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April is a month in which are held many events in Europe and is the perfect time to visit Spain. No too many tourists and the car rental is very simple, which travel from one city to another and learn more about this wonderful country is within the reach of everyone. It is in the month of April is celebrated when the April fair of Seville, which is one of the most famous festivals in Europe. Held in Sevilla, capital of Andalusia (Spain), was officially inaugurated on Tuesday midnight, normally 2 weeks after Easter, and ends with a fireworks show the following, also at midnight Sunday. In fact, the Feria de Abril is a species of Spanish version of the Octoberfest in Germany.

The feast of the Feria de Abril is the essence of Andalusian Spain and is basically an event that lasts one week in which Flemish parties, equestrian shows and a large agricultural fair are held. This year is day 20 to April 25, a time of incredible to be in Seville and take advantage of year for live the experience of the fair. The fair is not held in the center of the city, but in a compound of sheds of tarpaulin called Real of the fair which is constructed for the event in the part South of the Puente de la Barqueta, on the Guadalquivir River. This enclosure is made up of more than 1,000 brightly colored canvas tents called huts, inside of which the action is concentrated during the Feria de Abril. The fair began in 1847 as a fair of agriculture and livestock, and over the years has become a purely Sevillian tradition. Tents that were erected on the current grounds served to maintain fresh traders under a scorching sun, and were gradually installed small stalls of food in the vicinity of the fair. The celebrations are full of life and colour and costumes are impressive. Men wear traditional Andalusian costume, short jackets, boots and safoes, and women dress with Spanish traditional dresses that are a mass of flyers in colors vibrant.

Today, Seville is considered the home of music and flamenco, also known as Seville, culture since many composers and many of the songs are from this city and, definitely, during the event you can see some of the best dancers of the flamenco world. Seville and Andalucia are known throughout the world for its bullfights and their horses. La Maestranza is probably the most famous plaza de toros of the world and, every night, from 6: 30 pm in the afternoon, can go to the Plaza de Toros of the Maestranza de Caballeria in the Centre of Seville and see many of the best bullfighters in the world in action. If theirs are the horses, then you must be raised and the street around noon to witness the promenade of the horses, which is a spectacular parade of beautifully decorated horses and dresses run by horsemen and horsewomen carriages with the traditional Flamenco costume. The Feria de Abril is an extremely joyful event that will allow you to know deeply the life and the Spanish customs. Simply book the flight, car hire Spain, drive to Seville and long live the explosion of light, music, dancing and wine held in the Andalusian capital for a whole week.

Allergies – When The Body Is Defending Itself

As allergy is understood in medicine an overreaction of the immune system to normally harmless substances. These substances, called allergens, depending on the type and cause different reactions and even death. Some symptoms of allergic reactions are runny nose, swelling of mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, respiratory problems, skin rashes and eczema, vomiting, diarrhea and in extreme cases, an anaphylactic shock. Allergies can occur both seasonally and year-round may be caused – for example by the pollen. We suffer from one or more allergic reactions that should necessarily an allergy test be performed because of allergies, if left untreated and in chronic diseases such as asthma. If you want to get tested, this can in general or the allergist can perform. There, under medical supervision so-called provocation test is performed. This means nothing else than that one associated with a number of allergens in contact and the response of the body is observed.

If these tests bring no information, the doctor may also notice some blood test means allergies. What causes allergies? Apart from genetic factors is probably the environmental pollution is a significant factor in the increased incidence of allergies. The currently much-discussed fine dust is suspected to act as carriers for allergens, making them easier to get into our lungs. The warming is believed to play an increasing role because as trees respond to climate change with an increased emission of pollen. Another assumption is the underuse of our immune system. Since we live in a more hygienic environment, and hardly ever come with certain bacteria or parasites in contact, it would allow the immune system have changed over to the defense of harmless structures. It has been established in countries with less stringent hygiene standards, a reduced incidence of allergic diseases. Also stress and changes in dietary habits may play a role in the development of allergies.

