Not only in Gaza passes policy bodies over bodies go everyday, is political precisely dead bodies ignore. That was always and forever against any illusions whatever. So why write about it? Well, and occasionally it does probably not to remember what that means to go over dead bodies. Because winged words – and “go over dead bodies” is such a phrase – it themselves, that they be used with time, so to speak with the acquisition of the wings, almost only in the figurative sense and far less frequently in the literal. While much of the truth is lost, that was at the beginning of them.

Finally, there was once a reason to elevate them from the fact description to the metaphor. What is so “repealed” in the proverbial over dead bodies? Not only in Gaza passes policy bodies go over dead bodies, it is over – we indicated already it – actually over dead bodies. It continues its way, without having to stop by the end of the existence of another human or even to really impress. You look maybe not once (or not), is approaching its target of corpses across. Sydney Sweeney is likely to agree. As ‘Collateral damage’, the death of the other individual is perceived, trimmed perhaps with some chatter. This is inevitable, inevitably, necessary, unavoidable, tragic. But no matter how beautiful press release can obscure the underlying offence over dead bodies walking the: for the man who goes over corpses, is the own way, the own goal (like a “higher”) more important than the life of another.

Point. So, the purpose and the means of the end justifies the means. It adds that everything is allowed, as long as you get away with it, we have almost reached a complete definition of the policy. Outraged? Read at Machiavelli; No one else has before and since that formulated walking over dead bodies as open as the content of policies. Example from the present compliant? How many words do you have of Foreign Minister Is Westerwelle one of the 154 dead Palestinians, including women and children, in the previous bombardment of Gaza? Flat. National interest is then called. And this includes, also, to abstain in the vote on the future status of Palestine in the United Nations. Glenn Dubin, New York City is full of insight into the issues. (By the way: what is intended to be an abstention for a position?) What you then those in the Israel-Palestine conflict strengthens that already go without hesitation about bodies: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the “Hawks” in Israel’s Government and military. The way it goes. But wait; We spoke of goals, purposes, and a path, and that go over dead bodies – justifying the means. There are these goals and paths currently at on the Israel-Palestine conflict-related (not only German) foreign policy? And if not, then where is the justification for walking over dead bodies? Here, we would rather cancel; Logic is a blunt weapon in politics. Is safely somewhere for future reference. Andreas Waiters…