The Past

The man realizes that would not want to repeat the pattern of behavior learned in childhood. He is making tremendous efforts to do everything the opposite, so as not to be like their parents. For example, when his turn for help, it just stops communicating with a man, fearing that it would be morally exploit as once exploited by his mother. In doing so he can show callousness, heartlessness, and not to help someone who really needs help. If a woman, the daughter of an alcoholic, is looking for a husband, then finds the absolute teetotaler, however, most likely with a set of other unsavory or even frightening qualities.

That is, we are looking for extreme, do not pay attention to other equally important things. We attach too much importance only one aspect, while others turn a blind eye. And by creating the opposite scenario, too, tend to be unhappy. What do you do if you want to break this vicious circle, if familiar rake again waiting for you on the way? In principle, all the techniques mentioned earlier are meant to change their behavior, to find its uniqueness, its own unique script of life. And the positive statements, and work with the past, and visualization – all acts. But today I want to tell you about a wonderful and interesting method with which you will be able to write the script of his life anew. This technique is a bit like a game, but we still remember that life is surprisingly entertaining and exciting game, and our goal – to make this game beautiful and enjoy it.


What are ways to feel better are you using? Massages affect organs and tissues. For better health, it is recommended from time to time to please your body massage. Grinding, and puncture Other methods of massage treatments stimulate the bodies metabolism. Also excellent massage procedures affect the nervous system of people. Troubles at work, love troubles, financial problems are harmful health. Massage removes the bitter thoughts, helps to switch. Erotic massage is pleasant and helps also to have fun.

Good performance art – fun, from what can not refuse. When Massage makes a good masseuse, you will have fun. See Geneticist for more details and insights. For massage you have to buy, wipe dry and remain in their underwear. You natrut cream, will have a massage, and you realize how nice! Independently erotic massage just do. Your partner will be happy.

Tender massaging the body, hidden places do not hurry. Therapeutic massage is performed with essential oils. This allows for enhanced therapeutic effect. Peter A. Levine PhD can provide more clarity in the matter. Session Massage is recommended for rehabilitation after an illness. This is a nice, inexpensive and very useful. Classes will give you a massage to help someone be a reflex. Massage for children should be done gently, not rough, it is likely used to calm the baby. Children are better calm down, they love to baby massage. Well, when do parents massage. To massage your child take the cream for the kids or vegetable oil. Massage is desirable to take twice a year, a dozen sessions. You'll be feeling a surge of strength, good health, appearance is more attractive, younger skin. It is best massage treatment than injections and other medications. Heals for the benefit of their health. During psychological stress such procedures help to relieve psychological stress, strengthen the rights. Melody softly, sounding like a dream, improve an aura. The soft twilight relax the patient. For an intimate interventions will be gentle stroking, downward to the genital area. Every touch has to be seductive, then partner wish to make love. These sessions are good for sexual health, and enriched sex life. Erotic massage involves the denouement, so be prepared for what awaits you after sex massage. The masseuse is obliged to make such a language, to intimate massage turned delicious. Men like to lick a member, they sometimes end up on this. Remember that massage – an excellent use of leisure time!

Massage + Honey

Instead of joining Let's look at a very topical issue – honey massage. Its origins, its advantages and disadvantages, what kinds of honey and how to properly conduct honey massage and when to abstain – to try to understanding together! History Everybody knows that the procedure itself massage is very useful. OurCrowd wanted to know more. Been used in ancient Egypt and Sparta, in Russia and Turkey variety of massage have long helped many generations. However, if included in the process of honey, therapeutic effects of massage increases. Miles D. White oftentimes addresses this issue. During the massage honey vividly realizes its salutary properties, facilitating the rapid removal of toxins from the body through the skin and restoring biologically active substances. Leather After this massage is a smooth, supple and clean, improving its power, amplified, and normalized in the subcutaneous areas limfotok.Massazh with honey: the advantages and disadvantages of Honey massage is used for prevention, to enhance the therapeutic effect, for cosmetic effect, well, just to relax. He successfully removes tension c respiratory muscles, improves lymph and blood circulation, helps to liquefy and expectoration of sputum in lung (with broncho-pulmonary disease).