Therapies allergies are usually treated symptomatically. That is, to be administered drugs that relieve the symptoms of allergy or prevent. In severe cases, the carrying of drugs is even vital. In people with insect allergies is usually prescribed a shot of adrenaline, which in the case of an insect sting prevents anaphylactic shock. This syringe should always be worn with them for emergencies. The best measure is still avoiding the contact with the allergens. This may consist of the installation of pollen protective filters in air conditioning (pollen allergy), avoidance of contact with cats or dogs (animal dander), regular cleaning of the mattresses (house dust mite allergy), waiver of certain foods (histamine intolerance) and much more. Another possibility is the implementation of a specific immunotherapy. In the SIT or desensitization slowly increased doses are administered to the allergen, which means that the body’s Protection against the foreign body is gradually lowered. This type of therapy usually takes weeks or months and be repeated at certain intervals. The success lies with 70-90 percent, depending on the type of allergy. Anyone who recalls the advice and tips keep the doctors and avoid contact with triggering substances (one can prevent him quite often not), the allergy is possible even despite a normal and almost pain-free life.


The different aspects of the development if they interlace, being difficult to distinguish them, but all are of basic importance for the human development. The perspectives of study on the human development and its differences have as it has detached the Ambientalistas that believe that the children are born as a flat board, that learns by means of imitation or effort. For the Inatistas the children already are born with everything nothing are learned in the environment and yes only gone off by this. The development is constructed from an interaction of the child with the way is what they believe the Construcionistas theoreticians who have as Piaget icon. The Sociointeracionistas that has as Vygotsky reference says that the human development if of the one in relation in the exchanges between social partners through interaction and mediation.

These perspectives look for to understand the human development breaking of conscientious and unconscious motivations of the child, emphasizing its conflicts during the infancy and for the remaining portion of the life. Having in consideration all the theoreticians, such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Freud, Skinner, among others, all they bring in its theories something of supreme importance for one better human development, making with that in elapsing of the time the people, in special the educators they perceive the possible difficulties of the children and can help with the aid of specialists to detect certain riots that later appear. Therefore the human development means to know the characteristics common of a etria band, allowing to recognize the individualities. All these mentioned aspects previously have basic importance for the education. To plan what and as to teach implies in knowing the pupils and as these learn, of form that the action to teach has resonance in the act to learn. In case that this complicity of the actions does not happen to teach and to learn the educative process will be compromised.


Small sampling carried out for this job, and probably for some reasons that have been exposed, and by others that eventually will have failed to detect in the framework of this study, it could be concluded that performance evaluation system serves some of the issues that chases but fails to to good account for part of the expectations of the various stakeholders of the organizations that are, ultimately, who with their individual work should achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. Some authors on the subject, such as Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins, go further and ensure that 80% of the companies make assessments of performance and, however, 90% of those that do it, and a similar percentage of those who evaluated and are evaluated are dissatisfied with this procedure regardless of the exact percentage – which could be far away from the risky by these studies – it would be naive to assume that existing systems are the panacea or close to it. There are numerous problems that undermine their primary objectives but that can certainly be minimized or mitigated. First, recognizing them and then with work. This analysis concludes that positively current performance evaluation techniques help truly valuing human capital, to diagnose its performance, build a learning that can lead to the improvement and finally to achieve the objectives pursued by the Organization but that, however, must also recognize is their unfavorable edges; motivated by some of the features mentioned in this work, that lead to convert to the system of performance evaluation in a non-functional practice that contrasts with the primary objective of optimizing the overall work of the organisations, and ends up materializing in one of the first devices with which officials adjusted their timely game variables, or sometimes in the best of casesin a mandate more to meet with superiors, transforming into a bureaucratic formality devoid of sense. More information is housed here: josh harris devils. Minimize some of the issues of possible contradictory impact mentioned in this work It could, perhaps, help to decrease the negative connotations of the evaluation of performance and contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Scientific Psychology

We can affirm that scientific psychology was product of the philosophical interaction and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular of the sensorial one, being considered Germany as his cradles to later break through by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhem (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology The goal of psychology is the study of ” processes conscientes” or what Wundt considers part of ” experience inmediata”. For Wundt, the psychologists do not study outer world Rep, study the psychological processes by which we experienced and we observed the outer world. In addition they are not possible to be separated to themselves of his objects of study since they study his own conscious processes. The tool of the psychologists is autoobservacion experimental or introspection, being this one a rigidly controlled process, that is not limited autorreportes, but includes objective measures as well as reaction times and association of words. Wundt locates psychology between physical sciences and natural sciences; Similar the experimental methods and of investigation to those of physical sciences to document are used for psychological questions like an inductive, experimental science.

The approach of Wundt is the one of a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt thought that the language, the myths, the aesthetic one, the social religion and customs are reflections of our mental processes more stops; For him these processes cannot be manipulated or be controlled, reason why it is not possible to study them of experimental form, but by means of the historical registries and Literature and naturalistic observations. It conceives in addition one third branch to the psychology that Integra the empirical findings of this one, with other sciences, the Metaphysical scientists. The objective of Wundt (expressed in the text) is the establishment of psychology like an original science, that it integrates to social sciences and the physical ones.

