Study Physiotherapy In Holland

Physical therapy is a profession for people, who like to be on the move and it is fun, helping other to smooth and painless motion. In the Netherlands, the physiotherapy is traditionally a very important field. Instead of a training is often offered in Germany at expensive private schools, there is a University of applied sciences studies, that despite his academic background in large part consists of practical exercises. John Craig Venter contributes greatly to this topic. In this context, the students work on realistic situations from practice or on specific cases. So they learn to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and to muster the necessary tact and finesse for the treatment of their patients. Also working in the team is regarded as very important and therefore constantly trained.

During their studies the students be accompanied by personal mentors, available for study questions and the career planning always to the side. The tuition fees in the Netherlands are currently in 1597 euro. German students have the opportunity Foreign BAfoG to apply for or to take different financing models of the Dutch State claim. “So it is possible, for example, to borrow the tuition or under certain conditions the so-called Studiefinanciering ‘ (student funding) to apply for from the Dutch state. After graduation, the students in the Netherlands receive the international Bachelor’s or master’s degree. Language of the lecture is generally Dutch or English.

During his studies, much emphasis is placed on internationality. The Netherlands are a popular destination for students from all over the world, and therefore the most degree programmes be designed so that graduates around the world can work. German students, who still do not speak the Dutch language, can complete an intensive study before. After passing the final test, they meet the necessary language requirements to study in the Netherlands. For admission to English language courses are no Dutch language skills required. Usually the school part of the qualification is sufficient for the matriculation at a Dutch University of applied sciences. However, the study a numers Fixus is occupied. This means that a lottery decides admission to study. An overview of what the Physiotherpiestudium in Holland is offered Dutch universities, is to see../medizin-gesundheit/physiotherapie.html more information about studying in the Netherlands there is Bahnhofstrasse 40 48599 under border concepts GmbH Michael Lahey Web Editor Gronau – Germany T. 02562 9938 111 F. 02562 9938 10 E. I. the border concepts GmbH operates the websites and. These are multimedia Internet pages to study abroad in Holland for students, teachers, parents, students and guidance counsellors with experience reports, online seminar and information about Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, universities, Language courses, admission requirements and funding opportunities. The border concepts GmbH is an organizational consulting for higher education marketing. The holistic marketing approach includes strategic marketing consulting and professional implementation of marketing strategies in the sales order. Performance range here from market research and analysis for accreditations, CI development, IT & Internet – consulting, developing service, community & Alumni concepts for universities and companies in the consulting area about the organisation of targeted promotion at trade fairs, events, schools & (new) media to the press communication, promotion teams training for trade fairs and call centers, as well as services in the field of in – and outbound telephony.