Conflict Management

It is a sure way to conquer enemies and how to avoid conflict with people not knowing that the act is wrong because this person will lose the pride. If you are going to prove, and do not know anyone with such skill that nobody thinks he is doing. If two people are working and you see your partner you say wrong tube (I think I’m wrong. Let’s review other time “in this way managed to see their teammate’s mistake peacefully and without discussion) In other words there is no need to discuss with the client, spouse or your adversary. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr Jee Hyun Kim. And say that not mistaken, do not get mad; used little tact and diplomacy.

Show respect for the opinions of others. Never tell a person who is wrong. If you are wrong admit it if we know that in any case will be shown our mistake is not it better to win the front and recognize it by ourselves? Is not it much easier to hear criticism of our own lips that censorship of foreign lips? When we try to bring reason back and touch others with our ways of thinking and when we’re wrong admit it quickly and enthusiastically the error. That trend will not only yield amazing results. So if you rub the wrong admit it quickly and emphatically. A drop of honey (start in a friendly way) Do not forget to take into account that certain marital disputes etc., If it manifests a discussion, the most correct and wise to take the initiative yourself and start with friendly gestures to calm the conflict and the right way