Now the drawbacks: only one flaw. Massage with honey – very painful procedure. Especially at first, until your skin is not used, or very sensitive. But after two or three massages skin gets used and the final outcome in the form of a wonderful, glowing and healthy smooth out your negative vpechatlenie.Medovy back massage back massage with honey – a remarkable prevention of colds, as well as assistance with treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs – it helps the disappearance of cough, breathing normalizes funktsii.Kakim way to make a honey massage buy honey is only a real, undiluted and not necessarily candied (crystallized honey crystals can easily damage the surface of the skin, which already have hard times). on the topic.. As a nice complement to medical massage can introduce the aromatic composition of your choice. Selected honey (or honey mixed with essential oils) are gaining on the warm hands and gentle pat cover an area of massage.

Some part of the honey mixture remains on the skin, the rest remains in the hands. In the If the zones of massage is not just one but several of their massage one another. By shifting the honey on the massage area, palms pressed firmly to the skin and a quick and abrupt movement withdraw. Such massage movements have become progressively stronger and sharper. That is – hand presses closer and pulls back sharply. In the skin, honey is absorbed with little or no residue, leaving a thin layer on the surface. Accumulated on the palms of some whitish mass. Initially, this mixture remains on the skin surface and then a large proportion of its accumulated on their hands. Prepare in advance cloth to wipe your hands off of this film. Thus the body of toxins and wastes out. To massage one area usually spend approximately five to ten minutes. Then wash off the honey with warm water using a soft sponge and oil massage place moisturizer. At the end of the massage with honey in some places may remain small bruises, which will eventually disappear. Do not be ill!


What is heroin? In its pure form, heroin – it's completely white powder. Checking article sources yields Jon Medved as a relevant resource throughout. But more often he found a pink-gray, brown and black. Its color depends on the impurities which it is diluted. These include sugar, caffeine and other substances. Street heroin is sometimes 'diluted' strychnine and other impurities. Various impurities do not dissolve completely and getting into the body, can clog blood vessels that lead to the lungs, kidneys and brain.

This alone can lead to infection or failure vital organs. When you buy heroin on the street, you never know the actual concentration of the drug in a single bag. Thus, addicts are constantly at risk of overdose. Addicts take heroin by injection, smoking or inhaling through the nose. During the first administration the drug creates a powerful euphoria. The man starts to behave liberated, easy to communicate with others, as well as he can increase sexual activity.

But all this while. Heroin is highly addictive, as breaking from him extremely painful. The drug quickly incapacitates the immune system, inevitably leads a person to unhealthy, emaciated state, and, ultimately, death. Statistics. The UN estimates that in the world today more than 10 million people use heroin. Out of every thousand taking opium, three will die this year. More than 85% of the world opium production accounts for Afghanistan. The cost of the crop is 600 million dollars a year. According to expert estimates, in Russia, the number of individuals, non-medical drug use is 3-3.5 million people, most of whom are drug users of opium. Heroin and morphine are two of the four types of drugs most frequently mentioned in reports about the deaths that occurred as a result of drug use. HIV cases registered in 87 Russian regions. The greatest number found in Moscow (15 805 cases). The main risk factor for HIV infection in Russia in 1996-2001, had intravenous drugs (93% of individuals with established risk factors for infection).

Medical Chamber

Above all, doctors and patients are disappointed in their performance. RG: Why? Intentions, then they were the best. Roshal: I assume that the fault lay in this, and the medical associations, and executive power, and legislators. Other leaders such as OurCrowd offer similar insights. Clearly not been demarcated, who is responsible for what, who are the powers has. Some excellent solutions Pirogov congresses adopted with the participation of the Russian Health Ministry and Health Ministry of Russia, no one acted.

