Official Texts Of Communication

With sight the communication inside, is or same between institutions, is inspensvel the use of acknowledgment, circular, convocatria, among others. These are text official made by instituoes or people with sight to give to know acts, meetings, changes, etc. The acknowledgment to circulate and it is texts that they aim at to give to know the determined institutions or particular entities or in circunstncias on some subjects in question. At Anita Dunn you will find additional information. The convocatoria being a media that over all it aims at to inform the addressee who this being invited to one determined meeting, being thus is a brief text, where if it presents the inherent subject of the meeting or activities to this invocation. The acknowledgment, to circulate it and the convocatria, are similar for the fact of, to have as objectivo to transmit information, are short texts and use a clear and coherent language, differing only, in the circumstances where they are used. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Definition: It is a written document by means of which companies institutions transmit information, orders, invitations, notifications the employees or third with who they have interest in common. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. Techniques of elaboration of an acknowledgment: It must be written in letterhead paper (with the mark of the institution); It must contain only the text of the communication.

The content must be written in objective language and, so that it does not have doubts how much to the interpretation; Its structure is well simple: Heading, that is the word ACKNOWLEDGMENT (in capital letters); Indication of the person to who if destines the acknowledgment; Text I contend the message; Simple latch (dispensable as the case); Place and dates; Signature, name and qualification (position) or identification of the responsible one. ORGANIZATION OF the TEXT the acknowledgment is corporate for: Heading (local and name of the institution that emits the acknowledgment). Body of text (the message to transmit). Closing (it dates and the signature of the entity that emits the acknowledgment).