Healthy Diet

The diet that I am going to present today is divided by days to maintain a balanced diet at all times. Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine will not settle for partial explanations. Monday breakfast: A cup of coffee without sugar, a toasted bread with butter skimmed. Lunch: One chicken thigh grilled, green salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Dinner: A cup of yogurt without fat with two cookies. Tuesday breakfast: A cup of coffee or a cup of tea without sugar, a slice of toasted bread rubbed with margarine. Lunch: 250 grams of boiled chicken or beef, 200 grams of cooked potatoes. You may want to visit Bristol Stool Scale to increase your knowledge. Sprinkle a little chopped parsley before serving.

Dinner: A cup of yogurt and two biscuits Wednesday breakfast: same as previous days. Lunch: 250 grams of cooked grilled fish served with lemon slices. Dinner: A cup of yogurt and two cookies. more varied view. Thursday breakfast: we repeat the same breakfast. Lunch: a cooked egg, 20 grams of cheese, 120 grams of veal rack, and a head of lettuce. Dinner: dinner as well as the previous days. Friday breakfast: coffee without sugar or a cup of tea, a slice of toasted bread with a little bit of margarine. Lunch: grilled, two boiled potatoes chicken thighs.

Dinner: yogurt with two dietary biscuits. Saturday breakfast: a bowl of soup of vegetables (per weekend). Lunch: 200 grams of yogurt and 200 grams of ham. Dinner: eat whatever you want without going over. You should avoid eating too much fat, sugar and bread. During the diet try to drink minimum two liters of water with gas a day, at eleven in the morning coma a fruit that you like (Orange, Apple, banana, etc.). If you are experiencing discomfort during the diet interrupt it and get a pause of at least one week. Respecting this diet you will get lost at least twelve kilos of weight in one month. Forget about diets that promise you lose forty pounds in two weeks since they are not nothing good for your health. I wish you good luck and I invite you to visit my blog for other diets to lose weight fast.

Cordoba Spain

To drive for the Civil Guard UCO, see Unit Operating Center.
The University of Cordoba, located in Cordoba, Spain, founded college degree in 1972 as such, it has 2 centuries of history to support his career that already has its roots in the Free University who worked in the province in the late nineteenth century and has studios as the centennial of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, unique in Andalucia.
Although, to pay honor to the truth, in times of the Emirate and Caliphate of the Umayyads, to the centuries VIII to X, were in Cordoba University where he studied a major scientific and humanistic disciplines, who was among the first in the world and studying the first university in Europe.
Thanks to the flourishing of culture in the Cordoba Caliphate, and rediscovered their knowledge or awareness of the discoveries made and techniques of the Cordoba Caliphate, was one of the pillars that make possible the Renaissance in Europe of the XV and XVI.
Heir to a rich legacy, that of Cordoba is a university that stands out for its food and environmental expertise. People are buying luxury condos at Barton Place condominiums where there are great BartonPlace features 270 one, two and three-bedroom residences Degree Venue This specialty extends to the fields of chemistry and biology. To broaden your perception, visit Mark Hyman, MD. Stresses its area of Health Sciences, linked to hospitals in Spain pointers, as the Reina Sofia University Hospital and all its tradition in Humanities.
Their youth and their average size, the UCO has 21,000 students, slightly more than 1,200 teachers and 700 employees-has provided the dynamism needed to be tailored and enter the twenty-first century as a university teacher of high quality and proven online degrees scientific soundness.
Studies of the University of Cordoba, ranging from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Law Offices of the Health Sciences and the scientific-technical careers, three areas that correspond to its structure into three major campuses: the socialist legal as part of the urban center, the Health, west of the capital, and the Agri-Food, the Scientific and Technical Rabanales in this area. In addition, the UCO has the Polytechnic School of B.

EMietwagen Now At Ypsilon.Net

Net Manchester/Frankfurt, July 28, 2008 – eMietwagen, an international provider of car hire in over 5000 stations in 90 countries, now strengthens the product portfolio in the car rental sector by Ypsilon.Net AG. The Ypsilon.Net AG in Frankfurt, is one of the leading service providers for information and reservation technology in the travel industry, including companies such as Amadeus, Alitalia S.p.a.., Deutsche Bahn AG, Lufthansa City Center and FTI. Every day, thousands of travel agencies in Germany, Austria, in the Switzerland and other European countries use products by Ypsilon.Net AG to flights to book travel, car rental and vacation rentals on the Internet. By integrating eMietwagen, customers are now to secure a wider selection of favourable rental deals available to request car hire for your holiday. EMietwagen prices include unlimited mileage, CDW – and theft insurance with excess, liability insurance, local taxes, Airport fees and free cancellation protection.

