Many hundreds of years have passed since people began to use the precious natural material wood. This wonderful natural material cheleoveku helped create the city, ships, productions, even win the war Veneer – a slice, a kind of mirror of the soul of the tree. Unique twists, and unique nature of the drawings – all this can be seen on the thin, flat sheets of veneer ash. Do not forget about that, as manufactured this excellent material to create a single sheet of veneer requires sensitive hands professional who can properly handle the timber, the latest equipment, coupled with invaluable experience of generations, gained in production of veneer. Only after painstaking work on the tree trunk can get a list of most precious of precious materials.

Each of us can use the veneer, because of their creative vision and individuality. With the veneer designers to create unique interior, the bestowing of the natural warmth and comfort. Polymeric materials, plastics, metal finishing works are rather misguided ships vprotivoves, veneer, vice-versa is the oldest material, a sort of classic design of apartments and rooms. The range of veneer unusually wide: it has been successfully used in door trim, interiors. Direction of production and veneer processing continues to evolve rapidly. In the market of Novosibirsk veneer, presented and new types, such, for example, how veneer Fine-line. People's interest in veneer, particularly in our country, not quenched, and recently Conversely starts growing exponentially. After all, any, even the most fashionable material, not a substitute for warmth and natural beauty of wood. It is no accident say that the tree-living

The Height

With small phases (Less than 0.2), when Venus has a narrow crescent. Observation in phase 1 and 3 are difficult because of proximity of Venus to the Sun, so it can be observed only during the day. Find planet day is easy if the telescope is equipped with ekvatorialnoy mount. Otherwise, to approximately calculate its position in the sky and ‘catch’ it in the telescope, placing the smallest increase. Around the time naibolyshego removal of Venus from the sun makes sense to observe its phase both in the daytime and at dusk and night, making sketches of every 15-20 minutes. Such observations will allow to study the effect of irradiation.

Sketch of the planet begins with the application of the terminator (the boundary of the illuminated and unilluminated parts of the planet). First, we need try to get right phase and elongation of horns sickle. When bad image it has to be limited. Details on Venus are very blurred and indistinct formations having probably cloudy nature. Dark spots are usually elongated, white – round.

In the figure the dark areas obscured, and the light shall have either a dotted light areas are often issued for the limb and terminator. Observations of such projections represent special interest because they are likely to cloud our type of noctilucent clouds located above the main cloud layer of Venus. From these observations we can determine the height of the upper clouds above lower. In observations with optical filters to evaluate the visibility of light and dark parts and form the terminator when observed with each filter, or make sketches for each filter. Such observations may give an idea of color components. It is recalled that the observation of details on the surface of Venus must be approached with great caution, because very often these details are so weak and vague, that there are doubts in their reality. Therefore, the larger the diameter of the telescope – the better! Pure heaven!

Mona Johannesson

Since its emergence in the Far East, perfumes have been used by important people of the royalty or high rank, unique people, beautiful, unattainable for the rest of mortals. His perfumes were usually prepared by an exclusive entourage often carried the secret formula to his grave. The fashion world has allowed many women distinguished from others by their original costumes, modern, bold, eccentric and avant-garde; These descriptions quietly, could also coincide with those of a perfume. It is therefore not surprising that so many celebrities of fashion campaigns have embodied the most exquisite perfumes. With the emergence of so many brands, was indispensable to search for a differential, and in the case of perfumes many of them took the opportunity to give their products a personality that is why they have dedicated themselves to call the most beautiful and successful models and actresses , making these ingredients provide an identity, imbued with the style and personality of the protagonist of campaign.

One of the campaigns most memorable world of perfume made by a model, it is undoubtedly that of Chanel No. 5 played by the sultry Marilyn Monroe, then the story continued and resulted in a long list of glamorous, sensual and distinction it smells very good. Claudia Schiffer, an icon of the 90s, recognized worldwide as the most beautiful woman in the world was the face of perfume design his Italian friends, and some designers have been the gateway to the magazines of their favorite models, so in the past times we see Mary Grerson, Abbey Lee, Mona Johannesson or wearing the fragrance of Lacoste, Gucci, and Valentino respectively. Undoubtedly, to fashion and perfumes unite beauty and glamor. All different personalities, all different charisms, which are worth to identify, to come across a reference to the choice of a perfume. To take, success, the glamor, the beauty of his figures are held in every drop, and can inspire the wearer to move in life as a gateway.


Anabolizantes esterides is natural and synthetic hormones, that make with that the cells grow and if they divide, provoking the development of some types of fabrics, mainly the sseo and the muscular one. These substances, most of the time are derived from the masculine hormone sexual, the testosterone, that generally are ingested by saw verbal or injectable. This metabolic process constructs bigger molecules, from other minors. The anabolizantes had been discovered in 1930, being that since this time, them they have been used in many medical procedures, to stimulate the sseo growth, the appetite and the muscular growth mainly in the puberty, when they perceive that this process is delayed. The use in the medicine most common of esterides anablicos is when some cases of very serious chronic atony exist, as in the case of Cancer or AIDS. The anabolizantes can produce many effect collateral, mainly when they are managed in high doses.

