Improve Profitability

Given the current economic situation, every day we hear stories of liquidations, poor sales and purchases decreased margins. However, Retail Media offers a positive solution for commercial premises: to direct to customers at the point of sale, greater influence in its decisions can be obtained. Mood Media, leading provider of solutions for audio and sensory marketing for brands and trademarks of everything the world summarizes his experiences in the current market. Tibor Kovari, executive director of the United Kingdom, says: in a situation in which all look at costs, sellers are looking for the profitability of any investment made. Brands invest much money in traditional methods, such as television, billboards to outdoor, sponsorship, online advertising and radio every year. However, Mood Media believes that now is the ideal time to evaluate and question these expenses in traditional marketing routes and consider investing in something that will generate sales of truth, i.e. at the point of sale of business premises.

With the music marketing and environment, sellers can create a shopping experience entertaining that increase the duration of the visit of the buyer, improve their brand image and increase money spent on the establishment. To generate higher profits, many shops are starting to make use of the sensory marketing signage solutions using digital and retail music. Digital signage uses graphics moving to entertain, promote and communicate with visitors to the shop to improve the brand image and the establishment. You can be a great profitability if it announces via conventional marketing networks and improves the environment and marketing in the commercial premises. Mood Media, ABC Media, British advertising partner conducted an investigation and found out that sales can be improved by 25% if carried out advertising campaigns within the premises. Studies carried out indicate that the atmosphere of your commercial property can alter way important your brand image.Sensory marketing that uses music background of DMX Music or auks and even olfactory marketing to non-verbal level can alter the behavior of its customers in the commercial space subtly. Many customers of Mood Media consider sensory marketing as an opportunity that is worth exploring, especially digital networks and marketing in the commercial premises.The promotions also want to advertise their products in establishments. Sensory marketing in the commercial premises can add much value to the sales market to the retail. Mood Media works with brands such as the co-operative Group, HMV and Marks & Spencer. Some international brands include Volkswagen, Vodafone, ING Bank and many others.

Beauty Health

Certainly, for each there will be a response perhaps as many as human beings. We have to contemplate and encompass the following aspects when it comes to apply health to beauty and to achieve this balance. Physical appearance obviously have to be taken into account because without health we can not enjoy ourselves. Then when assessing beauty treatments should analyze the risks, adverse reactions, side effects and counterproductive in practice we are going to make us. From the point of view psychological, which always is relegates to a background at the time of the assessments in this case, also will be changes depending on the treatment to be performed.

Said field, the psychological has far-reaching subject. If we examine what are the reasons that lead us to submit ourselves to certain beauty treatments, we can clarify that great part of the reasons are social, due to a stereotype of model of bodily beauty that is installed as a pattern or paradigm to follow without contemplating the personal differences. The only stereotype has an objective purpose on women, and is somehow subject to perfection and demand. This television game, contests of beauty and only marketing has managed to sicken countless natural and beautiful women and push them toward a career by getting the precious object of desire that is the body.He has managed that too many people autoimpongan rejection and are immersed in a State of depression, excessive self-control and pain to get that good of so high and preposterous value.Nor is it healthy to play the victim game, because each one chooses who adhere and decide whether it complies strictly with the canons and social dogmas or simply is itself a unique and strong subject.