Moonraver Reloaded –

“Moonraver reloaded its new maxi-single ‘The journey to the Moon’ presents new maxi-single to download as the journey to the Moon released Lovetraxx records the German dance song” by Moonraver reloaded. “” Behind the project Moonraver reloaded, the producer Stefan is salvation (“known inter alia through projects such as house arrest, ZU2T” disco ball “or NAQUTA”), which the title the journey to the Moon “in the Lovetraxx Studios” produced in Luneburg. On the maxi single version and an extended appears version of the original single edit, which was 1995 already very successful in the charts and dance charts in addition to a newly-made radio. In the new versions of the trip to the Moon”are gentle vocals and driving rhythms, which are years marked by the techno and dance of the 90s, in the foreground. “Just by this title, Stefan read healing inspired a new genre, which he himself as a romantic rave” referred to.

The project Moonraver reloaded thus builds on the successes of the NDD (new of German dancefloor, in) (Anlehnung an die neue Deutsche Welle der 80er), the Moonraver already with hit singles like dreamers”or Star” was recorded. This title is now worldwide in all relevant music portals, including Media Markt, Musicload, Apple iTunes, 7Digital, Amazon, Saturn and Jamba or, as MP3 download available. More information is available at and at Track listing: 01. The trip to the Moon (radio version) (03:47) 02. The trip to the Moon (extended version) (06:49) 03. The trip to the Moon (original single edit) (03:40) 04.

The trip to the Moon (Sun mix) (05:33) 05. The trip to the Moon (Katkas Club mix) (05:40) company portrait: a record label specialized in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg is Lovetraxx records. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes Pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected. The company founded in 1994 has now more than 500 CDs and download titles released, many of them with national and international impact of the Charter.

With Hessel

As a band a magnetic disk is the same risks as when a floppy disk are virtually. By heat, cold, humidity, magnetic influences and mechanical effects can lose data at any time. The magnetic layer of the data is backed up is just 0.2 micron (two millionth mm) thin, this layer is claimed in each of the Streamerlaufwerks read/write operation. Magnetic fields are created when an electrical device works or communicates via radio waves. Magnetic interference threaten daily magnetic disk, also in the computer itself comes an EMI / EMC radiation already the backup even risk the data. Fireproof safes also provide a limited protection, divided into various standards, they differ in the fire resistance only in the period, i.e.

the after a period inside the vault to high temperatures are reached. Even if the fire brigade in time deletes the fire, have you ever seen an offer for a waterproof safe? There are Hope? Yes, there is hope, there is data backup methods that provide an almost 99.9% security. The company has committed Hessel-security online backup to the task to secure sensitive corporate data and helping entrepreneurs in the IT security area to the side. Hessel-security online backup provides online backup solutions to small – and medium-sized enterprises. The cost/benefit factor is very high, Hessel-security online backup proves any interested parties that an online backup must be not more expensive than a tape backup.

Also large companies that need to manage large amounts of data can back up at Hessel-security online backup. If you are not convinced, visit does beyond meat taste like meat. Protect your most important files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and MP3 files in a safe and secure German backup datacenter. With Hessel-security online-backup your data into professionally managed datacenters are backed up with state-of-the-art security and redundancy. In a few minutes you have opened an account and begin already to protect your important data. Their data are automatically backed up every day.

Cooperation Between And Mare Baltic Travel

Herisau, January 10, 2010 – cooperation between and the travel provider Mare Baltic country., the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that under… If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Hyman. three Mare Baltic travel catalogs are available. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Christopher Chandler. Mare Baltic offers all travel opportunities for the Baltic Sea region since 1995. Much has changed in the last years in the Baltic States, the boom of recent years has to redraw towns and villages, the entire infrastructure has been and will be renewed from the ground up. The economic crisis has left its mark in recent years. This is clear, the tourists especially at the prices they are much more favourable to the previous year.

The catalogues of Mare Baltic States relate to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Russia and include: individual travel deals holidays nature adventure travel in this year group auto and motorcycle tours, bike tours ferries in Parnu, conducted by the 24th 27.6.2010 for the 30th time the international Hanseatic days Estonia. Mare Baltic offers to a special journey to. Every summer the Hanseatic days take place in Parnu, in which concerts, dance and theater performances are performed. Au? erdem will be held, where about a hundred artisans come together to produce their goods locally and sell there original medieval market days. Who is interested can participate even different work communities.