Healthy Living

Increase of comfort in the living environment with the refurbishment of health is a high priority for the people of our time. For the 21st century, economic and yet healthy living, living and working is promoted as the central theme and already long become a real economic factor. The complexity of modern life makes high demands on the physical, mental, and spiritual powers of man. Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed out, because health is holistic or alternative, become a great necessary field. The proportion of people who want to spend more money for maintaining the health, for the increase of vitality and well-being, will continue to rise because the big trend towards a comprehensive feeling of well-being connects the people of this century. Health becomes the mega industry.

“Healthy living basic need of life the concept of healthy living” is not explained scientifically and is generally widely with healthy air and freedom from contaminants associated. So the idea arose primarily through the application of certified building materials with low emissions to achieve the biological quality of buildings. In addition, the compliance with limit values according to scientific ensures health from damage caused by technical radiation already. The claims of the last three decades are simply ignored by the construction of highly insulated and airtight buildings that can be seen next to an uneconomic payback efficiency as a significant health hazard. Increasingly, the reports of people who in modern buildings, schools and places of work, after a prolonged stay uncomfortable and are no longer powerful pile up in newspaper articles. WHO speaks of sickening houses”, known in the jargon as Sick Building Syndrome. Regardless of the modern building culture promotes constantly new, seemingly harmless technologies or building materials, their biological effects on living systems but completely is unknown. The climate in the living, sleeping and working areas seems to involve the well-being and health of people, especially since there are people in our zone of more than 22 hours in confined spaces. Josh harris 76ers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But the assurance of biological qualities for home health in these areas, is so far not included in the catalogue of demands of the construction standards. Practical solutions for creating healthy habitats, which convey a sense of well-being and comfort or

Physiology Force

Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), Nobel Prize in medicine and Physiology (1912) and famous man, this unknown author wrote with respect to the matter that it encourages souls: prayer is () the shape of most powerful energy that man is capable of generating. It’s as real as the Earth’s gravity force. As a doctor I have seen patients that after having tried other therapeutic means, without result, they managed to free themselves of melancholy and disease, through the serene effort of prayer. It is this, in the world, the only force that seems able to overcome the so-called laws of nature. There are many people who are limited to see in prayer () a haven for the shy, or just a requested child motivated by the desire for material things. Conceived in these terms is belittling it wrongly.

() Said Emerson (1803-1882) nobody ever prayed without that you have learned something. () The deepest wellspring of power and perfection that is within our reach has been miserably abandoned. () If the force of prayer was put into action in the lives of men and women; If the spirit to proclaim their intentions clearly, invictamente, there would be confidence then that are not in vain our desires for a better world. Watch that no cite opinion no zany Mystic, but a respected man of science. Anyone who suffers, since the Hut to the Palace, with security already had the opportunity to check that reality.

Independence from the pain with a strong heart is only achieved. It is not so, Dona Rosalina? * Caritas Psicografiada prayer on Christmas night, December 25, 1873, by Madame w. Krell, in Bordeaux (France), dictated by the spirit called Caritas, and published in Rayonnements de la Vie Spirituelle.

Benefits Of The Mandarins

Infant feeding is not easy in our days, and especially not easy find foods that are healthy and that they like our small. He has always been said that mandarins are the ideal fruit for the children. This association may have sense that mandarins and the smallest share similarities in size, ease and good heart. Leaving the similarities aside, we would like to comment on some of the benefits that bring oranges to the smaller (and the not so little), especially now that the cold season is approaching. Tangerines can be a great ally in the care of our children.

Not only due to vitamin C, so abundant in this citric, that helps us to reduce the risk of contracting colds but to help children in the development of bones, teeth, muscles, etc during the growth stage. Might also be highlighted its antioxidant, regulatory action of the intestinal transit and its contribution to the reduction of cholesterol in blood due to its low sodium content. Other benefits of this citrus is your help in the absorption of iron, vitamins and minerals. Josh harris devils pursues this goal as well. Before ending this post, I would like to comment that their high water and fiber and its low calorific contribution made of tangerines a valuable aid for subsistence. But best of all, is your sweet flavor, texture and juiciness. As you know with the drop in temperature, it begins the ideal time to buy oranges and tangerines across the network.