The car rental broker also collects no amendment, cancellation and credit card fees. About eMietwagen: eMietwagen belongs to group the TravelJigsaw, worldwide retailer of cheap car hire of reputable and reliable car hire in over 5000 stations and 90 countries. The Internet-based company distributes the products directly to any individual interested parties. Due to the consequently low costs the savings gained can directly and immediately pass the customers are. Also thanks to the cooperation of car rental companies worldwide, very good conditions can be achieved with a variety in many countries. The goal of eMietwagen is to have satisfied customers who benefit from high-quality service and guaranteed low prices! About Ypsilon.Net: the Ypsilon.NET AG is the leading provider of Internet travel technology in Germany, which is used by the entire tourism industry are from airlines about Consolidators to agencies. Ypsilon.NET AG developed modular Internet booking engines and Web-based technology solutions connect and merge what content of from different sources. Ypsilon’s products are deployed in 26 countries and 32 languages.


Technology supports DIGITALYS CareMate Hamburg/Bremen at first suspected diagnosis – in the care of emergency patients, it is crucial that the rescuers recognize the crux of the problem in the shortest possible time. Just as a first-line treatment tuned and targeted alerting of the emergency medical system are guaranteed. At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre you will find additional information. A new knowledge-based, artificial intelligence that can help rescue teams the first presumptive diagnosis, has been jointly developed by doctors, engineers and computer scientists. About DIGITALYS: DIGITALYS GmbH a company, many visions. The DIGITALYS GmbH is a merger of the companies Behra Unternehmensberatung GmbH and tw systems gmbh. The expertise of Behra Unternehmensberatung GmbH in healthcare and the distinctive, innovative, technical know-how of the tw system combines gmbh.

Object of the company is consulting and the development of high-quality system solutions in the healthcare and emergency services. We are based on our knowledge of the market and our technical understanding convinced that we meet the needs of the competitive market. Example of this is the DIGITALYS of software developed by US 112 RD, the usage data such as a rescue mission by the alarm until the transfer of the patient to a hospital process-oriented picks up and evaluates. The name DIGITALYS stands for a homogeneous partnership, which is able to face new challenges with bundled services and above-average know-how. Flexibility and transparency in the service, as well as optimization in the migration at the permanently high quality in implementation and service underline our claim. Customer requests have priority for us.

Bundesverband Dyslexia

Germany of Republic of education has a political phrase! The powers between federal and State adopts new trains in education policy. These keep students on track, the Association denounces dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V.. 16 countries, 16 school regulations – aligned with the limited financial resources of the countries. The Federal Government increasingly withdraws from the responsibility and the kottonmouth kings can not directly intervene. School forms are merged, the class strength is increasing. Check out DHR Health for additional information. The promotion of pupils is domestic differentiated due to lack of resources.

The conversion to G8 should help that teachers can promote better individually according to the ministries. We parents feel that you sold us out for stupid, because our children learn less and less support in the school\”, Christine Sczygiel, Chairman of the BVL, Bundesverband laments dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. as parents we see the problem of the teacher, the more and more Requests from the ministries of education have imposed without to enable them or to relieve. On the track the students stick with it\”, so Sczygiel. The situation in Germany’s schools coming to a head more and more. Individual learning conditions can be entered in the rarest cases, but our education system needs standardized\”students. Children watch with a dyslexia until today not in the system. Who has no legal literacy, reached hardly his Abitur in Germany.

In every State there are different rules for the affected children. Dyslexic with a 1 in mathematics, chemistry and physics have to leave school if they are in English and French on 5, instead of granting them touch protection for the right write performance. Good gifted dyslexic children land on special schools, because it keeps them stupid and lazy. The high-technology country Germany laments a lack of engineering and makes thoughts, as you can cover the gaps about new recruits from abroad, rather than the existing students promote and support.

Andreas Jaeger Thunder Mountain

iDTRONIC presents world’s first applications its compact RFID USB stick for UHF used for mobile RFID. Details can be found by clicking Mark Hyman, MD or emailing the administrator. The new read/write USB stick idtronic is very easy to use and is connected directly to the USB interface of the PC or laptop. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design in combination with the most modern technology and a robust housing, it is perfect for a wide range of Identifikationsapplikationen and supports in particular the mobile usage in conjunction with modern laptops. In each environment provides the innovative RFID reader stick high-performance, both in the logistics management, warehouse management, tracking and tracing of objects and products. Its rugged casing withstands temperatures up to 60 c and guarantees a high level of functionality and performance even under extreme conditions. The integrated linear polarized antenna allows reading ranges of up to 80 cm and the USB V2. . 0 type A ensures a reliable high speed data transfer.