They can also increase cholesterol LDL, diminishing the HDL. As well as they increase the pressure and the acne. At last several other problems of health will be able to happen. Nowadays, the anabolizantes are very argued, therefore its use without any medical control can cause serious problems, mainly between the esportistas. Some countries already have laws, that they control the distribution and the use of the same ones, for example, Canada, the United kingdom and United States. As the anabolizantes very they are argued in relation to its very serious collateral effect, the certainty would be that before use any product of this type, a doctor was consulted. Certainly it has natural alternatives well less harmful. If it does not forget that examinations always must be facts, case if it makes the use of the same ones. Most important it is to have an excellent feeding, to make physical exercises and if exactly thus you will not be satisfied with its image, you she must look a doctor who with certainty you will have physical or exactly psychological aid.

What Number Bed You Can Do, With A Sick

Today, in many instances require various medical certificates. Often we wonder about this relic of the past. But the law is the law – its requirements are mandatory for all. And at some point we go into deadlock. Suppose you need academic. vacation, but for health information you do not have reasons.

What to do? Is all training down the drain? In certain situations, help you put on a full basis. But the fact that there is simply no time to sit in queues. And what about your family problems? Hardly the vicissitudes of your private life interesting for the bosses. After all, he does not care about the changes occurring in your family nest. He need a plan, it needs honest and tough worker. Whether it is necessary to burden him with my problems? Does not necessarily cry on his shoulder and beg him a couple of free days, humbling and at the same time feeling the last man.

First, you create a bad impression. On the other hand – besides losing a lot of nerve cells. Sick leave retroactively to buy and everything will become much easier, no longer will be the situation seemed hopeless. Family preservation priority honesty management. In the end, you do not live with your boss to be old and not with him to bring up grandchildren. Today it is a particularly critical issue. The crisis has caused mass layoffs and downsizing. Therefore, the time off is simply meaningless. If you are unhappy with the schedule, then you will not hold. And the student without the hospital can not do – otherwise, fall into the number of truants. But even among young students may be missing for good reasons. By the way, some of them are still working to have the funds to pay for this study. Keep the student, who always need something in a lecture, then take an exam, no one will. And for student, for example, to study by correspondence is not possible. It turns out that he works to pay for their studies and learn to have a prospect of good jobs. And such situations are many. A certificate is required only where – driver's medspravka in the traffic police, in the pool … But this problem is completely solved.


There are several reasons that people are interested in probiotics for health purposes. First, we are surrounded by and immersed, constantly of microorganisms, skin, intestines, mouth, and whole body. The friendly bacteria are vital to the proper development of the immune system, protection against other microorganisms that can cause disease, digestion and absorption of runoff from the food that we consume. The mixture of bacteria on each person varies. The interactions between a person and in his body, and between the same microorganisms, microorganisms are crucial to the health and well-being of the person. This Act of bacterial balance can be pulled out of balance in two important ways: 1.

by antibiotics, when they kill friendly bacteria in the intestines along with unfriendly bacteria. Then when some people use < a rel = nofollow onclick = javascript:_gaq. push(“_trackPageview”, “/outgoing/article_exit_link”); href = > probiotics to try to compensate for the side effects of antibiotics such as gas (flatulence), stomach cramps, or diarrhea. 2 Microorganisms unpleasant such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and parasites that can disrupt the balance between good and bad, in favor of the bad guys. Researchers are exploring how probiotics might stop these unfriendly microorganisms in the first place or suppress their growth and activity in conditions of health as: * infectious diarrhea * irritable bowel syndrome * inflammatory bowel disease (e.g., ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease) * infection with Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that causes most ulcers and many types of chronic illnesses.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Swiss fitness mat ‘goFit’ works instantly Schiers (Switzerland), September 10, 2009 about eight million people in Germany alone suffer from syndrome restless legs, the so-called restless legs. The goFit fitness and health mat from the Switzerland immediately eliminates the associated complaints and sleep disorders. The restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a widespread disease of women affected about twice as often as men. A group of researchers from Germany found out in a large-scale study of over 4,000 people, that roughly ten percent of people fulfill the official criteria of restless legs syndrome. Especially alarming: About two-thirds of RLS patients complaints associated increase in the course of time, many of the symptoms to other body regions spread out. Now there are remedies without drugs, medical procedures and completely straightforward: anyone who regularly goes to the goFit health mat, reliably get rid his complaints. The amazing thing: The Mat is immediately told the Swiss Kurt Hiltbrunner from Baar. I have suffered for many years under restless legs and feet.\” Every week he spent one or two nights in the cut, again to stretch his legs, to prevent and to roll around in bed.

This was very uncomfortable for my wife and for me, because I didn’t sleep a wink some night.\” When he heard of the goFit mat, he was at first very skeptical. I am a rather critical person and think nothing of all this mumbo jumbo, magnetism and similar humbug. Before two months but when I once again at night couldn’t sleep, because my legs would not stop, I am simply stood up and rather out of curiosity for about ten minutes on the mat. When I went back to bed, the complaints were completely gone and I fell asleep immediately.\” Since then, he generally use the mat if the complaints threatened him once again to rob the sleep.