Pacific Ocean

The area of Russian forests is increasing. In Russia, the growing demand for eco-tourism. Animal-welfare advocates asked the president to veto the 'inhuman' the law 'On the hunt'. Learn more about this with Dr. Mark Hyman. Took the longest solar eclipse of the xxi century. Cruise ships pollute the Baltic Sea. Ants are predicting a cold winter. Others including Glenn Dubin, offer their opinions as well. Climate change contributes to the spread of tick-borne encephalitis.

Scientists have developed new ways to protect against earthquakes and tsunamis. Global Warming reduces the size of the animals on the planet. Photofact: Eclipse, fires, heat waves, floods. Overview of events for the week of 20/07/2009 to 26/07/2009. Took the longest solar eclipse of the xxi century total solar eclipse began on Earth July 22, 2009 – Moon's shadow touched the surface of the planet in the Gulf of Cambay on the west coast of India in 4 hours 51 minutes 16 seconds Moscow time. A considerable part of Asia from India to China was plunged into darkness during the most long solar eclipse in the xxi century. In some areas on Wednesday morning, it was possible to observe a total eclipse, during which the moon eclipsed the sun for 6 minutes 39 seconds. Partial solar eclipse can be observed almost all of Asia.

The total solar eclipse can be clearly seen also in the southern islands of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. In China, the total eclipse lasted for about 6 minutes. Such a long eclipse, scientists have not expected sooner than 300 years. The last time China has experienced a similar phenomenon in the 19 century.

Greenhouse Gases

In Barcelona were the last talks on climate protection in front of Copenhagen. Russia will join the trade greenhouse gases. In Russia, make amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection. The Chinese are suffering from lack of drinking water. Cat first caught the virus of influenza A/H1N1. In Africa, the emerging new ocean. Scientists have decoded the genome of pigs, horses, and cucumber.

Russian scientists have developed a wind farm the size of a suitcase. Modern earthquake is an echo of ancient catastrophes. Animal-welfare advocates protest against experiments on animals. Rain water is safe for health. Photofact week: An unusual friendship in the world of animals. Overview of events for the week 02/11/2009 to 08/11/2009. In Africa, the emerging new ocean Back in 2005, scientists discovered in Africa in the Ethiopian desert rift fault, whose length is more than fifty miles, and in some places reaches a width of six meters. Scientists believe that over time the break may form a new ocean.

According to scientists, the break was formed just a few days due to eruption Dabbahu. Tectonic activity in the Great Rift Valley analogous to that which occurs in the oceanic ridges, sliding continents, for example, such activity occurs at the bottom of the Red Sea. New ocean, according to scientists, will connect in the future with the Red Sea of Aden Bay. Scientists have decoded the genome of pigs, horses and a cucumber last week appeared on several news decoded the genomes of plants and animals.