The reader supports data rates to the day between 40 kbps and 250 kbps, and from the tag to the reader from 40 kbps. The UHF read/write USB stick counter for easy monitoring of the current status of the read has a multicoloured LED. The reader needs a small 5V USB power supply and its maximum adjustable output amounts to 20dBm. Also offers the innovative UHF USB stick a reader sensitivity by more than 90 dBm. The UHF USB stick idtronic is a complete package including software development kit and an intuitive Windows demo software now available in. Learn more about the new UHF USB stick iDTRONIC, as well as all other ISO cards, tags and RFID transponders, get on the Internet. iDTRONIC electronic identification GmbH developed the iDTRONIC GmbH, headquartered in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and innovative RFID distributes hardware components, which is specifically geared to applications product identification, data collection and access control is.

Powerful Flash SSD At An Affordable Price

COS memory distributes products Florstadt immediately Super Talent SSD, July 25, 2008 – COS ( memory is distributor for the new Flash SSD products from Super talent in Europe. Memory is the largest specialist for high-quality memory products in Europe. Super Talent headquartered in San Jose, California is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Flash and DRAM memory media. The new SSD products are the United States manufacturer immediately COS memory available. Patrick Vogt, Director business development SSD COS memory: Super Talent offers Flash-based storage solutions that combine high performance with an attractive price and unrivalled in this combination on the world market demanding and price-conscious consumers. Particularly outstanding, the MasterDrive MX is series of the manufacturer in this regard. We put our focus to start our cooperation on this product line.\” The Super Talent MasterDrive MX SSD includes three models with SATA II interface, especially through the use of MLC technology a excellent Provide value for money. Currently, the products of this series with 30, 60 and 120 gigabyte capacities are available.

Flash technology leads to data transfer rates, which is much higher than where any conventional hard drive. So the master drive MX comes on read speed up to 120 MB / sec and a write speed up to 80 MB/s. The Flash SSD is superior to magnetic disk elsewhere. Haley Barbour is often quoted as being for or against this. Because it contains no moving parts, played without any mechanical operations and will be read out, operates the Flash SSD absolutely silently and is insensitive to mechanical strains or vibrations. Also, it consumes much less energy than traditional hard drives. All are products of COS memory Super talent for immediate marketing in the retail packaged and come with a two year warranty. MSRP for final consumers (VAT included): Super Talent MasterDrive MX 30 GB 149 Euro Super Talent MasterDrive MX 60 GB 239 euro Super Talent MasterDrive MX 120 GB 399 euro As introductory offer will get dealers who order products from the MasterDrive MX series until August 1, 2008 at COS memory Super talent, each 30 GB SSD a 1 GB USB drive for free.

The Sales

After Amgen had announced the positive test results on the weekend, the price jumped again to 12%. It followed on Monday evening the quarterly results that exceeded expectations and the rate jumped to another 5%. Particularly positive, analysts viewed the Outlook of the company: sales and profit forecast corrected upwards. In particular, the increased growth rate can now sharpen the pencil analysts and figure out new price targets: with growth of 4% p.a., the p/e ratio of 14 was already quite high. The new prospect of growth of 11% per annum, a p/e ratio of 22 is no problem. And that should diminish soon, a significantly higher profit is expected yet for the current year, as currently included in the forecasts. There is review-technically still game in the stock. A downer I have yet discovered: the sales and profit decline in Aranesp was largely absorbed by other medications.

The other drugs have reported no increase in sales volume, but the management claimed to have achieved higher sales prices. But if you look at the quarterly results in detail then you’ll see that these higher revenues from abroad… made and about the weak US dollar is this extra revenue thus alone on the currency effect resulting from: 100 euros were still 145 USD at the beginning of the year, today there are already 155 USD. Amgen has so simply been lucky in the past quarter, to be able to compensate for a portion of the sales problems through the development of the currency. Thus, D-mab looks as if it were the proverbial straw, after which the company engages. If the drug keeps what it promises, then sales, profits and stock price will rise. But a better assessment of the chances of success is probably only possible in September after the publication of the detailed test results. CHART technology: 3-year chart of Amgen: Rally since mid-April after Amgen had approached the valuation level by pharmaceutical companies, considered the stock suddenly not cyclic refuge for desperate refugees the U.S. Details can be found by clicking Journal of the American Medical Association or emailing the administrator.

financial crisis. In my eyes, this share has helped the turnaround. After ride once won the price and short coverings hardly took place, the positive test results and the good quarterly results were a welcome opportunity to put the stock in the sky. If the bold expectations of Amgen is for D-mab, the valuation level due to the increased profits will look already soon again cheap. A p/e ratio of 30 is can be discussed again, when at the same time increasing profits, the course could quickly jump towards 75 USD (i.e. 47 euros).