In 2010, expect very special cultural days in Parnu! Representatives from Hanseatic cities meet in this beautiful city and have the possibility of the traditions, culture, history and present of their cities present. The Hanseatic City of Parnu, the venue of the next great common feast, had a remarkable position in the Hanseatic League. The city is situated at the mouth of the river and the sea, and was among the Hanseatic cities of major importance as a transit port. The merchants from the West have sent to East salt, wine, cloth for clothing, crafts. Expensive furs, wax, wood were transported from East to West. Is about a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine monthly over 1,500,000 visitors and consider nearly 13,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 1000 most visited websites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of August 2009)

Daniel Schuhmacher

Daniel Schuhmacher polarized between the fronts of a changing media landscape Daniel Schuhmacher. The fans love him so much that his Facebook page every day bursting with entries from the seams. Critics say he got no charisma and hopefully gone soon from the window”. The latter opinion was arguably RTL located, as it was now at the beginning of the seventh season of American Idol, to pave the way for the next superstar. This year, it wants the Robbie Williams American Idol”find the one missed in the final season. It was like or similar to read in a series of articles on the day before the start of the new season. The show must go on, Not with a star concept from the last century, perhaps not even Robbie Williams lust has.

You should be taking quite seriously American Idol as currently second most successful TV format in Europe. Integrative Healthcare Symposium is often quoted as being for or against this. The private life issues of the candidates, the dynamics of the months struggle for the progress”independently can up to the eventual Coronation of superstars in may by the Zeitgeist of the audience work. What with the choice of the normal left-“Thomas Godoj 2008 began, continued in 2009 slightly varies with Daniel Schuhmacher. The search for a superstar circled themes such as courage to be different (Benny Kieckhaben), power of media (Anne Marie Eilfeld), magic of innocence (Dominik Buchele), voice (Sarah Kreuz) and sensitive authenticity (Daniel Schuhmacher). After Daniel Schuhmacher had the other candidates behind him. The first rather inconspicuous boy with the exceptional voice was a strong favorite, who appeal in the game brought a completely new type of Star: playful lifestyle Freakyness, natural warmth towards the fans, and in all simplicity a magical stage presence. Instinctively, the audience chose him as a superstar. And yet the 22-year-old remained until today without lobby”.

On the contrary, Daniel shoe’s further success, it seems not provided by RTL. Instead putting there as usual on the annual expiry date. Maybe a guy like Daniel’s Shoemaker also simply too modern. Although he has exactly the properties that are necessary to survive in a sustainable, future-oriented media landscape. The current music business however, which is not possible without conflict with the mass media seems to now on these properties to be just as little interested as RTL. While the Internet has long heralded a new media age in all innocence. The talented and creative protagonists of YouTube and co live their naturally be yourself ‘ star appeal. ” So, for example, the popular YouTube Laber bag is HerrTutorial”with over 1.5 million channel views the established mainstream stars tight on the heels ala Lady Gaga. Daniel Schuhmacher is one of this modern generation of newcomers, whose special Attraktivitat is mainly based on an externally visible integrity and naturalness. The abundance of online the live concert videos, fan videos in HQ, interviews with countless calls and comments makes it clear: he is on the Internet already a star with a loyal fan base. The well-connected fans initiated the much-discussed and partially successful petition Daniel Schuhmacher on the German radio”. Recently, they founded the online press portal S-I-D-S (support initiative-Daniel – shoe makers). And what do American Idol fans this year?

Pattern In Personnel Management

One must be careful in the use of patterns in human resources. Human resource management aims at the long-term success of the company. Target is any body to be filled with the most appropriate employees. To achieve this goal, is ensured with the help of human resources development that existing staff occupying the Dtellen best. If additional staff is needed, is ensured with the recruitment that vacancies are filled quickly. A large part of the staff work is also pure management.

It must be formulated job descriptions, adapted Arbeitsvertage or written warnings. Order is required also in the personnel area and also just the personnel management by many legal standards is dominated. This is because that the workplace for workers is the basis of any economic activity. In order to limit these expenses, many practitioners rely on pre-defined patterns. These patterns are then quickly adapted and the work is already done. Not every warning, Termination or any working certificate must be set as a then new. With the Einastz a pattern work certificate quickly saves half an hour. When using patterns, you must of course always ensure that the formulations are also legal. Otherwise it quickly falls into the trap and has much more effort than you would have just been heavily involved with the theme. Sebastian Lugert

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer’s 135th birthday on January 14, 2010: Reverence for life to the 135th birthday of its namesake is reminiscent of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment the basic principle of “Reverence for life”. “I am life that wants to live in the midst of life that wants to live,” is perhaps the most famous motto of Albert Schweitzer. Unfortunately we ignore the second half of the sentence to the 135th birthday of the Nobel Peace Prize winner in everyday life often favor the first half – consciously or unconsciously. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment recalls therefore that many principles of Schweitzer in everyday decisions can be easily implemented. Learn more on the subject from Nancy-Ann DeParle. An important step is to choose consciously vegetarian alternatives for purchase and consumption of food. So it gives not only life, but to avoid it also financially support the polluting and humane farming.

