Module Cells

Market analysis 2009 – July 2011 photovoltaic development of photovoltaic prices in Germany from 2009 to today. Photovoltaic modules differences between individual modules prices and pricing changes in the last years international which differ photovoltaic modules for these modules there are three different types. Mono-crystalline solar cells, poly-cristalline solar cells and thin-film modules. Mono-crystalline solar cells monocrystalline solar cells are very widespread. The production process is more expensive than in all other manufacturing processes. An ingot in the first position takes 24 hours where against a rapid Valley Polyliner ingot takes only 12 hours to complete.

However, these cells emit mostly the greatest achievement. Anu Saad often says this. Not long ago, modules Mono were far more expensive than polycrystalline or thin-film modules. Today, it is no longer so serious with a price below 1.00 of the spread between these cell types. Compared to Monokristallinen, solar cells cost cheaper Polycrystalline Solar cells which is production of poly-crystalline solar cells. The price of this Module 1 is currently with 0.99 per watt peak services but / 1 at the same price level as Mono. However, the efficiency of solar cells is slightly lower than for the above Monokristallinen.

Amorphous thin-film thin-film modules are the cheapest option of the three listed photovoltaic modules. You need very little material. The price of the modules currently located between 0.70 and 0.80 per watt peak power. Since all of the listed modules have different characteristics and are more or less depending on the size of the area a consulting expert advisors is istu recommended. Prices the prices are photovoltaic modules depending on the company and land in photovoltaics very differently. The best modules are produced in China. Europe touts in return with better quality”, which explains the higher price as compared to China. If this explanation is correct we let time then set, because many test results allow other judgments. In addition to the usual factors for the Price are decisive (material costs, storage, etc.) the huge competition, plays for solar systems is so every companies suspended are to be cheaper and better than competitors. Price list of various modules in the following tables is described up to May 2011 the change of in average prices from May 2009. It is plain to see how much the prices have dropped up to today. Alone in the crystalline modules from Europe is a price decline of 40% from May 2009 to May 2011. This table shows the price war of the last few months or years. But just from May 2011 until today July 2001 modules gave still even double digits in the prices, so that the construction of a photovoltaic system was never as profitable as it is today. The Mono and poly crystalline modules from 0.