Marketing Trend 2013

The customer touch point management during new business social media and the mobile Web have provided the laws of the business world in a very short time on the head. Previously companies distributing their advertising monologues in the market, the customers listened dutifully and bought then. Today it is the other way around. Customers buy, tell others about it and bring to act as third parties. Now, it is the provider who should listen to successfully master their touch points. We live in a society of the recommendation to achieve the future in our beautiful, new business world, must be rewritten to sales and marketing.

Because at the beginning and at the end of a purchase process word of mouth and referrals are increasing. Was really good and get people committed to carry this!” This is the new business mantra. Links and likes are the new currency. Consumers are the new marketer. zer is the place to go. And Google is the new world’s conscience. Who survive in the economy of this recommendation? That is decided in the moments of truth ‘ (Jan Carlzon) at the points of contact between supplier and customer.

What do need to do so? in tool that makes quick and agile, that grabs the abundance of old and new touch points in a system of order and social’ and mobile’ fully integrated. A tool that reduces complexity, which acts from the perspective of customers and actively integrates them into their new role as co-creator. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Anu Saad and gain more knowledge.. The customer touch point management is one such tool. Touch points are moments of truth ‘ touch points occur everywhere where is a (potential) customer with the products, brands, employees and services of a provider in touch. While the indirect touch points such as opinion portals, user forums, reviews, blog posts and tweets play an increasingly important role. These are also called earned touch points’, because the providers themselves can not buy these, but earn through their actions.

Give Aways – Advertising With High Spreading Width

Cheap promotional items such as give aways increase significantly the chances of winning new customers popular giveaway items for new customer acquisition. Give aways are the cheap promotional items and are often used for acquiring new customers. Among the classic give aways are popular primarily as pens, lighters, lanyards or notepads. These promotional items used typically by companies in large quantities, to demand a wide circle of consumers. Give aways offered relatively cheap and suitable not only for use at trade shows.

Give with respect to the normal giveaways aways do not always have a company logo or a slogan, which is to encourage the customer to buy. Very often, products are selected, which can be also inserted in the daily routine. Through the practical use, the customer remembers daily to the company, and by applying a corporate logo, the company is recognized in addition by other people. So give aways the necessary success show that should advertising be selected appropriately possible whenever the occasion. he topic at hand. The use of different give aways promises much success freely available provided for the customers. Especially at trade fairs or events, companies can produce multiple products, such as coffee cups, lighters and pens. Either companies can without slogan choose the give aways, or make them with a funny and clever advertising slogan, and in addition bring the company logo. For every occasion and every season give offered aways, which can be adapted to the respective requirements.

At Christmas time, there are for example sweet chocolate panels tinfoil characters or delicious cookies, which are distributed at Christmas markets. By the imprint of the logo, the give aways immediately fall in the eye. Most companies opt increasingly for the products which in addition have a practical use. The ballpoint pen is always because this is used for the advertising products no. 1, daily from private households and in the commercial sector.

Growing Globally

Banners broker operates very successfully since the year 2010 in the online advertising market. The idea of banner broker is as simple as it is ingenious: exists on the one hand a growing market in the area of online advertising with many website operators, who use banner advertising want on the one hand, to increase the traffic on your site, on the other hand, to make their page for advertising available and to recoup that extra money. On the other hand, there are numerous small investors who wanted to make money in a serious way. What so obvious to bring together these groups? How many business ideas started this on a small scale. The market was already was large and most continue to grow.

Chris Smith, a Canadian IT specialist, recognized the enormous potential and everything did, to revolutionize the Internet advertising world. You may want to visit Carl Rogers to increase your knowledge. At that time, about 10 large broker controlled the entire network, in which available advertising space in auctions have been offered. Rates were dependent on the number of visitors of different Web pages set, the advertiser either could or not also afford. The system was similar to the paid ads in daily newspapers and weeklies or monthlies. Ever more attractive the sheet and the placement of the switching on, the higher the price. Money was so reserved to a few people. Smith’ first step was, agree this his idea to introduce successful brokers. A single recognized the enormous potential and dared the cooperation.

