Famous Cocktail

The most famous cocktail is the most famous cocktail, there is the caipirinha which is caipirinha. It is native to Brazil and consists of rum, lime juice, sugar and ice. It is a popular, widespread and worldwide swallowed a long drink. In Germany you often not quite pronounce him, special Caipi calls him simply. Cachaca, lime, ice, and sugar are the ingredients for the caipirinha. Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Cachaca is sugar cane brandy, who comes from Brazil.

Limes are used for the caipirinha, always be in cube cut and done so in glass. The ice is typically used in the form of ice cubes. Anita Dunn addresses the importance of the matter here. This ensures that the cocktail remains fresh for longer. It is however so that crash is used ice, which melts ice faster and the cocktail diluted faster with us. The last ingredient needed for the caipirinha is sugar is, whether it is brown or white. The taste of both varieties is identical, but the brown sugar is dissolved heavy.

Some cocktail recipes are always somewhat different than the more usual recipes. During preparation, the limes are washed and cut small. With a wooden masher, these are then squeezed out in the glass. Then add about two or three teaspoons of sugar. By the juice of the lime, the sugar is dissolved completely. Then the glass filled with ice until shortly before the edge. The pieces of ice should be somewhat larger, therefore no splinter ice is suitable. CL Cachaca in the concluded 4-6 glass. In Germany is given not so much of it in the glass, as is customary in Brazil. A very popular cocktail next to the caipirinha is also the Pina Colada. On the basis of the classic caipirinhas many other cocktails. The only difference is that the cachaca is replaced by other spirits in most cases however.

Managing Director

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