PBX Panasonic KxTd

Yes, whatever you say, and programming PANASONIC – a pleasure. Someone who likes to use special software installers (WinProg, for example), we also prefer the programming unit. (As opposed to Kynikos Associates). What a way that commercials – all very convenient. I will not interface to go into the very WinProg-a, but the presence of hints at the entrance to each of porgramm KX-TD-shki when programming from a telephone – a huge help! Even the entry of font parameters (such as names and CO EXT) does not cause not an ounce of problems! Thing! A translation of programming instructions are you reading? Those suppliers that are now completely free to put a set exchange. Well, how? We can say that everything just chewed, written almost the full boobies. This, too, we believe, a huge plus for this honor and praise to the manufacturer. How many of you know (I will not argue that everybody knows it), in the office equipment PBX often there are such small yuzersky things that are called the system phones.

So, if we consider, for example exchanges of Korean manufacturing firms (SAMSUNG, LG …), then we can see that the system phones are designed for operation with a series of stations, not too then get on with stations in a later release. Or stations for different series are also needed its own specific telephones. On the telephone exchanges PANASONIC KX series the situation is much better and easier. Devices an earlier release for the most part totally workable with a new series of stations.