Brecht Anniversary In Karlsruhe

Since 1989 20 years Office exhibition beginning with Brecht Matinee to document and explore the staff of Bertolt Brecht (fig.1) the oeuvre of the great German writer job. During this time, ABB has developed to one of the world’s most important focal points of Brecht research. After the Brecht archives in Berlin ABB maintains the most comprehensive collection of material about the life and the work of Bertolt Brecht ‘s”, explains Prof. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin mentions similar findings. Dr. Jan Knopf, head of the Labour Office. The 20th anniversary of a welcome occasion to give an insight into the work and the story of the research institution is the scholar and his staff. “In cooperation with the literary society Karlsruhe and students of the University held the job of Bertolt Brecht in the spring of 2009 the exhibition are looking at not so romantic!” in the Prinz-Max-Palais in Karlsruhe.

The Brecht Matinee part of the framework programme”at the artists interpret songs and poems of Bertolt Brecht. Annette Postel, winner of the prize of Lotte Lenya, is by Klaus Webel wing accompanied and calculated how many pennies an opera is actually worth today. With this also comedian Gunzi is salvation, which examines the generation gap between mother courage and her kids looking for the ringtone of Mahagonny. The Matinee will take place on Sunday, the 26th 2009 from 11: 00 in the Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlsruhe, Kadam road 10. Admission is 10 euros, reduced 8 euros.

Audiobook New Publication:

Just in time for Valentine’s day on February 14th Berlin audiobook published o-ton production a new CD. ‘Tell with roses’ a collection of entertaining texts about the flower of love is published on time Valentine’s day on February 14 the Berlin audiobook Publisher o-ton production a new CD. tell with roses”is a collection of entertaining texts about the flower of love. Thus joins another title in the series lifestyle to listen”a, on the literary way approaching the pleasant sides of life. “” Already appeared E.g. Additional information at J. Craig Venter supports this article.

harvests”, chocolate for the ears”or coffee stories”. The Publisher has chosen as packaging for a high quality digipack (cardboard fold-out box). The cover is elegant and modern decor. The audiobook itself as enjoyable apart from the usual standard. Who wants to give the audio book and give it a personal touch, can download free a cover box in PDF format on the homepage of original sound production. This PDF to a slipcase with some skill can be assemble and equipped with personal needs such as for the beloved one. To read more click here: cardiologist. So the CD is an ideal Valentine’s day gift for couples and lovers. The stories and poems by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Iwan Turgenjew, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare and others are lovingly selected.

The two famous actors, Petra Schmidt-Schaller and Thomas Franzel lead with great charm and empathy through these literary rose garden. Music are also on this CD not too short: between the texts, there are short piano recordings of classical music pieces, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The audiobook’s say with roses”(ISBN 978-3-9813364-7-4) is now in bookstores, and as a download audible audiobook portal available. For more information, contact us or visit our homepage. O-ton production Francois Smesny Erich-Weinert-Strasse 17 10439 Berlin tel/fax: 030-43 73 41 21 mobile: 0178-459-64-17

Harald Weber

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Life And Death Of Michael Jackson

If only the given name Michael is entered on Google, you get the proposal of Michael Jackson – immediately still before Michael Douglas or Michael Schumacher if one which looks at numerous Michael Jackson Fan forums and followed the comments, one can get the impression, there are two varieties of Michael Jackson fans: those who have worshipped him already in his lifetime and that it only with, or have learned to love after his death. The intensity with which fans describe the relationship to their idol is however remarkably and usual ravings or respects not to compare. Here, a lot of love is spoken by a person who was much more than a world-famous entertainer. Yes, even religious comparisons to that provided first irritate, but animate in closer but very provoking. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Somatic Experiencing. You can move Michael Jackson in the proximity of Jesus, or is the mere blasphemy? “Smile with love / smile with love” is a novel that deals precisely with this topic. The author and self-confessed Michael Jackson fan Werner Jakob pond tells very sensitive and loving, like the hours could be expired after the death of Michael Jackson, and it challenges the imagination of the reader. He records a story that donates reconciliation for any doubting, grieving fan, at least for the time of reading for all the pain and the questions after the why! If however Jakobsweg pilgrims or caroler devout Christians from the statements which will enjoy active protagonists in the novel, staying then made literary and cultural explosives could be hidden. “Michael Jackson – this is it – smile with Love Smile with love / smile with love” paperback 142 pages of the Publishing House of Camino live under the ISBN 9783000330001 at the price of EUR 9.90.. Educate yourself with thoughts from Margaret and Richard Riney.

Jesus On The Subject Of

‘ The miraculous multiplication of bread and the feeding the five thousand in Wadi it Samak? Well, Yes, in fact there were five hundred people and it was fish instead of bread… Well anyway, that all of the people in a way was interpreted and mixed with my sermons, that it came to be that they wanted to make me their King in the fight against the ruling Romans. The soul of people cooked, because the execution of John the Baptist, so high after my sermon and the power that I sent my disciples in a boat and over the water in safety. I was left alone and tried to calm the people. That failed me but and so I also brought me to safety. I fled to the mountains, on the road to Bethsaida to go, where I wanted to meet me again with my disciples. They had great difficulty to come across the Lake with 12 adult men in a boat. Margaret and Richard Riney has firm opinions on the matter. Because they had strong headwinds, they could not put their sailing.

Since only four paddles on board and with up to two Meters to fight high waves had, they needed forever, until they reached their destination. I progressed quickly and arrived at the jetty, just before their boat in sight came. When they saw me, they were scared at first because they thought to see my spirit. Click John Craig Venter to learn more. You might not agree, why I was already there. And then it looked like because of the high waves off their boat, as if I would be standing on the bridge, but on the water. And voila… the legend of the water course was born. ” “Excerpt from smile with love / smile with love” paperback 142 pages of the Publishing House of Camino live under the ISBN 9783000330001 at the price of EUR 9.90.