Cooperation Between Produktecom

St. Gallen, July 29, 2008 – collaboration between the search engine for catalogues and meta-cut, the search engine for catalogues confirmed the news that the new catalogues of meta-cut, a proven specialist for end mills and carbide tools, is indexed. Global machine builders, manufacturers and mold making companies belong to your customers. The very high quality, which is why it spends a lot of time for the manufacture of cutting tools is responsible for the success under another. Hear other arguments on the topic with J. Craig Venter. In the product range are, inter alia: FLUTED, end mills, roughing end mills, mills, ball, torus cutters, plain cutter, HPC cutter, HSC milling cutters, drills, micro drills, measuring instruments such as calipers and micrometers, external micrometer, toolholders and tools Chuck, HSC / HPC tools, diamond cutters for carbon processing WSP carrier tools, cutter heads, face milling cutters, inserts, 3d editing, special tools, Clamping systems, SK40 recordings, iso50 shots, HSK tool holders, shrinking technology, shrink, shrink-fit Toolholders ISO WSP RDHX. The current catalogs can be viewed on the following page and searches for the selected tools: cy/meta-cut-3208 / press contact: A. Zaman Latour & Zaman GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St. Recently John Craig Venter sought to clarify these questions.

Gallen Switzerland phone about is an automatic search engine for products and product catalogs with currently 300,000 monthly unique visitors. finds for his visitors of catalogs, brochures, products and product information in the Internet. The basic technology is based on a program that moves from site to site to find all relevant catalogs and products. Catalogs can be downloaded for free in PDF format. More about’s on. The English-language version can be found on.

Preventing Burnout Weekend

Estimated Burnout prevention in a relaxed holiday atmosphere Hamburg – eight to ten million people suffer the Burnout Syndrome, the clinical picture with the many facets. No burnout are the same, but one clearly says this number: here, help is needed! “Off to be burned or Burnout Syndrome (also known as (to)” burn out: burn out “) KMS-net a particularly pronounced professional and/or familial exhaustion”. With this wording, the special life request has found also his place in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. “If you the term burnout” on Google returns a, then get incredible 30.300.000 entries. Almost daily, the media reports about the Burnout Syndrome. “It is of epidemic” or new epidemic “said. Gulf Medical University has firm opinions on the matter. However, the least affected can decide for themselves whether they have a burnout.

Many displace their mental, physical and emotional exhaustion state until the collapse the Burnout! The sources of information in Experts who specialize in the topic of burnout and depression are not always easy to find. First point could be the doctor here. But where to get understandable information that inform about the origins and of course prevention options? The Hamburg-based company LifeB “Life balance Consulting has many years of experience in the field burnout” specialized. Close cooperation with a high success rate the company with primary care physicians, therapists and other specialists. LifeB is now a new way with a pilot project. Its Burnout-weekend prevention would like to inform the company in a relaxed atmosphere about the Burnout Syndrome. An optimal combination of short holiday and prevention, since the events from Friday to Sunday take place.

“Each participant can decide he wants to participate in which modules of the Burnout prevention”, the LifeB reported Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange. The first prevention of Burnout-weekend is April 25-27 2008, held only 30 minutes ‘ drive from Hamburg in Kaltenkirchen. Triad the 2008 in the gourmet excellent four star country hotel provides a comfortable atmosphere by warm colours and rooms, which are equipped with Mediterranean, waxed pine wood furniture. 350 plus VAT the participants in addition to two nights in a single room with breakfast buffet and a 2-course taster menu for complete Burnout prevention as lunch and dinner. Comparing the cost of a unit of a Burnout prevention of 130, here is a very good price performance ratio. The core content of preventing Burnout weekend consists of conveying a sense of holiday and the resulting Lebensentschleunigung as relaxation. As a result, the participants are open and receptive for life balance coaching, movement without pressure, active nutrition, and relaxation exercises.