Sjogren’s Syndrome will affect my life? This is one of the questions more complicated answer, so I will only say that will depend on you. You will need to get to know your own body, you have to learn to listen to it, has to learn that it cannot require your body more than you can give, have to learn about their disease, and work on the best ways to cope with your symptoms, I hope that this blog will help you to find the knowledge, the tools and the positive prospects for making your life easier. You going to change your life? Definitely. It is going to change for the worse? I would say that simply will be different and will have to learn to prioritize, and experiment with the best ways to solve their particular problems. Relationships and life is going to change, but I hope that you will find the way to accept and deal with these circumstances that cannot be changed, and ultimately the use of his illness to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of life.

Is Sjogren’s syndrome contagious? No the Sjogren’s syndrome is not contagious. You can not infect another person, and another person nor could infect it you. Can you inherit Sjogren’s syndrome? No, it is not inherited directamentela autoimmune disease, although it is possible to inherit the susceptibility to develop autoimmune diseases, autoimmune diseases tend to cluster in families, although autoimmune diseases are manifested in different ways in each Member of the family, for example an aunt-grandmother could have had a cousin, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and you have Sjogren’s syndrome. Since these diseases overlap, may also have more than one disease or another disease symptoms. What I did to develop Sjogren’s syndrome? Nothing. You are not responsible for having the disease.

Its likely genetic composition mind makes your immune system capable of reacting to an external agent, to a virus or environmental exposures. Until this moment, we don’t know how to avoid the disease, and we don’t have vaccines to prevent it. Is can you have children? Yes, you can have children. You have to be under medical care during pregnancy. Is Sjogren’s syndrome serious? Yes! just look at all the symptoms possibles listed. You will learn on this blog about the possible consequences on the quality of life, work and relationships, and organs and affected systems, the risk of Lymphoma (5 percent) and risks during pregnancy. However, you will also learn some positive steps you can take to cope with the effects of Sjogren’s syndrome. Can you die from Sjogren’s syndrome? Not until now has said that Sjogren’s syndrome is seriio but not mortal, you have to be being monitored by their doctor of choice a rheumatologist regularly, and if you are following the instructions and treatment as your doctor Indian it, please rest assured that you will live for a long time.

Sjogrens Syndrome

By Sjogren’s syndrome strikes more women there is no clear answer, but if it is true that nine out of ten patients with sjogren’s syndrome are women, and the most we are diagnosed at the rrededor of 45 years of age or older. However anyone can have sjogren’s syndrome, including men and children. Sjogren’s syndrome does not difencias between races or ethnic groups. He is said that women are more susceptible to diseases, autoimmune, and as we know sjogren’s syndrome is a disease auto-inmume, where our own white cells called lymphocytes attacking our own body. Well as you said is said, several of the women are diagnosed in the period of the hormone changes, such as during pregnancy, after birth of the baby, or about menopause.

According to a scientific theory women are more susceptible by our hormonal system, and these hormonal changes make that you worse disease. The immune system of women is more complex than the male. Women need more studies of sjogren’s syndrome to obtain data more accurate, especially about the age. While most women are diagnosed after age 45, you could be giving by fact that the majority of people develop the disease until that age. But it could also be that the doctors do not recognize the disease when it appears in young people. Mouth secay dry eyes are the primary symptoms and are relatively easy to recognize when compared to other less obvious symptoms. But many people do not suffer from a severe dryness as recognize it until several years later when already is one greater perosna dryness of sjogren’s syndrome can increase and worsen over time, chronic inflammation damages to our body moisture-producing glands, and finally the dryness is exacerbated at the start of menopause. While the doctors are accustomed to treat, or search for sjogren’s syndrome in women of this age, this will just continue, and so we can not know if our disease started years before having a diagnosis.

Dryness and discomfort inflamacionesLos can raise or lower, some days may feel less drying than other days, inflammation comes and goes, some factors may contribute to these effects. some medicines can decrease dryness. Some foods can increase dryness, any of these could be caffeine, if your mouth or your eyes feel annoying avoids coffee and tea, air could contribute to the dryness. Stress, fatigue and lack of sleep can worsen the symptoms of any disease, and sjogren’s syndrome is not the exception. We have to educate ourselves and educate our family, friends and the world for that Conosca about sjogren’s syndrome, and when visiting your doctor ask… sera sjogren’s syndrome? No matter the age that have, must be ruled out this possibility until it is late. Please leave a comment to know that what is you would like to read here…