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The companies have broader security requirements to the service providers than it was two years ago today when the ERP application hosting. Karlsruhe, January 16, 2008 however should produce as no significantly higher costs the increase in the security services according to the user, has determined the Karlsruhe-ORGA GmbH in a survey among 341 medium-sized and large companies. The survey according to 31 percent of companies would confront in a hosting decision today the IT service provider with higher security needs as some time ago. Another 43 percent have slightly increased claims, while one-third of the companies in the last two years no change resulting. Mostly, users that want to pay but not more money, because they believe that a next among developed level of safety the obvious performance obligations of the hosting service provider. This position represents half of the IT executives questioned. Every fourth would be but ready for a Value added security to accept higher costs in an appropriate order of magnitude.

A third access for only slightly deeper in the Pocket. The increasing security demands of the company are more than justified, because technical errors can lead to known significant economic consequences\”judge Hermann Tschierschke, Sales Director of ORGA. He derives above all a challenge to the self understanding of service providers from the position of the company, that they would spend not necessarily more money. High security is not a luxury, but must be an integral part of the hosting service basically.\” However, he knows from practice, that security is a very elastic term. Often the differences between security services on a maximum technically high level and nebulous promises of security only in a technically very sophisticated comparison or even only in the fine print of the terms and conditions can be found\”, criticized Tan. These have \”the customer entitled to he that unkaputtbare\” data center quite naturally included get.

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Industry magazine music/music market LIVE! new Internet presence Munich, August 2010 – the new offers yet more focus, more diversity, more overview for insiders, decision makers, as well as for all music lovers. Easy for anyone who wants to know more: about artists, concerts and festivals, newcomer and charts, events and top appointments. The behind the scenes look! Stefan Zarges, editor-in-Chief music market: Our new platform the user friendliness is, while the service offer has been expanded several times: one day before the Print Edition a comprehensive of the ePaper exclusive charts history and portraits of artists up to the library with photo galleries and concert streams. Other attractive features will follow.” In connection with the relaunch, the two portals were also merged into and. Thus can be found starting immediately everything from the fields of live entertainment, phonogram, Digital/mobile and charts on a platform. In addition to topics from Germany, we report from Austria, of Switzerland and about developments and trends of the international markets for over 50 years. is the portal for the entire music industry. And a must for all who are interested in music, artists and concerts and inspire. Our most important changes at a glance: ePaper (one day before the print edition) artist encyclopedia with management/booking contacts large charts portal with exclusive charts history chart with reproductions of the original charts poster extensive Magazine Archives Library numerous new sections: dossiers, interviews, concert reviews, press contact: for music/music market LIVE! Franz-great pr & marketing Franz large St. Georgen 15 95448 Bayreuth phone 0921 16 27 170 11 E-Mail

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‘ And yet it moves’ nominated for the Austria 09’09 honors the press with the Autria again this year outstanding personalities from the fields of the creative industries, research, humanitarian work, cultural management and economy. In the category of creative industries is the computer game and yet it moves this year”for Austria’09 nominated. With his mentally demanding download games Vienna developers forge of broken rules has become”in the independent games scene quickly made a name for. For more information see this site: Gina Ross. “With its unusual ideas and creative implementations are the four TU students and creators of and yet it moves” Jan Hackl, Peter Vorlaufer, Christoph Binder and Felix Bohatsch contender on the Austria deserved ‘ 09. “Here you can his voice online for and yet it moves” give and learn even more about all other nominees. At the large Austria’09-Gala on October 26, 2009 the top three of each category will be presented. By participating in the online voting, to use the chance, 10 x 2 tickets for this Event to win.

European Championships

In the “world of wonders”-shop now all Fusssballbegeisterte for matching the football fancy gadgets and gifts 2012 European Championships! “The new online shop of the famous knowledge Magazine world of wonders” new gadget offers a range of around the theme of football now matching to the football Euro 2012. The exceptional products of the Europe Championship specials to intensify the this year’s football extravaganza and make tangible even within your own four walls. Thus is the extraordinary range of interested football, as well as to all those who want to just cheer for the German team and celebrate. he issue. The football gadgets are also perfect as gifts for men and are original gifts for any EM-party. Aim of this action is the world of wonders “-gadget and gift shop for the customer attractive way with the football European Championship 2012 to connect and one to achieve an image transfer to the witty and offbeat products.” Those were some by the football special already “More sales both in the category gifts for men”, as well as in the specials and topics “-section achieve.. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Mark Hyman.


3D photographs of their products 360 round to views which is the best possible representation of their product in the photographic field undoubtedly one of the customers on request hinged circular view. The team at, specializes in such optimized 3D representations. The skilful stringing together of single images in a special arrangement, the product appears plastic in three dimensions (3D) on the monitor of the beholder. Such elaborate ways was previously reserved for only large companies who could afford advanced technologies in the presentation of the goods. Market projections were thus cemented or further expanded, sales and marketing cheered the innovative presentations and made use of it on their presentations on television or on the Internet. Learn more about this with James S. Chanos .

The alone claim of the wealthy leader in innovative and State of the art presentation facilities now has an end. No longer, they be kept from SMEs in the wholesale and retail. brings you now exactly such excellent 3D Photographs for their market, their products, especially their market shares. 3D photography helps also their products to a significantly more attention for the consumer. The customer is very positive this optimal presentation, because it brings him almost to touch close their product before the eyes. Most accurate observations of details are possible and the back and herd deer of the object can interactively be integrated into their website for the Viewer. It was called the competitive advantage also, we call this an additional and professional service for our estimated clients.

That we doing an extremely budget-friendly offer for all generated 3D photographs for you ready keep, that is certainly also of them welcomed. A full 360 round view of a product there already in our portfolio only 72.00, which includes already 36 frames in angular misalignments of the 10. Of course, we give them a bunch of frames, but you will get a Flash (animated per article Graphics) or QuickTime VR file in the desired size and resolution on CD or DVD burned.