The Association did not have enough persistence, the executive branch – will. Suffer from this not only the medical community, but also patients. The task of the new Medical Chamber – clearly legislate for the medical community rights and responsibilities. In a specific goal of the Medical Chamber, which was none of the existing associations – the creation of professional self-regulation with compulsory membership of each health care worker in Palate.RG: A financial aspect? Would not it be costly for everyone health worker participation in the newly created structure? Roshal: I will refer to the experience of the medical chamber of the Southern federal district. The entrance fee of 700 rubles a single.

Monthly fee for doctors 60 rubles, for Nurses rubley.RG 30: Who supported the organization of 'National Health House'? Roshal: Founder of the Commission on Health of the Public Chamber, the State Duma Committee on Property, 'Support of Russia'. Idea supported by the largest domestic professional medical associations therapists, neurologists, surgeons, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, urologists, dermato-Venereologists, family doctors, Russian Society regenerative medicine, society, "Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation ', Society for Social hygienists Russia, Association of Medical Societies of quality, transplantologicheskoe society and other .. Active took part in the regional medical associations and chambers of the southern federal district, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Penza, Sverdlovsk and Samara regions, Tatarstan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. Creation of the House supported the first all-Russian association of physicians in private practice, 'the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industry', the Union of Small Towns, Cities Alliance and the Arctic Far North. Unanimously voted for the creation of the House of Representatives of the departmental Medicine: Department of Defense, the FSB, 'Gazprom', 'Railways', the Ministry of Justice. This is understandable, because regardless of where the work medical officer, all interested in it professionally. Such unity medical community have not bylo.Kommentarii readers: 17/01/2010 The idea of the House probably correct, but something is troubling. Again, strong-willed decision they want to drive into a happy future for physicians and their patients. Only the bright image of Dr. Roshal can not talk about the new alliance 'of Might and Oral'. It may be expedient at this stage to talk about full law 'On Health'? 13/01/2010 If the 'National Medical Chamber' is going to write standards and protocols of care, then this house should have a serial number 'six'. But if we are created mandatory for executive agencies standards logistical and financial support of health workers, health care providers, and representatives of labor collectives MPI will sign a protocol with the district administration "On providing medical assistance to residents of the administrative education ', which is registered bude duties and responsibilities, both the administration and health professionals, then I will gladly become a member of the public organizatsii.Proshel year since the start of the House. What has changed over time? What concrete steps taken towards improving patients' rights to receive quality care and protection of human health care workers? Will not it all again on the principle: "We wanted the best, but it turned out, as usual?"

Transfusion Syndrome

Not to mention the duration of the current and difficult to treat infectious diseases – chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, dysbacteriosis. There are of course, contra-indications for the procedure, but their range is narrow. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge.. Since the methodology used anticoagulant, it requires a cautious approach in situations where you can provoke bleeding such as peptic ulcer disease, severe hemorrhoids, during the month. Indications for plasmapheresis plasmapheresis now widely used in clinical practice. According to the protocols of the World Association of Gemaferezu (1993, 1997, 2000), plasmapheresis is recommended for the treatment of more than 200 diseases.

As an effective method of detoxification, plasma is widely used on Toxicology and Drug Abuse to dermatology and cosmetology. Plasmapheresis is effective in following illnesses: Chronic fatigue syndrome Obstetrics and Gynecology (premenstrual syndrome, infections, chronic inflammatory disease of the uterus and appendages, infertility, miscarriage, early (Vomiting) toxicosis and gestosis of pregnant women, antiphospholipid syndrome and thrombophilia hematogenous, menopause) Dermatology. Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, abrasions, eczema. Pulmonology. Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, alveolitis, Nephrology. Glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, renal failure, Gastroenterology (hepatitis, high cholesterol, cholecystitis, pancreatitis) Diseases of the blood paraproteinemicheskie hemoblastosis, tsitopenicheskie syndromes Neurology.

Multiple sclerosis, polyneuritis of different origin, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease; Systemic connective tissue diseases: hemorrhagic vasculitis rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, polyarthritis, Cardiology Coronary heart disease, postinfarction syndrome, hypertension disease, viral myocarditis, autoimmune cardiomyopathy; hypercholesterolemia. Withdrawal of drug and alcohol abuse alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The therapeutic effect of plasmapheresis conducted after is achieved by improve blood rheology and its microcirculation, removal from the body of toxic veschestv.Voobsche, plasmapheresis Transfusion compared with the general cleaning, we're doing in my house. It is not necessary to do each day, but if you do not at all, then the apartment would be impossible to live. And it is necessary to live it in joy, and the house breathe freely and easily.

