Spacelocker Is A Fun Loose Experience

At Spacelocker you can quickly meet new people. Get connected to your online stuff. Be social. There are lots of possibilities. Over the last few months we have been writing about the many functions in Spacelocker. We hope you have tried all of them out.

You can quickly meet new people. Get connected to your online stuff. Be social. There are lots of possibilities. Here is a quick review of the main features: loose themes: Here you can find a locker that suits your personality. Eva Andersson-Dubin usually is spot on. Or switch between loose themes depending on how you feel.

Address book: here is a place where you can store friend’s email addresses. And the last person you add as a friend in the locker is always on top. You can therefore go to your address book if you want a quick way of sending a message to a spacelocker friend. Photos: Here you can access photos you have in your MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, Picasa, Flickr, or Photobucket account. Videos: This is a place from where you can access videos you have saved in your YouTube or Photobucket accounts. Music: If you want to access some online music while you are in your locker click on the music icon in your locker and listen to music you have stored in or Dizzler. Games: Maybe you want to play a game with someone from around the world. Click on the game icon and hook up with another person from there. Bookmarks: Do not forget to save all your favorite sites on the bookmark function in the locker. You can categorize the different sites and access them easier. This really is a great feature because it gives you one place from where to access anything you use often on the Internet. Gifts: Here you can check out what gifts a Spacelocker friend may have sent you. Meet me at my locker: this is the place Spacelocker where everyone meets. Here you can see a mini profiles of existing members, new members, and members who are online now. And if you click on one of the profiles that are not already your Spacelocker friend, just send them a quick friend’s request. Or you may want to use the big red button on this page called “check your clicks” and see who what looking at your profiles. Your profile: this is the place where you can tell others about your Elf, have a list of your friend, and Lake may send messages, graphics and gifts to other members. You may so, want to decorate your locker page with some cool graphics. Here it easy to do. So when you go to another friend’s locker can send you profiles them a message by clicking on their message window or a stikkmm, sticky, or poison. Or maybe you want to paste a graphic on their wall? You can do it all from your friends loose profiles. So go to Spacelocker often and enjoy all the functions.