You Can Lose Weight

Why someone can not gain weight by eating junk food, and someone continues to get fat, "sitting" on strict diets? How fortunate minority can easily get into the size "S", snacks and chocolates with a glass of soda, while unfortunate, most carefully count calories, follow the advice about proper nutrition, and slowly but surely moving towards "XXL" You guessed it – the case of metabolism, which have each – his own. Peter A. Levine PhD shines more light on the discussion. Why? Answers are many, but unique and common to all – no. Under most conditions abbott laboratories would agree. Yes, of course, plays an important role heredity. But as it turned out, that your humble servant, at least 10 pounds overweight, and her (Ie my) Mother's younger sister – underweight? Children are both. Tastes – the same (in a restaurant order the same thing, without saying a word). Diet (not too right) – too. Perhaps we have different metabolism. Otherwise how to reconcile with the fact that someone has bad hamburger "burn" without a trace, and someone laid on the thighs soy formula? Conclusion is very disappointing – that is done, nature can not be fooled.

He was born (or became) thick, and live Fortunately, this is not true. And metabolism can be "corrected." And the first thing to do – to stop hunger! That's right, you're right. You can not skip meals. Even when we eat "From the belly, but once a day, your body automatically switches to a regime of starvation metabolism and accumulates fat. Based on the fact that it is unknown when fed the next time.