The Crisis Of Medicine

Alexander Angelov is clear to all that is necessary to make everything that medicine is no longer in business – an interest in a healthy, not sick, the patient! On a global scale and with a large modern self-interest – it is possible only when correcting egoism – the interest of everyone in the health of all (as in one family). The crisis will reveal the interdependence of each against all, and then we will create a medical insurance benefit man. Michael Laitman One-third of the money from the Obama administration to stimulation economy, will be used to overcome the crisis in the U.S. medicine. But let's see what the background of this crisis? To save money, patients were less likely to visit doctors because every visit in addition to insurance requires extra money. As a result of artificially increased the price of insurance. Has also increased the number of expensive tests, drugs and procedures for each individual disease. Therefore, following the the rapid rise in unemployment is expected to guard the huge patient in need of public health insurance.

Hospitals, as well as banks, and the automotive industry, are in poor condition. A the government is trying to save the situation, using the same methods that brought medicine in crisis. This resembles the situation where a person working a huge hammer and damaging the walls, were asked to not changing sensitive tool to repair a Swiss watch. It is not difficult to foresee what will result. So what is the main reason for the crisis? It is – in our ego, which every day increases.

The Medicine

They are things that a family never forgets, no human being is capable to forget. Well, we have others ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ what remain livings creature in our memories, and TODAY, what it happened with our doctors, they do not bind more for its patients? The education seems not to be part of exercise of the medicine, the impatience took place in its day the day, the patient does not import more, the indifference is general, if we complain we are tumultuating the attendance, because we need to fight to be taken care of mainly well in the emergencies of our hospitals. The doctors had forgotten the oath made in the day the formation? The joy and the pride that its parents had felt? Therefore ahead of the attitudes of the majority, I am certain of that many parents if would envergonhariam of its children doctors. Still I see great doctors, true doctors in our city, but they are few. Our health is of badly worse, what to make? We have that to take some attitudes moan that some times have that to be through the shout, unhappyly. Please, our doctors come back to be ours ‘ ‘ doctors, who in them cause respect, pride and admiration! They are padroeiro Lucas of the doctors, great doctor and man of the Church, exactly that ‘ ‘ Doctor? he does not have religion, can be a great man, a great doctor, we go to follow the least one of the GOD orders ‘ ‘ To love the God on all the things and to next with you mesmo’ ‘ , because one day, with certainty, vocs will be patient, and then as it will be this in the future, if today vocs not to move of attitude. I still believe the human being, for this I believe that ours ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ they are good, they love its profession, they respect its next one, are only following the missed way, but still he has time to move and I am certain that vocs happyer and they will be carried through as professional if to follow the certain way. We go ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ we believe vocs!

Hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is whether or not we are healing our responsibility! We undertake always the full responsibility for our thinking, our language, and of course our deeds? No matter we learn what in life but also about has to do with ourselves. I am the cause of this condition or circumstance. It is to detect. But even if we do not recognize it there anyway. If we had with this awareness about life as a child it would have been very. The earlier we understand the laws of cause and effect more will make it easier for us and our health it is also our mood.

This means the we are also happy and of course simplifies this to succeed us also. Here I would like to add: the more people assume this responsibility more harmony and balance on the entire planet, and this would also very positive for our environment affect. None other than we ourselves can make it and cause. Everything happens to me has inevitably ME to do. Out of the victims and perpetrators match. Here we give only the responsibility on the other. But we submit to our power. Our power selbstbesitmmt to live.

Sore who want that. Is our assumption and our faith we are at the mercy of everything and everyone and can make anything, then get exactly these conditions as experience in our lives. We even can choose, because we have Yes the would will to think and believe what we want. However should we here also be clear that our thinking and faith have a very powerful effect. Once this is clear to us we will begin to decide what we want and what we believe. I would like to decide for me that only I and no one else decides my life and none about me has it means power but at the same time that I take full responsibility for everything in life even from the moment, regardless of whether it nice and pleasant or is the opposite. I was probably still in the consciousness of that diseases are quite normal and we am I get aches and blockades nothing can make. We are so to speak! Here, we have to change, that we begin to consider it so that all blockages in the body are a message from the psychological or even mental option in our consciousness. We have a blockage or become sick can we use always the possibility behind this watch. What is the message here? Is there something in my life that I don’t want to see, and I’m so ceramic care? I live in a part of my life against my own nature, against myself? If in and we feel really honest in our detailed questions on those in this direction, usually also very clear answers in us also take the time for us coming up. Our body expresses our emotional state. For example, in carpal tunnel syndrome that affects mostly due to tingling, numb hands. For clarification of the purely physical symptoms, we recognize the strictured nerve Canal and EV. a lot more. But what is that to us? The solution? Probably not even on the physical level for a long time. Through surgery, it is perhaps even better, but if we do not look at the issue behind it, the problems appear elsewhere. Again and again until we really look!

Holistic Education

Klein), philosophical concepts of Holistic Education (Jeffrey Kane), comprehensive understanding of being (Roger Prentice), Learning Communities (Mark Gerzon), different with very similar cultures (Atsuhiko Yoshida and Dr. Ramon Gallegos) etc. .. All dialogues with holistic thinkers, philosophers, writers, educators, scientists and mystics have one end that is the awakening of consciousness of human beings, seek to improve education, conduct the search for sustainable development on our planet. The dialogue of Dr. Ramon Gallegos with Atsuhiko Yoshida has very similar because it focused on the holistic development of education in Mexico and Japan, share the experiences of each country so geographically distant, but close in their holistic.

Yes there is a similarity between the two cultures, because Mexico has always been traditional in their ways, is moving toward modernity. In Mexico we have an education system that focused on quality ideas, procedures, records is most relevant for a better education and it is not true because cultivate humanity, integrity, nature is most important for each person. The objectives of each of the participants in these dialogues are to transcend, seeking unity between people living together in communities, preserve the values, promote respect, tolerance, accepting diversity, find the subject – subject – nature adopt an attitude of human consciousness, the awakening of the spiritual in every human being throughout the cosmos. Us Holistic and Teachers must make the change in the evolution of human consciousness in the sense that we are an integrative model for the educational process from the individual consciousness to the spiritual.

Greenhouse Gases

In Barcelona were the last talks on climate protection in front of Copenhagen. Russia will join the trade greenhouse gases. In Russia, make amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection. The Chinese are suffering from lack of drinking water. Cat first caught the virus of influenza A/H1N1. In Africa, the emerging new ocean. Scientists have decoded the genome of pigs, horses, and cucumber.

Russian scientists have developed a wind farm the size of a suitcase. Modern earthquake is an echo of ancient catastrophes. Animal-welfare advocates protest against experiments on animals. Rain water is safe for health. Photofact week: An unusual friendship in the world of animals. Overview of events for the week 02/11/2009 to 08/11/2009. In Africa, the emerging new ocean Back in 2005, scientists discovered in Africa in the Ethiopian desert rift fault, whose length is more than fifty miles, and in some places reaches a width of six meters. Scientists believe that over time the break may form a new ocean.

According to scientists, the break was formed just a few days due to eruption Dabbahu. Tectonic activity in the Great Rift Valley analogous to that which occurs in the oceanic ridges, sliding continents, for example, such activity occurs at the bottom of the Red Sea. New ocean, according to scientists, will connect in the future with the Red Sea of Aden Bay. Scientists have decoded the genome of pigs, horses and a cucumber last week appeared on several news decoded the genomes of plants and animals.