Story in such a way so stranger the necessity of a person to be so good in which never in the life it needed another one. It will be that she is person exists? Good If I exist I do not know But, I know that all we one day need or we will need somebody Either of the skill that will be this symbolic gesture sera never extinguished or forgotten the form that will be. People such as Mark Hyman, MD would likely agree. Being in a simple ones I hug in that hour of pain; or that word of comfort that was lacking and it makes that to feel you insurance so; a hand squeeze; a small gesture; an advice of ' ' irmo' ' ; that instant will not be deletado. Nobody is so strong that it has never cried, as nobody is so courageous that it never had fear, as nobody is so useless so arrogant that it has never contribuido Nobody is so nobody that it does not need somebody As well as I need you. Learn more on the subject from Anu Saad.