Voluntary Service

Apply now – voluntary service moves! The training will be ready soon and what comes then? The completion of school, training or study for many at the same time means a new beginning and the chance of the orientation. For this purpose, the development of voluntary service in Asia, Africa or Latin America is a good way. The Wetzlarer development organization network offers a voluntary service in Bangladesh for 2014-2015 committed young people. Over 90 young women and men have collaborated in the past 20 years as a volunteer in a project of the sending organisation on the ground.Moritz Goldbeck from Ulm is one of them. He made a one-year voluntary service network in Bangladesh until July 2013. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. It was the development and intercultural learning in the foreground. For the volunteers, the usage is above all an opportunity, the reality of life of the people of Bangladesh to deal with, to support the work of the network and the partners on the ground to gain work experience and to improve the own language skills.

Before the There is an intensive preparatory phase one-year use in Bangladesh. In addition to the individual training in country and project topics held weekend seminars at the offices of power in Wetzlar. The departure of the group is planned in August 2014. Local volunteers familiarize yourself first in a Bengali language with the language. During the entire period, the participants of the voluntary service is accompanied by Bangladeshi workers. And an intermediate seminar in Bangladesh takes place in February of the following year. The betting takes place mostly in rural areas. The volunteers support network partner organizations in Bangladesh in the areas of basic education, economic support, human rights and public relations.

The work plan will be customized in consultation. After returning from Bangladesh in the autumn 2015, held an evaluation seminar of the volunteer group. Together, the usage is reflected. The young women and men discuss experiences in development cooperation and plan your another engagement in the educational and public relations in Germany. NET is weltwarts”sending organisation of the volunteer program initiated by the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ). This financed much of the flight and subsistence in Bangladesh. An allowance in the amount of 100 euros per month of foreign available is for the volunteers. Come in enjoy of promoting young persons who are old at the time of service between 18 and 28 years. The candidate should have a school leaving certificate or a completed vocational training. Interested parties can apply until November 30, 2013. Detailed information about the development volunteers service network there photo: until July 2013, the 20 year-old Moritz Goldbeck from Ulm made a development volunteers service network in Bangladesh. Here is he talking to school a network – village in the District of Kurigram. Who is net Bangladesh? NET is a development organization, which Specializes in Bangladesh. As the nationwide solidarity movement network makes since 34 years partnership help for self-help: overcoming hunger, for the education of the poorest children and for the enforcement of human rights in the villages. The non-profit association is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.