Endemic Diseases Argentinas

These days of the austral autumn of 2009, you can take as a premise for a development, such that the part is in all, notions or the everything is in the part. So, I’m going from my intense experiences in a specific work such as transport in Argentina, to try to scale up chronologically to totalities, culminating today in the global evolution. Without prejudice to do emphasis in our personal experiences or that we have been handed down in direct dialogues with other people, not be denied, that we have watering in documentation, and these searches have been stimulated by the aforementioned experiences themselves and others; searches that subsequently have given more perspective for further experiences. A sort of continuous Feedback. Let’s go then to the triggering experience of this communication. It was a summer, I believe that the 1995. The octogenarian woman, was sitting in the entrance hall of the hotel that had been in the town of Riverside, province of Cordoba. We could surmise that It was the owner of the establishment.

On our tours we learned see many hotels that show past Splendors, with their now elderly owners, which allowed presuppose that the closure of that hotel would coincide with the death of its owner. In travelled further saw several of those old hotels already closed when not demolished also have seen that in those travelled, elderly people are more prone to the dialogue with outsiders. What’s more, I’ve met some who did incisive questions to try to know who was one and which was the purpose that fall visit by small villages. The issue is that we started a conversation with the Lady, and in one of its paragraphs mentioned with longing, when in the dining room of the hotel served forty Cafe con leche who looked to the motor car which passed through that station at dawn.


The adoption of a diet low in red meat has been associated with certain would improve symptoms and arthritic diseases status. The adoption of this type of diet may be useful in the treatment of arthritis. Then mention which foods are not recommended and what if they are recommended: food not recommended meat: red meat with fat, bacon, sausages and frankfurters. Dairy products: milk whole, butter and fatty cheeses. Some vegetables: tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, rhubarb, spinach and beets. Purine-rich foods: beans, cauliflower, spinach, lentils, asparagus, peas and mushrooms. These foods can be eaten in smaller portions, don’t necessarily have to remove from the diet.

Recommended food fish: Bluefish, sardines, mackerel, tuna, herring, etc. vegetable oils rich in omega 3: flaxseed oil, followed by canola or walnut. Other vegetable oils are soybean oil or wheat germ oil or hazelnut oil. Vegetables: sprouts, cabbages of Brussels, lettuce, broccoli, the beets, celery, asparagus, cucumbers, parsley, garlic, onion, etc. Other vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, courgettes, or chayotes. Fruits and seeds: apples, bananas, melons, watermelons, strawberries, avocados or cherries. Whole grains: rice, pasta and cereals, germ and wheat bran.

Soy products: soy milk and its derivatives tofu yoghurt soy, meat plant, etc. General recommendations 1. Do the exercises recommended by your doctor. 2 Gently stretch to achieve strength and mobility: remember that move is painful, but not moving destroys. 3. In the morning take showers or hot baths, this will help alleviate the stiffness. 4 Lose weight: the higher the envelope weight more effort and pressure will be imposed in the joints affecting your disease. 5. Reduce stress: the case of calm down and not do everything you would like to make in the days in which sits well since it would enhance your tiredness and pain the next day. In addition stress could cause muscle tension which could exacerbate arthritis. 6. Use natural supplements such as omega 3, which could act as an anti-inflammatory at the level of the affected joint. 7 Take a bath of Sun in the morning, this helps to synthesize vitamin D which is necessary to strengthen bones.