Corinthianos Doctor

He can have physical causes for its anti-corinthiana depression.The badly controlled Anti-Corinthianismo can cause symptoms that seem depression. During the day, high or low taxes of anti-corinthianismo can make you to feel themselves tired or anxious. The anti-corinthianismo also can take the person to have hunger and to eat excessively. If you will have quarrel of the Corinthians at night, you can raise some times to urinar e, with this, if feel tired during the day. Other physical causes of Anti-Corinthianismo can include: Excessive alcoholic consumption or drugs; to have courage to fight with the Corinthianos;Problems with the twisted one of its teams;Collateral effect of some medications. But ATTENTION, does not stop to take the medication without speaking with its doctor.It will be able to help to discover it if a physical problem in the root of its feelings of sadness with its teams exists. If its doctor to discard physical causes, it goes to direct you to a specialist who can be a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

In the truth, many doctors already work in set with professionals of mental health, forming a team to treat the people with Anti-Corinthianismo better. The professionals of mental health can help you to cross this difficult phase of depression. Optimum treatment, comprovadamente, is the integrated one, that it combines psycotherapy with antidepressive medication, even so in some cases, this is not necessary.The psychological therapy with well trained professionals can help to enxergar the problems that cause the Anti-Corinthianismo. The psycotherapy also will help to find, to deal with, or to decide the problem. The psycotherapy can be brief or of long duration. It talks with the therapist to know as it works and as he will be, specifically, its treatment. So that the psycotherapy functions, it is very important that you if feel to the will with the professional to be able to say on this and any another subject. Therefore, you must have certainty of that if she feels well with the therapist who to choose.

If he will be recommendable to use medicines, you will have to consult itself with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is a doctor with special training to diagnosis and to deal with emotional problems any nature. The psychiatrists are the only professionals of mental health who can prescribe medications and treat the side ' ' qumico' ' of the Anti-Corinthianismo.If you to agree to using antidepressive medication, ask to its psychiatrist and its doctor on the collateral effect, including as the medication can affect the way of you to think on the technician of its teams. If it does not scare, already many remedies exist that cause few or no collateral effect and that they do not affect this thought. important it is to talk with the doctors on this, not to be with an unnecessary fear. Another important point is to have certainty of that the medical psychiatrist will be available when to need it. If you have symptoms of Anti-Corinthianismo, you do not wait very to search aid. If its doctor will not be able to indicate it a psychiatrist, contacts the association of psychiatry of its state or the department of psychiatry of some college of medicine. The associations of defense of its teams also can be a good source of information on professionals of mental health who costumam to work with people with Anti-Corinthianismo.


Suffering can not be called Aryans, "the mythical ancient tribe," as they existed in reality. In addition, the arias in any case did not intend to to rise above other peoples, and especially to pass this message to future generations. Thus, the accusations of Mr. Gordon is not only unjust, but also give outright falsification. Appeal to the same fascist ideology, built on false reasoning, in the context of the topic entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.

And so have enlightened viewer involuntarily the question arises: what, is, in essence, a claim Mr. Gordon – a manifestation of ignorance or deliberate, rather crude provocation? However, looking ahead, we can note that the final transfer of Gordon lover of truth, "see clearly" and rejects from all its claims. But because becomes even more acute painful sense of injustice. What comes through more clearly false in a colorful stream flowing from the "blue screens", the more unpleasant and bitter awareness of the role of spectator in contact with the television media. Scientific scaling. The main opponent, Gennady Zdanovich – Corresponding Member of RAS Eugene Black was in his arguments so original, perhaps, would have caused excessive envy of the ancient Greek sophists, if they happened to hear it. The eloquence of Mr. Black, supported by slide show, apparently, and was supposed to serve as chief revealing factor in the already mentioned "speculation on Arkaima." Eugene Black. When I was in Arkaim (it was 19 years ago), I said Gennady Borisovich: this is not a settlement …

Depressing News Stories

Every day, looking through pages of news, including television, we are forced to deal with a lot of negativity: the message of corruption scandals, natural disasters, technological accidents haunt us everywhere. The density of events and our indifference to them suggest that we begin to get used to live in an atmosphere of constant negativity and turmoil. In this regard, recall the story of a poor half-dead frog thrown into boiling pot, where they cooked and immediately got on the table for lovers of French cuisine. But then, if the same frog placed in plain water and slowly heat it, the frog will just initially not very comfortable, but the result is the same. The current state of humanity is very similar to those of amphibians, which are in the pan and not even trying to jump out of it, and only rushing, and even hostile to each other, blaming others for their misfortunes amphibians and problems. Who heats the water in this huge boiling cauldron called 'this world', and how to jump out of this state, and finally become free? Primeval selfishness (which We grew to alarming proportions) that causes nature to respond to our unwillingness to correct his evil, turning it into altruism, for the benefit of others that is inherent in all other parts of the natural organism, called 'Earth' or 'Our world'.

