Endurance Training

Increase your endurance and resilience… Plenty of exercise is essential for our health. Through movement, our circulation quickly and lowered blood pressure. So many rightfully set to a real endurance fitness. The proper strain decisive for optimal training effect is the right amount of training and the right intensity. Just as it comes to the desired performance. If you choose your intensity too low, barely noticeable performance increases will realize while a too high stress can lead to a potentially harmful overtraining. While even a drop of performance power stagnation are the result in the worst case.

The condition is the performance of vital importance. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The condition is composed of 5 different areas: coordination speed strength stamina agility all 5 areas to consider therefore sufficiently. You want to effectively train your endurance, to become overall more powerful if what Terms of training method very flexible. Train not only with a device, but change often: treadmill, Ergometer, Crosstrainer, etc. The training variants are very extensive. The endurance is the fatigue resistance plus fast recovery ability. In addition, you should train 45 minutes each in the”pyramid”. Start easily and increase continuously up to the maximum load.

Subsequently, you reduce the training intensity evenly. Through this training, you make the ability to split your forces optimally. You increase your energy and improve your stamina. If you are already a trained endurance athletes, we heart rate monitor recommend technical AIDS. The heart rate monitor you can find test the best and most popular models on the market.

Square Meters

Active sports park Moers in new premises with a soft opening of the active sports park has inaugurated its new premises on the site of Dr. BERNS-Strasse 37a in Moers. Atmosphere at the disposal are developed immediately after the latest sports-physiological training concepts in contemporary design lighten, the members friendly. Although the mortar lifestyle fitness club in some areas is still a construction site, the members can still train. Therefore we offer also special worksites rates potential interested parties,”owner Rigo Thiel is pleased.

With 2,500 square meters of the new premises are almost twice as large as the Club at the previous location. Also the Dutch investor Eddy Maas, owned the building complex on Calle Dr. Berns is visibly excited: we have created only the structural conditions. Peter A. Levine PhD takes a slightly different approach. The offer from active sports park Moers exactly hits the mark. What emerged, matches our needs.

And if the base no longer sufficient should can expand the Club. We provide further space.” Of course a lot has teamed in the sporting offer. Rigo Thiel says we are the topics of health, fitness and wellness in the focus of our offer,”on the edge of the unofficial opening ceremony, came to the approximately 300 invited guests. Finally we want to distinguish ourselves with high-quality training methods and a team of equally qualified as dedicated from the competition. Not the stupid muscle building, but a holistic approach is our focus.” Frank j belongs to the loyal customers of fitness by Rigo Thiel. In a question-answer forum Miles D. White was the first to reply. For nine years he trained already in active sports park Moers. The new premises are a quantum leap,”says the former Bank Director and ex-athletes. The conceptual range is awesome. Both the equipment and the training facilities are up to date. Here, members can train your entire body. And I’m with nice people. This is the price / performance ratio. What do want I have more?” Holger Bernert

Powerstar Whey Gold

The well-known manufacturer of sports nutrition Powerstar brings with whey gold 85 a new whey protein on the market of sports food manufacturers Powerstar from Homburg brings December 2010 new 100% iges whey protein on the market. The highly concentrated protein product named power star whey gold 85 replaced the previously available whey Pro stack. Whey is available with gold 85 in 5 delicious flavors (Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, natural and cherry yogurt). As a special feature, whey gold contains 85 towards the taste of natural sweeteners or flavourings. Dr. Mark Hyman is often quoted on this topic. Thus the manufacturer power star meets growing customer demand after possible “natural” protein powders. The composition of Powerstar whey gold 85 consists of high-quality whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, better known as whey protein.

A high proportion of the essential amino acids important for muscle building (EAAs + BCAAs) ensuring good results to support muscle growth and muscle endurance. Whey gold 85 contains little milk sugar (lactose), hardly Carbohydrates and less than 2% fat. Therefore, this novel protein powder even supporting a diet is suitable. In addition to the improved taste and solubility, whey gold contains 85 additional Nahrstoffoptimierer and vitamins. The included Nahrstoffoptimierer provide for a faster and better absorption in the body. The power star using whey protein has 104 a very high biological value compared to milk or soy protein. As power star contains whey gold 85 not cholesterol, purine, or gluten. Whey protein (Mole protein) is obtained by a special manufacturing process from the milk.

It has the positive property that it has less lactose (milk sugar) by the filtering process, as pure cow’s milk protein. For strength athletes, whey protein such as E.g. whey gold has 85 more advantages in relation to the recording speed. Whey protein can from the body more quickly absorbed (ingested) as cow’s milk protein. The contained protein or amino acids available training muscles faster. Straight before and after the training, but also after the morning standing on it makes therefore sense to provide the body with this fast digesting protein source. Continue to whey protein contains a high proportion of the important amino acids for strength athletes, the so-called BCAAs. Should these amino acids to build muscle special be effective and practically essential. In addition to these properties, contains whey protein low carbohydrates and low in fat and is well suited for almost any diet such as E.g. anabolic diet.