Official Texts Of Communication

With sight the communication inside, is or same between institutions, is inspensvel the use of acknowledgment, circular, convocatria, among others. These are text official made by instituoes or people with sight to give to know acts, meetings, changes, etc. The acknowledgment to circulate and it is texts that they aim at to give to know the determined institutions or particular entities or in circunstncias on some subjects in question. At Anita Dunn you will find additional information. The convocatoria being a media that over all it aims at to inform the addressee who this being invited to one determined meeting, being thus is a brief text, where if it presents the inherent subject of the meeting or activities to this invocation. The acknowledgment, to circulate it and the convocatria, are similar for the fact of, to have as objectivo to transmit information, are short texts and use a clear and coherent language, differing only, in the circumstances where they are used. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Definition: It is a written document by means of which companies institutions transmit information, orders, invitations, notifications the employees or third with who they have interest in common. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. Techniques of elaboration of an acknowledgment: It must be written in letterhead paper (with the mark of the institution); It must contain only the text of the communication.

The content must be written in objective language and, so that it does not have doubts how much to the interpretation; Its structure is well simple: Heading, that is the word ACKNOWLEDGMENT (in capital letters); Indication of the person to who if destines the acknowledgment; Text I contend the message; Simple latch (dispensable as the case); Place and dates; Signature, name and qualification (position) or identification of the responsible one. ORGANIZATION OF the TEXT the acknowledgment is corporate for: Heading (local and name of the institution that emits the acknowledgment). Body of text (the message to transmit). Closing (it dates and the signature of the entity that emits the acknowledgment).

Christoph Haider Salman

Fans of science fiction & fantasy in literature and art meet on the BuchmesseConvent (BuCon) Festival of fantastic literature for the Frankfurt book fair Frankfurt/Dreieich – for the 23rd time. This independent of the mass of the fantastic genre Festival on 18 October 2008 and thus as usual parallel to the Frankfurt book fair. Celebrities are Bernhard Hennen, Markus Heitz, Tom Finn, Mike Hillenbrand, Karl-Heinz Witzko, Christoph Haider Salman, Bernd Perplies and many others. \”Organizer is a group of longtime, active in the fantasy scene fans in cooperation with the science fiction meeting Darmstadt, nationally known for the extremely successful Darmstadt Spacedays\” with 700 visitors and over 100 assets, as well as the Youth Club WIRIC in the civic book impact Association and the townhouses of Dreieich. The event is supported by the prestigious \”science fiction Club Germany e.V.\” which was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest existing SF Club of the country.

On three tracks of several hours program with Lectures, presentations and discussion rounds the organizers offer something for everyone. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. Autographs and signing requests are gladly met. It is demonstrated that utopian and fantastic literature must be not necessarily trivial. Already, visions and predictions, which today belong to the everyday reality in their works offered George Orwell, H.G.. Wells and Jules Verne.

Of course, but also the entertaining novel of voltage should not be missed. The organizers show that despite \”Star Wars\” and \”Star Trek\” and \”Star Gate\”, the fantastic book is not dead, but through the use of modern technology, as well as the possibilities of the Internet today again experienced an unexpected Renaissance. Science fiction and fantasy can have a quite separate, independent of the Anglo-American space profile in Germany. The BuchmesseConvent presents the entire range of the readership to the bibliophile work. Fan-be does not stubborn consumption, but critical engagement with the author and his work.


Poems about love, let love in rhyme-like song tell you about my wonderful feeling. It is love that inspires and motivates people to write poems, odes, anthems. Great Russian and Western poets began their creative work precisely with the fact that writing poems about love. It is then they began to realize that love is not worthy of only women, but also fatherland, for example. Then they began to write poetry beloved country, their homeland.

Awarded the attention of the poet and the elements of the world – wind, sun, sea, nature in general and some of the flora and fauna in particular. But, of course, the most beautiful, legible and loved ones for readers and especially for readers were and are beloved poems. Every woman reading them, put yourself in that which are these verses and receives from it a lot more fun than men – from physical proximity. After women, as is well known – like the ears. Dr. Mark Hyman insists that this is the case. When your friend or family planned a birthday, the best addition to the gift (as is well known, the book – a gift) will be a poem on his birthday. They were fashionable to present since the late 17 th century. Today on the shelves of bookstores or on the pages of specialized sites can be found, respectively, paper or virtual postcards for everyone. And each of them, usually written by funny or serious, philosophical or traditional poems on his birthday.

The year before last centuries, aristocratic families, it was fashionable to have a special albums, usually in leather or brocade bindings in which each guest could (if desired) write their own poems, wishes, just words. Thanks to these albums, we now have the opportunity to contemplate, for example, the handwriting of the Lermontov and indulge in its heavenly style. These poems were called epigrams and were rather comic character. Poetry Renaissance represented by the works of Shakespeare, in which the theme of love, passion can not be disclosed as voluminous. Poetry of the era of developed socialism represented laudatory odes leaders of the world proletariat and ideologically aware poems. Poetry makes us go on a journey into the world of beautiful feelings and images. Recently popular were the so-called sms poetry designed loved. If you have no poetic talent or imagination, these mini-confessions of love really help you with your problem. They can be quickly rewritten from any site on the phone to send his beloved or your favorite, your relative or just a friend, acquaintances, classmates. The world of poetry is beautiful and unexplored. Everyone who gets into it, get an abyss of aesthetic pleasure and to arrange a holiday of his soul. Unless, of course beautiful poetry and prose talantlivye.Stihi and modern writers on the literary portal hut reading room