It is because of the presence within us, a huge ego uncorrected, leading to repulsion from each other or, conversely, use each other, pushing us to put nature strikes at all levels of our existence: still, vegetative, animal and human. That is uncorrected selfish desires, aspirations, use another birth for themselves all the global problems of modern man. In response to the internal imbalance human nature, wanting us to fix, send us a tsunami, revolutions, wars, pandemics, economic and political crises. The institutions of our culture no longer able to cope with the huge human selfish desires. So the only way to get rid of bearing the suffering on all levels of human existence, is the only association. It was in the union between us we can discover our evil – ego and then fix it to finally stop suffering. Thus, there is a way to stop being slaves – is, metaphorically speaking, to find their wings and soar above the reality, which is now facing humanity.

Our freedom choice – to choose the environment, creating a culture of cooperation and collaboration. It is at this crossroads, each person has the opportunity to be a frog, or by uniting with others, take off from the pot and become Finally, the people running his true destiny, given the nature of the birthright of all. As they say, or pan – or lost. Egor Koshenkov source – online newspaper mir'Pan Single-or-miss'

Happiness and Peace

It is striking that in this and other experience that has no mention later that happiness is being said, I only have peace, a peace that goes beyond the term, and it gives me great, great peace and relaxation, there is total certainty love. Do not look for that happiness, only makes me curious, so I like to be known as natural and perceive the unity of everything. A part of the story I just mentioned, not consciously remember another experience of totality, but the moment it was like telling me thinking: "if things are well, life is so normal" Shortly before going to another face, equanimity was almost entirely with me, went and soon returned, however there was a peculiar fact that caught my attention: as I began to detect a certain coldness and / or indifference in me to human suffering, could not explain or differentiate himself very well, I was not sure if it was part of equanimity or wrong, this was happening, I think fairness is refined to be with love, gentleness and tenderness. Returning from the face, I had another experience like that of unity, to be honest I can not remember as it was, so if you remember is it was love, unconditional call, which then merged with equanimity, since they are inseparable: peace, equanimity and love. About meditation. By the time that I came announcing the need to make a decision very difficult life, was a period of approximately three years, spiritual practices were emerging according to my experiences in this regard, the imminent decision came after a meditative practice, in the mastery I found out that was called Vipassana, was a big surprise for me, no doubt that spiritual intelligence is always present, I thought, this is the continuous undertaken to date and that helped me make that difficult decision with deep spiritual meaning.


But the closer to the sources, the higher the efficiency of Ayurvedic treatments – say opponents of adaptation of the ancient rites for the spa-salons. In some ways they are right: the use of Ayurvedic herbs and oils is not yet Ayurveda. Yet in the spa treatments you can save all the basic principles of Ayurvedic approach and, without loss of efficiency, to give the customer delight. Pinda Sweda, Ayurvedic massage using bags of herbs, will be an amazing discovery for those who wish to get acquainted with Ayurveda. Wine therapy. The spa therapy grape products are used in the scrub (on the basis of crushed seeds), in massage, wraps, hydrotherapy, manipulation, lymphatic drainage. Wine therapy – a powerful anti-aging. It also helps prevent the effects of sunburn.

A consumption of grapes and biologically active additions to its extracts reduced the frequency of colds and infectious diseases and serves to prevent cancer. Many spa rituals based on the wine therapy, supplemented by a glass of expensive wine. Lithotherapy. Treatment with precious and semiprecious stones, which radiate energy vibration of useful properties for the human body. Treatments that involve the use of these properties, modern doctors called alternative medicine. Such a view is largely incorrect, since the stones were first used to treat diseases in ancient times. Positive energy stones activated when wearing jewelry with them (and you can combine the healing properties of stones and metals), as well as drinking water, in which at least 12 hours was a gem.

