitrarily identified for the chronological age, a healthy aging, where the decline physical and mental is slow, and compensated can be considered, of certain form, for the organism (Pikunas, 1979).

Senility is characterized for the associated physical decline to the mental disorganization (Pikunas, 1979). Curiously, senility is not exclusive of the advanced age, but it can occur prematurely, therefore, is identified with a considerable loss of the physical and cognitivo, observvel functioning for the alterations in the motor coordination, high irritability, beyond a considerable loss of memory. The Brazilian reality keeps out of society the aged people. This costuma not to occur in other cultures, as for example, the eastern culture that intensely integrates the aged ones to the life social. For these, the old one is not synonymous of senile and yes a scholar, exceeding the pejorativa connotation of the Brazilians who, many times, do not see the hour to intern its aged when not segregates inside them from its proper families.

It must also be rethink that, in some situations, the aged ones if exclude from the social activities alleging the age as excuse to be vitimizarem and if to feel useless before the society. This generates an exclusion in which they themselves are the responsible right-handers. It is necessary, therefore, to geronto to know that to the measure that the age advances not if it must proceed and/or yield to the mechanisms of removal of the conviviality with the fellow creatures.

Psychology and Success

THE BIBLICAL PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SUCCESS (II) Many people, nowadays, do not see with the heart, because of some condicionantes facts of the proper existence. One of them is the DECEIT OF the SIN. It modified the vision of the human beings. he gave an limited, finite and fearful vision to them. Sensitivity hardened it to them. Vision took off it to them cosmic, universal, transcendental, crstica, divine. A disorientation state reduced them it.

Another one, is the ATTRACTION OF the EMPIRISMO. It launched the men in enormous career to the search of the immediate values of the life. The light of the vision of the things that are seen by the eyes flesh times is very strong on that they do not have courage to be called strange msticos or. Third it is the HIPNOTISMO OF the DEATH. The men live terrified with the death sentence that hangs on each alive being. Because of that one day will happen inevitably, many lose all its days. It is good for remembering that for the believer the death is only one release of this I came so that they have life and life WITH ABUNDANCE. Jo 10.10.

It understood well? The perpetual life starts here! Finally, another limitation that conditions excessively the human beings is the ILLUSION OF the TIME AND the SPACE. why illusion? Because the Real is God and it he is atemporal and infinite. The man is limited by time KRONOS, while God extends itself infinitely in time KAIROS. The man is limited by the realities of three dimensions: height, width and depth and three realities: light, substance and energy. God exceeds everything in its onipresena, onipotncia, onividncia, oniscincia when Joo found in spirit in the Day Mr. (AP 1,10), he surpassed the time and the space.