Living a Longer Life

HOW TO BECOME A Long longevity can be, even in our adverse environmental conditions. You need to understand that the health of an organism depends primarily on our food. With food the body must receive all necessary, and vitamins. Most Russians in everyday life, not food is rich in nutrients. Therefore, in order to become life-long food should be supplemented with useful substances is biologically active dobvkami (Badami). Source: Nancy-Ann DeParle. Today the market is a huge number of both imported and domestic dietary supplements. Some supplements stimulate the immune system or digestive system others on the genitourinary system or destroy tumors, etc. Anyone can pick up dietary supplements necessary for themselves.

For rejuvenation, healing is best to use dietary supplements restore the immune system, hematopoiesis, cardiovascular system, nervous system, or dietary supplements combined effect of the whole body. The most effective is the combined effect BAS preparation Photostim. This drug has a Registration Russian Ministry of Health certificate. Photostim has been clinically tested (and shown good results) at the Moscow Institute of Hematology and Medical Sciences at the Moscow Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Center named. NN Blokhin. The drug has an excellent rejuvenation. Rejuvenation of the body is due to activation of autologous stem cells.

Photostim selectively accumulate in diseased, old, the tumor cells of the body and destroys them from within through photosynthesis oxygen. It not only cleanses the tissues, organs and systems of the body of unhealthy cells, but also contributes to the regeneration of new young and healthy cells, including stem cells into action. Thus obtained an update rejuvenation and recovery of all tissues, organs and body systems .. Feedback from women taking Photostim cosmetic effect is 10-12 years. Here, Joint Commission expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Olga Pershin, 48, suffered fatigue, pressure surges, low resistance to viral infections, stomach pain and lower back. In March, took a course FOTOSTIMA 100 ml. Two months later, felt a significant change. But four months later felt himself completely healthy. Smoothed out the wrinkles around the eyes, younger skin in upper chest, breasts got previous form and elasticity. At work, no longer quite tired. Began to notice on his views of men. Her friends are asked to share a secret magical rejuvenation Volodin, Peter, aged 57. Before taking Fotostima complained fatigue, deterioration serdnchno the circulatory system, joint pain, low libido, chronic prostatitis. In April, took Photostim 100 ml. After two weeks, felt that in the body that something is happening. It's hard to describe, but feel that there some updating. After two and a half months, too, felt completely healthy. Ultrasound prostate cancer showed a slight decrease in the tumor, stopped overnight trips to the toilet. Improved mood and significantly increased efficiency, was stare at women, even his wife was jealous. Photostim amazing product that is not ashamed to recommend to friends .. For more information about a magic drug Photostim please visit WWW.DISTORG.RU or by phone. in St. Petersburg 812-946-35-59 leading specialist company Evgeny Viktorov


Characteristic of radiation, neutrinos ropeniya; ESR in uncomplicated cases is not improved. Mild cases of flu can sometimes occur without fever (afebrile form of influenza). Complications: pneumonia (10% of all patients and 65% of hospitalized influenza patients), frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis, toxic myocardial damage. During the influenza epidemic diagnosis is not a hardship. In mezhepidemicheskoe time for influenza is a disease is rare (3-5% of all cases of ARI) and takes place often in the form of light and erased forms.

In these cases, influenza is difficult to distinguish from other acute respiratory infections etiology. To confirm the diagnosis of influenza virus detection is used in the material from the mouth and nose, as well as the identification of specific antibody titer rise in the study of paired sera, the first serum taken before 6th day of illness, the second after 10-14 days, a diagnostic rise in antibody titers 4 times or more. Treatment. Influenza patients being treated at home. In the hospital refer patients with severe influenza complications, with severe concomitant diseases, as well as the testimony of an epidemic (from the hostel, boarding, etc.). Left for home treatment is placed in a separate room or isolated from others through a screen. Allocate separate dishes, which boiling water is disinfected.

Individuals who care for patients, should be a four-mask of gauze. During the febrile period the patient should be in bed. We recommend heat (hot water bottles to the feet, torrential hot drink). For the prevention of bleeding complications, especially elderly people with high blood pressure, should be recommended green tea, jam, juice or chokeberry, grapefruits, as well as vitamins P (rutin, quercetin) in combination with 300 mg ascorbic acid per day. Is an effective means of influenza donor gamma-globulin, which is prescribed for severe influenza the earliest possible time (6 ml for adults, children 0.15 – 0.2 ml / kg).

The Name

OIL LADA: Incredibly rich smell, it is useful in blends to enhance spirituality and meditation software. Before application to the skin, thin, can irritate the skin. LIME OIL refreshing aroma, is used for purification and protection. Lemon oil is used in the lunar oils. Apply to the skin diluted in a full moon. Use cleansing and healing. OIL lemon grass: This oil increases mental perception, and is used for purification. OIL Lippi (lemon verbena): Usually sold under the name 'Verbena' Rich, lemon flavor is perfect in love mixes BOUQUET LOTUS: added to dilute the mixture of spirituality, healing and meditation BOUQUET MAGNOLIA: Excellent addition to mixtures of meditation and mental perception, but also for love.

MANDARIN OIL: This strong odor permeated the power of the sun. Add it to the mixtures to increase energy and strength. Myrrh oil: Can be added to the mixtures for spirituality and meditation. Often used in healing mixtures. JUNIPER OIL: Resinous oil is used for protection, cleansing and healing. BOUQUET bergamot MINT: Used in rituals for money and protection. Add the bouquet diluted in the bath for this purpose.

OIL NAYAULI: Exotic smell nayauli is excellent in formulas for protection. Neroli oil: Also known as Fleur d'Orange. Incredibly rich, citrusy apomat and very expensive. However, a drop that is added to a mixture of happiness and purification works wonders. Patchouli oil: Used in blends for money sex and physical energy. Dilute and apply on the body for this purpose. Peppermint oil: This familiar scent is excellent for cleansing.

The Crisis Of Medicine

Alexander Angelov is clear to all that is necessary to make everything that medicine is no longer in business – an interest in a healthy, not sick, the patient! On a global scale and with a large modern self-interest – it is possible only when correcting egoism – the interest of everyone in the health of all (as in one family). The crisis will reveal the interdependence of each against all, and then we will create a medical insurance benefit man. Michael Laitman One-third of the money from the Obama administration to stimulation economy, will be used to overcome the crisis in the U.S. medicine. But let's see what the background of this crisis? To save money, patients were less likely to visit doctors because every visit in addition to insurance requires extra money. As a result of artificially increased the price of insurance. Has also increased the number of expensive tests, drugs and procedures for each individual disease. Therefore, following the the rapid rise in unemployment is expected to guard the huge patient in need of public health insurance.

Hospitals, as well as banks, and the automotive industry, are in poor condition. A the government is trying to save the situation, using the same methods that brought medicine in crisis. This resembles the situation where a person working a huge hammer and damaging the walls, were asked to not changing sensitive tool to repair a Swiss watch. It is not difficult to foresee what will result. So what is the main reason for the crisis? It is – in our ego, which every day increases.