Banners broker was born. Chris Smith created a computer algorithm to sell packages of existing advertising spaces to individuals and to link advertisers. The buyer could then make money with the rented space. But that was not all yet. To increase the number of places for advertising, he created a pool to finance. This increased the share of that market, which was previously controlled by a few large brokers the number of these ad spaces, grew increasingly. Is banners broker just for people with lots of money? For small investors who have unique arose now Opportunity to benefit from the expanding network. Have been extremely limited, the possibilities to earn money on the Internet so now all of a sudden, this changed. Banners broker has nothing to do with MLM or network marketing. The success speaks for itself: 99% of all participants are since the beginning with banners broker and that will earn it every day more, on this kind of money initially as income, which is however becoming more common with the time to the main source of income. Today, approximately 300,000 affiliates (affiliates) involved in this has banners broker. By the growing success of become aware of other established broker on this model. One of the biggest broker of Internet advertising declined initially a collaboration now he has changed his mind. Currently this agent’s it systems are connected with those banners broker, allows for what a further growth of the company and thus earn money for many more people. You want to know more about banners broker? Here you will find more Information: press contact: Andreas Zenker online marketing Mr. Andreas Zenker Red Maple way 13 06188 Landsberg fon…: 034604928676 web…: andreas-zenker.

If You Have A Commercial Website, And Want To Optimize Your Sales, Follow These Tips

One of the most common errors committed by owners of commercial Web sites is not to give the prospect a free sample of the products or services sold from their site. take note of some tips to optimize your sales. Never ever try to sell: Most Internet users like you and I enter the Internet for information, information that can help a subsequent purchase so my recommendation is that you must first give useful information and preferably free, that will help you build credibility and trust with your prospects, as well as your information is always trying to solve a problem, that people love and loyalty you for long. It delivers a taste of what you sell: As we all know but many people are buying on the Internet, this environment continues to be impersonal and there is always a reluctance to make purchases online, so always try to give a sample of the Product or Service these promotions, for example if you are promoting a series of videos on any topic can provide free one chapter or a sample cut from this, this works the same way for books, software, etc. You find out a bit more of the product, its benefits and increase the chances of purchase. Provide guarantees your Product Purchase: This is critical when businesses succeed in the Internet, as you know the people through basic instinct is like to feel protected when making a purchase and this applies equally businesses off the Internet and the best guarantee is to ensure a refund for a given time. If the product does not meet your expectations of the buyer simply return the money, or else you can suggest another product to deliver in exchange for an equal or greater value, it does encourage the buyer to buy and you do not have the feeling that may be throwing money away. Summarizing the human being by nature needs to see, touch and listening, for both Internet to show the product, accompanied with photos, audio or video increases dramatically the possibilities for sales of any product or service online..

Premiumsystem SycoTec

Marketing agency created a campaign for a new Premiumsystem to the facade design safe as a symbol for maximum protection Rohrbach / Freising (mh) a company a new product on the market launches. Already this provided the groundwork for sustainable market success. Repeatedly make only companies but the experience that it is not enough”to have an innovation. A launch will be strategically planned and implemented advertising technical professional. As a campaign of ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH for the HASIT dry mortar GmbH and their new Premiumsystem SycoTec.

What were for days when it was enough to have a good product and want to sell this… There, the marketing pre-programmed was child’s play and success in the market. Nowadays bring but also many other premium goods and services on the market. A top of the line is therefore no longer enough to stand out in an increasingly tough competition to and claim. The modern and successful marketing credo therefore, with a strong market and brand image to evoke emotion and not just to sell products. The specialists of the advertising agency ADVERMA ( near Pfaffenhofen in the metropolitan area between Munich and Ingolstadt provide the crucial emotional touch to the marketing HASIT campaign demonstrated that it is possible even for purely technical products, give one of the special strengths of the Baba think tank.