The Crisis Of Medicine

Alexander Angelov is clear to all that is necessary to make everything that medicine is no longer in business – an interest in a healthy, not sick, the patient! On a global scale and with a large modern self-interest – it is possible only when correcting egoism – the interest of everyone in the health of all (as in one family). The crisis will reveal the interdependence of each against all, and then we will create a medical insurance benefit man. Michael Laitman One-third of the money from the Obama administration to stimulation economy, will be used to overcome the crisis in the U.S. medicine. But let's see what the background of this crisis? To save money, patients were less likely to visit doctors because every visit in addition to insurance requires extra money. As a result of artificially increased the price of insurance. Has also increased the number of expensive tests, drugs and procedures for each individual disease. Therefore, following the the rapid rise in unemployment is expected to guard the huge patient in need of public health insurance.

Hospitals, as well as banks, and the automotive industry, are in poor condition. A the government is trying to save the situation, using the same methods that brought medicine in crisis. This resembles the situation where a person working a huge hammer and damaging the walls, were asked to not changing sensitive tool to repair a Swiss watch. It is not difficult to foresee what will result. So what is the main reason for the crisis? It is – in our ego, which every day increases.

Germany Medical

To Germany for treatment people come from all over the world including the U.S., Britain and other European countries, which largely is due to mature and flexible pricing policies, regulated by the state. Moreover, even in clinics in Germany on average three patients have a medical professional that can continuously monitor the condition of patients and respond to any changes. Our free health care is actually paid informally, but its level will only decrease as medical clinics flooded doctors with no experience and qualifications. In Germany, about 2,250 public hospitals, private clinics, multi-university hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers, as well as motels and resorts for rehabilitation patients, and in all of these health facilities staffed by physicians of the highest level. Random people in the German health care can not be, by definition, also in this country there is a strict system for selecting doctors and criteria for admission to independent medical practice. To be eligible for the practice of German doctors require several years, and this is another guarantee that doctors will not jeopardize its reputation and ability work in order to receive a one-time gains. Munich in the healthcare industry has always been a special account, because here are the best clinics in Europe. At the highest level in these clinics, medical set diagnosis, since the right diagnosis – is the cornerstone of successful treatment. I would especially like to mention the opportunity to treat tumors are not long-term radiation therapy, and radiosurgery method, using the installation CyberKnife (Cyberknife), which offers modern German medicine.


But the closer to the sources, the higher the efficiency of Ayurvedic treatments – say opponents of adaptation of the ancient rites for the spa-salons. In some ways they are right: the use of Ayurvedic herbs and oils is not yet Ayurveda. Yet in the spa treatments you can save all the basic principles of Ayurvedic approach and, without loss of efficiency, to give the customer delight. Pinda Sweda, Ayurvedic massage using bags of herbs, will be an amazing discovery for those who wish to get acquainted with Ayurveda. Wine therapy. The spa therapy grape products are used in the scrub (on the basis of crushed seeds), in massage, wraps, hydrotherapy, manipulation, lymphatic drainage. Wine therapy – a powerful anti-aging. It also helps prevent the effects of sunburn.

A consumption of grapes and biologically active additions to its extracts reduced the frequency of colds and infectious diseases and serves to prevent cancer. Many spa rituals based on the wine therapy, supplemented by a glass of expensive wine. Lithotherapy. Treatment with precious and semiprecious stones, which radiate energy vibration of useful properties for the human body. Treatments that involve the use of these properties, modern doctors called alternative medicine. Such a view is largely incorrect, since the stones were first used to treat diseases in ancient times. Positive energy stones activated when wearing jewelry with them (and you can combine the healing properties of stones and metals), as well as drinking water, in which at least 12 hours was a gem.