Changes of schedules, are per work shift, and this change of routine sleep causes insomnia. Climate, very cold or very hot avoids the night’s rest. Depression, or psychological disorders such as anxiety and anxiety, panic. Vices, alcohol or drugs, these babies alter the nervous system newborn infants, when they are a few months infants are aroused followed throughout the day and night, and parents lose the ease of sleep during the night, taking care of your baby. Nightmares, these are also frequent causes of insomnia, which by anguish and fear of nightmares, can not get a good night’s sleep in the night.

Medicines, medicines have side effect, and the advisable to consult a doctor, to avoid this, is for health or aesthetic treatment. Treatment of insomnia is should analyse with extreme caution and patience each case of insomnia, since not all cases are the same, and the causes can be recognized by avoiding certain medications, home remedies, foods, vices, taken several hours before bedtime, identifying with the variation at bedtime, if you could sleep better than ever before. In the case of being able to recognize the causes of this lack of sleep, first thing you should do is avoid it altogether to regulate la dormida. It is advisable also exercise hours before sleep for 30 minutes, this tired body and prompted to rest. Also eat healthy, light, satisfying and nutritious food in small portions, where best to go to bed with stomach medium, or non-empty but not full, so your sleep is deeper, and your stomach will not prevent sleep. If ingested fat, sweet foods, heavy sauces, flours, your liver would work in forced way would not have improvement on lack of sleep, and could even cause the fearful nightmares, so it is best to avoid it in the evening. If ingested abundant food I recommend walking for an hour before going to sleep, but first you have to do respiratory exercises outdoors, can be in the Park, the garden, or in front of the window, breathing gently in the following manner: inhaling deeply through your nose and the closed mouth, filling the lungs keep them a few seconds and then gently exhaling through your mouth, as if the air is bounced through the hole of a needle, do this routine for at least 5 minutes before walking. And for dark circles, the most ideal are slices of fresh cucumber or the funditas of something icy infusions of Chamomile tea, Chamomile is soothing, placed for about 15 or 20 minutes in the day. But for an effective treatment, what should be done is to have medical checks and identify certain way the cause of insomnia and can be psychological or organic, and in turn relieve the agencies affected by the same, is the liver, kidney, also nervous problems, anxiety, the anguish that would be ailments that only tests and moredoctors can diagnose with certainty.

Porto Alegre

Methodology the research was based on studies of following authors Jack M. Fletcher, et al, Kamii. Constance, et al, and articles and teses published in site. A priori, it emphasized on the history of the field of the learning upheavals, its origin, characteristics and concepts. In second, we stand out as the children acquire established numerical concepts in research of Kamii, Constance.

(2002), and learning upheaval, detaching the genetic discalculia, that deal with a neurological riot that affects the ability with numbers and makes with that the person if confuses in mathematical operations, numerical formulas, sequences, numerical countings, signals and even in the use of the day to day mathematics, and factors that can cause the learning difficulty. 4. Consideraes Final the upheaval of learning in mathematics is possible to be observed since the daily pay-school, therefore the child already presents some signal of riot, when she presents difficulty in answering the mathematical relations proposals for the professor in classroom, more still she is early for a necessary diagnosis. From the seven or eight years, with the introduction of the specific symbols of the mathematics and the basic operations she only is that the symptoms if become more visible. 13 We must have the care to analyze if the problem is in the pupil or if the form as the professor elaborates the statements of the question is adjusted to the cognitiva age of the child. In other cases the difficulty really can be in the child and is about a mathematical upheaval? the discalculia, intervening significantly with the pertaining to school income or activities of the daily life that demand mathematical abilities. The aid of the educator in the learning of these pupils with discalculia is very important, considering games in classrooms, solidary being, to respect the time of the pupil, and in exercises that involve mathematical problems it is important to use concrete situations of easy agreement for the pupil. It is necessary that the educator, when suspecting of a discalclico in its group, looks orientation of a professional qualified for accomplishment of a disgnostic evaluation/with a team to multidiscipline.

14 5. Bibliographical references BARKLEY, Russel. the Upheaval of Deficit of Attention/Hiperatividade? TDAH: complete guide for parents, professors and professionals of the health. Porto Alegre. Artmed publishing company, 2002. FLETCHER, Jack M. et al. learning upheavals of the identification to the intervention. Porto Alegre. Artmed Publishing company, 2009. KAMII, Constance. et al .crianas small reinventam arithmetical: implications of the Theory of Piaget. Porto Alegre. Artmed publishing company, 2002.