Moonraver Reloaded –

“Moonraver reloaded its new maxi-single ‘The journey to the Moon’ presents new maxi-single to download as the journey to the Moon released Lovetraxx records the German dance song” by Moonraver reloaded. “” Behind the project Moonraver reloaded, the producer Stefan is salvation (“known inter alia through projects such as house arrest, ZU2T” disco ball “or NAQUTA”), which the title the journey to the Moon “in the Lovetraxx Studios” produced in Luneburg. On the maxi single version and an extended appears version of the original single edit, which was 1995 already very successful in the charts and dance charts in addition to a newly-made radio. In the new versions of the trip to the Moon”are gentle vocals and driving rhythms, which are years marked by the techno and dance of the 90s, in the foreground. “Just by this title, Stefan read healing inspired a new genre, which he himself as a romantic rave” referred to.

The project Moonraver reloaded thus builds on the successes of the NDD (new of German dancefloor, in) (Anlehnung an die neue Deutsche Welle der 80er), the Moonraver already with hit singles like dreamers”or Star” was recorded. This title is now worldwide in all relevant music portals, including Media Markt, Musicload, Apple iTunes, 7Digital, Amazon, Saturn and Jamba or, as MP3 download available. More information is available at and at Track listing: 01. The trip to the Moon (radio version) (03:47) 02. The trip to the Moon (extended version) (06:49) 03. The trip to the Moon (original single edit) (03:40) 04.

The trip to the Moon (Sun mix) (05:33) 05. The trip to the Moon (Katkas Club mix) (05:40) company portrait: a record label specialized in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg is Lovetraxx records. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes Pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected. The company founded in 1994 has now more than 500 CDs and download titles released, many of them with national and international impact of the Charter.

Daniel Schuhmacher

Daniel Schuhmacher polarized between the fronts of a changing media landscape Daniel Schuhmacher. The fans love him so much that his Facebook page every day bursting with entries from the seams. Critics say he got no charisma and hopefully gone soon from the window”. The latter opinion was arguably RTL located, as it was now at the beginning of the seventh season of American Idol, to pave the way for the next superstar. This year, it wants the Robbie Williams American Idol”find the one missed in the final season. It was like or similar to read in a series of articles on the day before the start of the new season. The show must go on, Not with a star concept from the last century, perhaps not even Robbie Williams lust has.

You should be taking quite seriously American Idol as currently second most successful TV format in Europe. Integrative Healthcare Symposium is often quoted as being for or against this. The private life issues of the candidates, the dynamics of the months struggle for the progress”independently can up to the eventual Coronation of superstars in may by the Zeitgeist of the audience work. What with the choice of the normal left-“Thomas Godoj 2008 began, continued in 2009 slightly varies with Daniel Schuhmacher. The search for a superstar circled themes such as courage to be different (Benny Kieckhaben), power of media (Anne Marie Eilfeld), magic of innocence (Dominik Buchele), voice (Sarah Kreuz) and sensitive authenticity (Daniel Schuhmacher). After Daniel Schuhmacher had the other candidates behind him. The first rather inconspicuous boy with the exceptional voice was a strong favorite, who appeal in the game brought a completely new type of Star: playful lifestyle Freakyness, natural warmth towards the fans, and in all simplicity a magical stage presence. Instinctively, the audience chose him as a superstar. And yet the 22-year-old remained until today without lobby”.

On the contrary, Daniel shoe’s further success, it seems not provided by RTL. Instead putting there as usual on the annual expiry date. Maybe a guy like Daniel’s Shoemaker also simply too modern. Although he has exactly the properties that are necessary to survive in a sustainable, future-oriented media landscape. The current music business however, which is not possible without conflict with the mass media seems to now on these properties to be just as little interested as RTL. While the Internet has long heralded a new media age in all innocence. The talented and creative protagonists of YouTube and co live their naturally be yourself ‘ star appeal. ” So, for example, the popular YouTube Laber bag is HerrTutorial”with over 1.5 million channel views the established mainstream stars tight on the heels ala Lady Gaga. Daniel Schuhmacher is one of this modern generation of newcomers, whose special Attraktivitat is mainly based on an externally visible integrity and naturalness. The abundance of online the live concert videos, fan videos in HQ, interviews with countless calls and comments makes it clear: he is on the Internet already a star with a loyal fan base. The well-connected fans initiated the much-discussed and partially successful petition Daniel Schuhmacher on the German radio”. Recently, they founded the online press portal S-I-D-S (support initiative-Daniel – shoe makers). And what do American Idol fans this year?