House Jewelry

Information days in the House of Jochen Schink design jewelry in Moers! Real unique are the jewels that carry emotions for a very long time and not lose their value – the antiques of tomorrow. Many people who have such unique pieces, have a special connection to it, wear them in the heart and appreciate the distinctive. Just – how do I know as a buyer, whether a piece of jewelry is high quality? How do I recognize a work of master hand and tell me material and gems? Often are the fascinating charisma that is almost physically felt, and feel, to see something perfect, already good evidence. But there are for the buyers of visible Abhaltspunkte in design, material and workmanship. Credit: Dr. Mark Hyman-2011. The goldsmith and Diolpm jewelry designer Jochen Schink knows the needs of its customers, who buy a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved ones.

The question “How do I use an exclusive jewelry unique?” comes up again and again. That has prompted him to take up this issue. He offers Special advice on avoiding annoying Fehlkaufe. Nancy-Ann_DeParle brings even more insight to the discussion. By the 20.11 up to November 22, 2008 can be free in a single conversation, inform anyone who want to know more about the right jewelry purchase.