Pop Art

This act at the same time bring to the limit of his own fame, highlighting her completely animated character, like the book element comics of our everyday perceptions. Self-portrait he called 'The Shadow', and it regains consciousness in the past, like a scene from childhood, when you listen to the radio voice of a superhero and a fantastic way are identified themselves with this voice. His self-portraits were injected his personality into the sphere of popularity and fame, giving the public a product to fuel the imagination. They freed him, his image was separated from the body. Warhol liked to find ways to dispose of his body as he like. Warhol's interest to the characteristic of our society and the embodiment of objectification, and his desire to deal with this embodiment with regard to his personality consistently manifest not only in his portraits, but in the rest of his work, which is open elects product as its subject: this says his work in advertising, his early paintings in the style of Pop Art, depicting consumer goods, the later series 'Advertisements' and others.

In 'Before and After "(1960) clearly visible line between the' personification 'of portraits of Warhol and the aesthetics of the object of consumption, which ensure advertising and consumption. Considering the 'Before and after' in the context of interest to the author's portrait, the work becomes an allegory for his portraits and impersonation, which is contained in it. As such, this work may well be the advertisement appears to offer services as a portrait of Warhol. Of course, advertising c proposal to change the shape of the nose reflects the characteristic of the paradigmatic mode of ad standard promises that give all the goods – a new face, an improved version of yourself. As a consumer and supporter samoprozvannogo cosmetic surgery and his own portrait services, he well knew temptations of dentures, a public entity.

Russian Music

Classical Music on the establishment (in my opinion) – it works created in the 20th century and earlier, the majority of the most beloved now classic works, in my opinion, written in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and are distributed between these ages, they almost uniformly. Almost the same popularity of modern and old music and songs is understandable. Returning to the interpretation of statistics on the time of creation, I want to draw your attention to the almost equally popular and modern and old music and songs. This situation is understandable. There is no doubt that requested by most modern music and songs of youth: it popular songs are from the brilliant TV, symbolizing the success of mostly young singers and musicians, to which so wants to join almost every young person. People are older for the most part have already decided in my life. Click Teneo to learn more. They do not see a flare periodically and dying 'green' example for sprockets. Therefore, the average generation prefers discard "husk", focusing on proven their experience and emotions cause coveted pieces of music.

Fortunately, for the life they've heard plenty of young people and they have something to remember and to choose from. The older generation is largely nostalgic, wanting to listen to the first song of his youth and the classics. I am far from thinking that pensioners day and night "hang" on the Internet (although there are others). But do, for example, order grandson, they might as well. Statistics on the Russian and foreign musical works.

Economic Achievements

You’ll know the way to live and we’ll help you. Without money, not live, we will help you on your need. Much money you will not, but from hunger and you will not die ‘.-‘ What is your third wish? ” – Asked zhenschina.Malchik replied: – “I would like to drink delicious water, which I saw when my mother took me to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, with thick glasses.” aliens were again taken aback, they did not know what is a faceted glass. The woman began to explain to the Captain that this capacity for drinking, only glass, kristalloobraznoy formy.I, referring to the roller, and said: – “We will change your genetic code and show you your future” – hastened to explain: – ‘The genetic code must change to ensure that you purchased, the appropriate skills and able to live a new life. “She took a vial of clear blue material with rounded edges, and raised the boy until filled half as transparent as crystal viscous liquid .- ‘It is necessary to drink.

Pinch your nose with your left hand, try not to breathe. We need to do three sips. If you take three sips, nothing to talk about birds and animals will be fully understood. Only three sips. “The boy raised his glass to his mouth with the thought that such a trifle as three sips worth nothing, and made the first, holding his nose with his fingers.