June International Childrens Day

Unfortunately, adults tend to forget that on 1 June. International Children's Day. In our country there is no right Baby Just some of the articles can withstand "threat to life or health of a child, a violation of his rights and legitimate interests "(Article 56 of the Family Code). It is very difficult sometimes to determine the boundary between the Child and malnourished. Among spoiled child and subjected to violence.

But with those who "rides in oil and those who live in difficult material conditions, often treated as being, not having the right to choose. Have probably all know that from birth, every single child – personality. But society at all refuses to accept. No one ever thinks if a child suffers when some aunts, neighbors are interested in that for swearing at your home., violence and carries a responsibility of teachers, idly, for harassment child's classmates? Unfortunately, we have no specific legislation addresses these issues. And if your child got into some "situation", then the parents will be quite difficult to defend the rights of its Child. Domestic policies of all States to take into account the interests of children.

Proponents of democracy at all times multiplier laws to protect children from violence and tyranny. VIv.-Roman church for the first time in history overturned the right of the father at the moment birth to dispose of his life and death. 1833 .- International law prohibits the use of child labor in the shops until until he was 8 years old. 1874 .- banned from working in the manufacturing industry to children under 12 years of age. 1881 .- issued international law on compulsory primary education in childhood. Russia has opened more than 13,000 parochial schools. 1906 .- age of majority shifted from 16 to 18 years. 1959 .- adoption of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Child. At this List of international instruments to protect children, is over.

Products and Health

With each passing day the number of companies appearing on the market and offering the latest products and services is growing rapidly. Variety of goods is becoming wider and understand all this diversity is much more difficult. In addition, not the last but one of the first places is the quality of goods and level of services provided. For a general grouping of such control and to prevent bad products on the market there specialized mechanism. This mechanism, control over who carries a certification body is called – certification. Depending on what goods are collected to provide for the implementation of the company must obtain certificate of compliance, certificate of quality. Certification is needed for real (written) confirmation that the products sold or services rendered in reality corresponds to the requirements spelled out laws of any country or international standards.

All this sort of form of control exercised by the certification body (third party that is independent of any vendor or from the consumer) to Conformity of an object or service the requirements and provisions of international or national standards. Need this control is defined by the fact that health and safety above all else. Recent provisions on the organization of the harmlessness of all products as both home and corporate use, forcing authorities certification much more demanding approach to monitoring and quality produced printed materials and scope of work. Hygiene certificate is required in cases when you should sell the products to prepare various dishes. And it is quite logical and optimal.

After all, who deal with products, should pay special attention to the quality of products sold, on which depends the health of people. Preparation is very serious and, for example, the sale of bread, bread shall be required certificate. In addition to those firms which are engaged in, say, the creation and sale of household electrical equipment, suitable under the influence of special laws, which aim – protecting consumers from poor-quality household tools. Companies engaged in the provision and sale of goods, must ensure that it is a special certificate of quality, but if given the works – to undergo the procedure of certification services. Directors of companies can not usually engage the entire procedure be certified, so they are encouraged to apply to the specialized entities that can provide the full range of services required. All this greatly save time and give concrete result. Almost all goods produced and sold by the company will be certified in accordance with appropriate regulations. Finished goods will have access to the market, the company will earn a projected profits. Certification process provides an excellent impact on the promotion of the market as competition intensifies, the fight for customer escalating, and companies willing to produce more good products in order to attract the attention of an increasing number of future customers. The only way out – certification will be an additional incentive, the advantage in a fierce competition for the buyer's money.

Taking Your Own Blood Pressure

How often should measure blood pressure at home? For an initial assessment of hypertension and assess the impact of antihypertensive medications blood pressure at home should be measured for at least 3, and preferably 7 days. Daily blood pressure measurements should be conducted in the morning (immediately after waking and before taking this medication in the treatment) and in the evening. In each case, the re- measurement should be carried out 1 minute later. The average value of all measurements should be calculated after discarding the first day of measurement. This 7-day schedule should be followed prior to each subsequent visit to the doctor. With long-term observations it is advisable to measure home less often. Measurement in stressful conditions may be misleading and should be avoided (see the interpretation of measurements of blood pressure).