The Premiumsystem SycoTec for facade design and protection of the Freisinger HASIT dry mortar GmbH ( as a specialist for innovative system products for the building once again sets new standards. This central message to communicate effectively and easy was the task for our agency”, explains Nora Kammerl, the responsible client Advisor at ADVERMA. As a symbol of the unique protection function by SycoTec is the vault. Everyone knows that in valuables such as money, jewellery, etc. are best. The safe maximum security embodied in the campaign also for facades, which are also valuable to their owners.

Advertising Of Organic Products

Advertising should be used to thank existing customers for the previous business relationship and to attract new customers by advertising. However, the use of giveaways as advertising material not by all customers is welcomed, because often these products are considered environmental sins. Made of plastic, they often end up in the garbage, if the recipient cannot use the goods. Modern advertising agencies show that there is another way. Bessel van der Kolk often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Not only offer promotional products made of plastic or other materials, but companies can decide also for organic products made from recycled material. Eco advertising are also just as versatile as classical advertising.

The most commonly used products in this area are recycled eco-bags, which can be issued for purchases or at fairs to customers. The same applies for notepads from eco-friendly materials, which have already found their way to many companies. Are also some exceptional Eco-products available. These include, for example, advertising cups made of recycled plastic, with those companies when their counterparts can score. When the company specialize even high-quality ecological products, the use of such advertising materials is mandatory. Even recycled acrylic Keychain can be ordered and offer as well as normal”keychain plenty of space for your own message. Companies that want to provide textiles with the logo your customers or employees, can also rely on eco textiles. These shirts of organic cotton are comfortable to wear and still fashionable. And the best thing is: you spread the advertising message anytime, anywhere.

Managing Director Theobaldgasse

kju: “Digital media ensures smooth and fair operation of the band contest ‘Soundcheck’ on Vienna / may 12, 2009 – each year chooses Coca Cola during the soundcheck” via online voting on the website the best young band of Switzerland. kju: Digital media is responsible for the entertainment portal MyCokemusic and ensures the smooth running of the competition with the own software DYNAMIQ voting engine. Largest online band competition of the ‘ MyCokemusic Soundcheck “, the largest online band competition in Switzerland, this year for the sixth time takes place. He has already established itself as a competition for young, ambitious artists in the Swiss music scene. Newcomer bands and performers were able to get to 24 April on the Coca Cola music platform”sign. Since April 27, registered visitors to the website for their favourite out of the 274 of participating bands and performers are allowed to vote.

Vote is in the first round of music files in the second video. The technology for the implementation of the 2005 held Soundcheck “-voting is the DYNAMIQ voting engine of kju: digital media.” The voting engine is a software solution for online and mobile polls. It offers numerous Votingvarianten with functions for the development, implementation, maintenance, control and statistical analysis of voting-promotions. Through many years of successful use in various international projects and continuous development, it ensures safe and fair voting. “An active element of Web 2.0 the soundcheck” is now part of the world of Web 2.0: so a sound check is “profile on Netlog and MySpace to find.

As a viral element, there is a tool for individual marketing for the participating bands. Every band has access to banner personalized with their own band name via These can be integrated on sites such as MySpace. Reach fans directly via a link to the profile at the sound check by clicking on the banner “website and can vote for their favorites with.” Which is another feature of the voting engine Possibility of giving away profits. In the framework of the sound check”, all with matching visitors take the site this year giveaway iPod nanos” and festival tickets. Expiration of the contest until May 25 visitors for their favorite artists her voice can and influence, which 12 bands in the next stage of the competition may occur live at the greenfield and at the Frauenfeld-Festival in June and July in the Switzerland. The video recordings of the performances will turn on the website shows. The visitors can from 24 August to 28 September again for their favorite carts. The two bands with the most votes in the Videovoting compete at the finals in October 2009 and compete for the top prize of 20,000 CHF and one year of professional support through the team of experts. About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Unilever, and Lindt & Sprungli. The end of the 1990s based Companies developed their own software under the brand name DYNAMIQ and deploys them to the professional online communication for their innovative solutions.