“My view is, we who stand up for the protection of animals, to renounce all the enjoyment of meat and talk against him. So I’m doing it itself”, Schweitzer wrote in 1964. May this decision still with privations have been connected, a diet that is reverence for life, is now so easy to perform like never before. “Who can not imagine the step to the full-time vegetarians, can save you grief yet many animals due to a reduced consumption of meat, milk and eggs”, recalls Wolfgang Schindler, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. The Albert Schweitzer campaigned successfully Foundation for our environment for a decade against the industrialized farming. It belongs to your tasks about the impact of meat production for environmental, to enlighten people and animals.

Learn more on the Internet at which non-profit Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment was in the year 2000 by lawyer Wolfgang Schindler as a politically and religiously unbound animal welfare organization founded. It is financed from the proceeds of the Endowment capital and funding contributions and donations. The Foundation takes its name from Rhena Schweitzer, the daughter of Albert Schweitzer. The Foundation Mission is to reduce as much suffering. Therefore set the Foundation for the so-called animals a. With 60 billion animals are every year under the most unimaginable conditions cost-optimized fattened and killed, the commitment to these animals is the biggest task, can be. The Albert Schweitzer works Foundation, to improve housing conditions, as well as to cut back on the uberzuchtung (torment breeding) animals. They also Stark the vegetarian idea because no farming the Foundation is known, that species could be called really.

By The Way Make Money

To supplement the pocket money, the others need the extra income to raise the money for the wallet, the next search what should note that want besides money one, students, workers, unemployed, retirees, parents allowance recipients and independent for a second job, because it simply front and rear not enough without an extra income. Article 12 of the basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany guarantees freedom of occupation. She says that everyone can choose his profession and exercise and it also refers to a part-time job or a part-time self-employment. Apropos: a clause, which generally prohibits the adoption of side jobs, in a contract of employment this is null and void, because it violates the right to freedom of occupation covered by the Basic Law (Federal Labour Court, 9 AZR 759 / 98, 11.12.2001): workers are entitled to consent of the employer, if the inclusion of ancillary activity does not affect operational interests. But also in relation to Part-time job laws – comply with such as the working time act. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joint Commission International offers on the topic.. And depending on whether a pupil, student, professional, unemployed persons, pensioners, parents money earners or self-employed person wants to take a part-time job or part-time self-employed wants to generate an additional income, should more legal framework respected and remain key figures in the eye. Students may pursue easy activities to enhance of pocket money from 13 years next to the school in time limited, from the age of 15, also a holiday job may be – accepted maximum 20 working days per year. Students who have no German nationality, no nationality within the European Union, and also no permanent residency, need a work permit you can obtain at the Immigration Office.

By the way, also for students, it is already possible to become self-employed, but they need the consent of the parents (or of the legal representative) and an approval of the guardianship court. Speaking candidly BGR Group told us the story. Students should work no more than 20 hours per week, only during the holidays, or only during the semester break, otherwise they are not considered ordinary students – the Beitragsfreiheit in health insurance, long-term care insurance and unemployment insurance goes hand in hand with this status. Work time and income limits in the eye must be kept in relation to BAfoG. Pensioners who go upon reaching the age to retire, may earn, as much as they want without affecting it the pension. But they keep the exemption with regard to tax in the eye. Who refers to pension prior to reaching the age, must watch very at the additional earnings, because he can lose otherwise large portions of their pension. More details about additional income in windfall Eva Schumann, Freising