Should avoid excessive use of home blood pressure monitor for self-change treatment (to take additional tablets or change the dose). The results should be recorded in the log immediately after each measurement, except when the unit is stored in the memory of the values of blood pressure with the date and time of each measurement, or has built-in data transmission. What standards blood pressure measurement at home? As mentioned above, repeated measurements over several days should be averaged to get a reliable picture of the level of blood pressure at home conditions. The mean systolic blood pressure below 130 mm Hg and diastolic below 80 mm Hg considered a normal home blood pressure, and systolic blood pressure 135 mm Hg and above and / or diastolic 85 mm Hg and higher – higher home blood pressure. The interpretation of measurements of blood pressure average of several measurements of blood pressure at home for a few days adds dimension to the study doctor and helps the doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

Values of home blood pressure measurements may differ significantly from measurement to measurement. Blood pressure can be quite high, especially when stressful situations, panic, severe pain, etc., or low, for example, after a long rest or after intense exercise. 'Disposable' measurements have little value and can not give an idea of 'Normal' level of home blood pressure. High blood pressure in one dimension should not cause alarm, except in cases where very high values persist after an adequate period of rest or accompanied by severe symptoms (such as shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness in an arm or leg, difficulty in speech). Increased self-blood pressure at home not in itself an indication for treatment. The doctor will recommend you when and what treatment is indicated. In some cases, self-measured blood pressure at home may be significantly lower than the results of measurements obtained at the doctor's office. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and is known as 'white coat hypertension'. On the other hand, in some cases, blood pressure may be low in doctor's office, while the self-measured blood pressure in home high (latent hypertension). These situations require careful medical evaluation. May require additional research and re-monitoring of blood pressure at home or in outpatient conditions for 24 hours in order to decide on the need for treatment.

Treatment Of Asthma: What You Need To Know

Bronchial asthma – one of the most common diseases in the world. It is known that inflammation in the walls of the bronchi of lungs, which leads to bouts of breathlessness, wheezing and other unpleasant symptoms, is in contact with allergens, such as: tree pollen, dust, and others. Therefore, successful treatment of asthma involves first the creation of antiallergic treatment for the patient. What do I need to do: good ventilate and dry bed, often change bed and underwear, take a shower, replace the pads on sinteponovye and cotton, do not use a feather bed, blanket, woolen garments put them in sealed bags; clean carpets and, if possible, upholstered furniture from the bedroom, to conduct regular wet cleaning (a patient with asthma do not own or, in extreme cases, in a gauze bandage or a respirator like 'petals'); After vacuuming for an hour can be in cleaning the room so as not to inhale the suspension of dust in the air, do not leave open shelves and a large number of books on the surface, no pets, birds, aquarium fish, all of them – the sources of allergens, not to keep soft toys, do not store things under the bed, the curtains should be cotton or synthetic, and often wear out, do not dilute the indoor plants. Medikomentoznoe treatment of asthma may include Seba use of drugs such as Inta, tayled and inhaled corticosteroids. These drugs do not relieve an attack of asthma.

Their action is conditioned by gradual decrease inflammation in the bronchi and, hence, thus they reduce the severity of asthma attacks and their frequency. The action of these drugs in full force manifests itself after the regular admission within two weeks. It is very important not to stop treatment, even after the disappearance of symptoms of asthma. A special group of drugs include the so-called bronchodilators. They relieve bronchospasm and thus stop attack of asthma. But their use is sufficiently regulated, and we must remember that they can be applied not more than three – four times a day. If the patient's condition after their use does not improve, then the necessary urgent help a physician.

The Pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition caused by the compression, or squeezing of the median nerve which travels through the anatomical structure known as the carpal tunnel. This so-called tunnel connects the distal forearm to the middle section of the deep plane of the palm, going through the palmer side of the wrist.  The tunnel, or canal, is narrow, so when one of the nine long flexor tendons which pass through it become swollen or begin to degenerate, the narrowing within the canal presses on the median nerve, causing the condition.

CTS can cause pain, paresthesias, and at times weakness in the distribution of the median nerve.  Sufferers not only feel pain, but can fell numbness and tingling in their arm, even as far up the arm as the shoulder and even the neck. Most of the discomfort is experienced at night due to improper sleeping positions.

There are stretching exercises which can help alleviate the symptoms of CTS, using the wrist, hand and fingers as well as the use of splints at night. Corticosteroid injections are also used to treat CTS, and if the syndrome is intolerable surgery can be prescribed.