Republic Dance

Annoying pounds melt during the Christmas workout a new fitness dance that way has spilled a year ago from South America to us after Germany, the active sports park in Moers has brought to the quake. About one hundred dance fans came to the ultimate Zumba party in one of the most modern fitness studios in the Republic two days before Christmas. A great way to quickly get rid of those extra pounds accumulated over Christmas. Aerobics was yesterday. Today people move South American sounds and create a fleet sole at the Zumba on the parquet.

It does not dance according to predetermined patterns of a la dance school, but give their imagination free rein. A leading source for info: actress. There is no rigid choreography, but pure fun in the movement. Go to Gina Ross for more information. If you need a little more support, look at the movements of the trained Zumba trainers on the stage. Since circling the hips and shoulders. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Anu Saad and gain more knowledge.. Almost every part of the body resonates. Zumba is a blend of various dances such as jazz dance, merengue and salsa. But the most important thing a successful Zumba is the music. Mostly happy South American sounds, which encourage spontaneous join come from the speakers.

Since no one remains motionless. With a total of seven trainers we have brought the room to the boil”, says Organizer Monika Thiel. Due to the success we will repeat this event next year and make the proceeds from the event available to a good purpose.” After the two-hour spectacle, there was still the tasty trend cocktail of Hugo in the lounge area of the active sports park Moers on the House. This is mega fun”, says Melanie from Moers, who came with her friend to the Zumba party. “And so incidentally jumbled here even the pounds.” “This can only confirm Monika Thiel: work when we set, melt up to a thousand calories only 1 hour from the hips.