Montmartre Ulrich Hausler

Article of the magazine Paul Klinger report of the artist social work on the Montmartre – round will appear in autumn 2010 a member of the artist social work arises from the Montmartre round Ulrich Hausler and friends promote artists from his circle of artists around the rally Butte de Montmartre Ulrich Hausler (freedom is feeling thing”) since December 2006 International German-language creative and culture lovers from Paris to. His intention: Art and business to bring together and doing very nonchalantly to philosophise about God and the world. Life and art in Paris are in naturally in the focus. Haley and his friends plan and organize the largest events in the 18th arrondissement, without thereby pursue their own commercial purposes. Homme de Lettres is the ground for artistic creation always still fruitful visions between the Basilica and vineyard, Pathe Studios, film school La Femis and Cimetiere de Montmartre. Gain insight and clarity with does beyond meat taste like meat. Maybe even Ulrich halfpenny soul is reflected in this topography. A Montmartre truly historic place that evokes associations with the Paris Commune, the Moulin Rouge, Heinrich Heine, and Eric Satie. As a poet he writes only texts with this therapeutic intent: the sympathy of the reader should initiate processes such as reflecting on the life and the role of the own behavior.

Ulrich Hausler is also entrepreneur of Managing Director and founder of the sick – and disabled-service GmbH in Lubeck with 150 employees. For a year he put the leadership of GmbH into younger hands, to look more to his other projects. As varied as his professional activities are also halfpenny passions: riding motorcycles, convertibles, saxophone playing and theatre. (Similarly see: Haley Barbour). Paris Salon reloaded Halina Montmartrerunde address book includes 400 contacts. A large part of it belongs to the hard core and come regularly. Applications reach the circle not only from France. The Montmartrerunde has found its place in the cultural life of Paris and established contacts with related circles.

The Big

Innovate and expand are no low-risk, but rich and rewarding projects. Certain decisions not be worthwhile simply because saturated markets, price-sensitive demand, are simply not making discounting competitors or overhead. Help and support can a tried and tested solution specialists offer KUHN for chain stores there, which of sales taken into consideration the Filialgeschaftsmoglichkeiten both off – and online innovation and expansion of point. Microbiologia has many thoughts on the issue. This new kind of market development and-bearbeiten can so relate in the automated and digitized Filialsystemprozesse that the offline and online operations is linked, generates radiation effects for innovative retail formats or new offerings from the ongoing processes of branch operations and in addition to additional customer knowledge realized date, without additional effort. Organizationally, the Kuhn solution is designed so that external to the chain stores the task take innovative and profitable point-of-sales expansion”as a Department with success-oriented compensation. The entire market analysis, search, and find new potential, have reflected in innovative retail formats, which are further maintained and only then passed after entering the market, if the customer wants it or the external satellite service”that is avoided. By focusing on the Retailbusiness are especially skilled to identify markets where competitive KUHN specialists for chain stores sometimes achieved already by identifying the gaps in existing competitors across all industries. The first characteristic of their work is: based on existing technologies and find another way to use them.

Rarely, something completely new will be developed. Successful sales formats according to the principle is retail are common detail”developed innovative and productivity upgrading multiplied (knowledge: experience reduces costs). Just the little things are often that cause the big one in the branch network. Second, The Q1 experts focus on niche ( Trying not to go which are already much similar and strong competition in markets. Niche find them and others in the financial and inventory management or in addition to the range in the processes of the client by placing over for example: what offers there are somewhere else? Could there be a demand in the existing markets of the customer? Thirdly: Functional just the same is same.

Markus Murtinger

To do this, the social media platforms that are implemented by the organizations must be kept up-to-date and be given the customer the opportunity to grow. “Only if the platforms are always up-to-date and the communication is transparent, comprehensible and provided with ample opportunities for Exchange of outward, is a positive user experience guarantees.” says Mag. Hale. As the customer is a part of the company and thus also of the great whole.” Like. Markus Murtinger managing consultant at USECON added: the development of social media strategies and the issue of user experience and social media is becoming increasingly important for the practice and our daily work with our customers. Especially considering the classic user experience factors, such as trust or emotion.

Important questions are here, as the customers trust the offerings which opportunities are perceived or actually used. Just in the last few months, we have some very exciting consulting projects in this Area with the largest Austrian players performed. There were for example some user studies, wishes to highlight needs but also barriers in the social media sector; “several competitive comparisons and best practise examples.” How, from an overall point of view out or from multiple perspectives and different viewpoints is important here. What will the company and what looking for customers? How can one reconcile these goals together and in what form is this realistic or economically? “No one benefits from hundreds of groups in Facebook or multiple tweets a day, if there no members on the one hand and on the other hand no followers” are. As in all entrepreneurial thoughts there is also here a clear strategy with defined goals. The post of Chief social media officers is certainly not an easy. He must both make each other to the needs of the company, as the customer experience, and if necessary, translate”. But customer loyalty alone not only arises through a good