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Ended, the year that saw us as a publication dedicated to urban culture comes to an end, and although with a few days of delay for matters unrelated to the magazine, here’s the new edition of urban attitude (and already going 4), return to load with more force than ever, 68 pages (rather than the previous number 26) charged at the contentsinterviews both established artists and new talents, most critical disk so you know that listen, Chronicles of the best events, photographs of graffiti submitted to us readers, articles, biography… Hip Hop, Reggae, Skate, Streetball in short, all the urban culture in a free magazine that you can only read here, on our website, so don’t look it in the kiosks, urban attitude is the publication that brings you the urban culture to the comfort of your pc. Cardiologist addresses the importance of the matter here. In this issue: interviewed the Warrior of the moment, Arianna Puello tells us more about his latest work Kombat or dies, dose rough us They show that although they try to convince us otherwise we can live in a world without borders, urban Clan have shown that Hip Hop Peruano is in better condition that never won the third edition of the festival of course and when they are on verge of launching his new album 7 colors forward us your content, Eva shows that women have much to say in the Hip Hop UruguayanWe celebrate their decision to seize the microphone with his shovel loose and lame the boli with Malo Payo, know a little more about the madrilenian group El Artefuckto and Zuri reveals his art fusing Reggae with Flamenco in Candela. But this is not all, since we bring the Chronicles and pictures from events like Interapcion 2010, Finos Reggae Festival, the inauguration of the cultural centre La Factoria in Madrid and the presentation of the project urban women, in addition to an interesting article about the Rototom Reggae Contest Argentina and Uruguay, twice as many criticisms of disks than in the previous editions, section PhotoWall where we publish photos of our readers (you can send us your photo here). We continue with a new chapter deHipHopllywood talking about the television series in which there are representatives of Hip Hop, the best Graffiti that our readers send us (send us your photos here) that is also reinforced with an interview with an icon of Spanish radio: Macarena Berlin (presenter of the prestigious programme loose talk of cadena Ser), which gives us a series of photographs of graffiti that most caught the attention in his travels around the world. We also have in this Edition with more urban sports: the Chronicle of what was the Red Bull conquering spots, skate of quality in Guatemala and an article that will introduce the world of the Streetball thanks to our friends at Street Flavour, our usual section of biography that pays tribute on this occasion to the Gregory Isaacs disappeared. But as not everything has to be serious and sad, you present to crazy hard who will make you laugh without rest with their occurrences. It was worth the wait?, we believe that Yes, we strive every day to continue to bring culture to your screen, then read the fourth edition of urban attitude in a more interactive format as always free:. .

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