Joint Rental Apartments

For most people in post-Soviet space housing problem remains unresolved, many live with their parents, waiting in line for expansion. But the vast majority live in rented apartments. Recently the increasing popularity begins to acquire a roommate – not the usual search criteria (price, conditions, transport, proximity to work Subway infrastructure of the area, etc.), and the search is conducted suitable neighbor, a man with whom it is convenient, comfortable and pleasant to live (a kind of forgotten Soviet communal apartments). Renting an apartment is very expensive, not all young people can rent an apartment on their own, as a consequence – Rent a room, another sleeping neighbors. When searching for candidates for special attention should be paid to the habits of potential neighbor (alcohol, smoking), the rhythm of life, children, pets, related to debris dirt and cleaning Accurate list should make yourself, then rent an apartment with the right person to help avoid possible tensions and conflicts. How to find a suitable neighbor? In the West, this method is called rent rummeyt (roommate), where he is a very well developed. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Carl Jung. There are plenty of sites where potential neighbors leave their questionnaires, it all looks more like a dating service. Theme of a room-mate by the way is dedicated to the famous American tv series "Friends." We rent an apartment with another sleeping is not very difficult, but finding a good neighbor is quite difficult. On the Internet there are 2 major projects that focus on a room-mate: and Sosedi.! Ru. See Eva Andersson-Dubin for more details and insights. Both the portal have a pretty large database offers, minus the first site lies in the fact that he is charged. People who are looking for a neighbor is not large, the majority seeks to anyone hooked. The easiest way to find a several suitable neighbors who need to rent an apartment in the same area of the city as you, and together go and see the options. The main problem in Moscow – metro (close to a particular station or metro line is often is the determining factor). Joint rental apartments – a great opportunity to arrange the division of labor: the schedule of cleaning, preparing women and men are repairing the elapsed crane. Unknown boy and girl can lift an apartment together in the future to solve not only housing but also the demographic problem.

Rental Con-Artists

Many find themselves in a situation when you have to leave their city and move to another city, such as in Moscow, the reasons for the move very much, this study, job search, a change of scenery, the conquest of peaks in a business or show business, but always reduce everything to one thing – the need to rent an apartment, well if you have relatives in Moscow, which let you live, but still closely with them for a long time you can not, and will have to find an apartment or room. Have the option of staying at a hotel, but it is very expensive and not all of it fits, at first fit an apartment. Now remove the visitor accommodation is not so difficult, but there is a chance to get to the scams. Any visitor to the the station will see people with signs: “rent an apartment, a room” or “apartments are Moscow, as many offer the suburbs, not knowing the city, I advise you to choose such proposals, a suburb of cheaper, and some areas even convenient for infrastructure. The most reliable way to rent an apartment is the agency, as they have the opportunity to rent an apartment for 2-3 months, during which time you will be able to find her grandmother’s room, which be cheaper for the first year of adaptation is the best option.

Apartments are rented lot, but still better book it in advance, first you have to know the exact cost of the apartment, and secondly you will not need go and bother in the first day in the not-familiar town. To advise all visitors to ask questions about the apartment completely, as cost options were increasingly provide unfurnished, ie there may be situations when you paid for all services coming to the apartment and apartment interior leaves much to be desired or apartment is empty, no tables, no chairs, no beds. And second, what should pay attention to this type of home, if you come in summer and not going to live in this apartment for a long time if you no difference prefabricated house or brick. If you come in winter, then get ready to the fact that the apartment will be cold and damp, whether it is necessary to you, or better to pay the extra money that would live in comfortable conditions. It is also not unimportant, especially for students, a line of Internet, now university professors do not hesitate to whether a person has the opportunity come out of the worldwide network or not, give the reference from which you can download material for the seminar. These few tips I hope will be enough to let you make the right choice and the first day did not fall into the hands of speculators.