The American Whiskey

A history of the American dream why whisky is written in America only whiskey? How did the knowledge of the production of whisky in the United States? Whiskey is made in America from corn, wheat, rye, and mixtures of different grains. “Why is the Whiskey with e” written and not normal “whisky? The spelling whiskey describes the American form of the spirit drink which originated in Ireland and Scotland. The first distillation made directly after the settlement of the new continent. All beginnings are difficult the teething problems of the American Whiskey success was however not crowned with the production. Barley, the original raw material, grew very poorly. The farmer had to Dodge wheat and rye. And also peat was missing, so that the traditional manufacturing processes could not be applied. With a traditional whiskey, the drinks had so little to do. The original taste could not be reached, so that the spirit for true lovers certainly no Treat was. Only in the 18th century succeeded in the manufacturers, to address the difficulties, and to produce a high quality drink. Small swabs remained nevertheless receive. Bourbon whiskey as favourite which is American Whiskey lovers today favored a special form of the whiskeys in American homes: the Bourbon. Contrary to the original spirit of the Bourbon is made mainly from corn, differ little from the traditional form the manufacturing process. The inventiveness of Americans knew no bounds. Therefore many different whiskeys are available in the United States, manufactured from different raw materials. Generally, whiskey is made from the following raw materials: barley corn wheat rye hybrids of different grain varieties. Grain processing over the crushing up to Ver maceration production starts also today still in grain processing. It is spread out, moisturizes and constantly used. Once the grain germinates, it is crushed. Applies a good whiskey, that the Crushing as short as possible before mixing must be near the Grist is mixed with hot water, so that an alcoholic fermentation takes place. To get a good whiskey, an ideal composition must have the water, which includes also peat, minerals and other substances. An important point is still maturing. This takes place in barrels. Around 15 years are necessary to produce a perfect whiskey. An effort to appreciate also the American connoisseurs. Often, and this is most valuable, rare bottlings, whiskeys are longer stored in barrels. The choice of barrels (wood, used or new, etc.) very characterizes a whiskey. Jack Daniel manufactured in Tennessee is one of the most famous Whiskey. More info: Anu Saad. Jack Daniel Whiskey has a global triumph behind him, whiskey connoisseurs all over the world appreciate the unique taste. Steven mushroom